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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jessica goes Crazy for BBC

"OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT GREAT BIG BLACK COCK!" Jessica screamed as she pumped the big stiff black ten inch dildo into her soaked pussy. Every time she pushed it in all the way she rubbed her clit with her thumb, and wiggled the shaft in a circle to stimulate her G spot. She felt the firm head bounce against her cervix adding to the agonizing stimulation. Her left hand squeezed her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger, rolling it back and forth, harder and harder, as her crescendo rose.

Jessica's head was propped up on a pillow as she watched the television at the end of the bed between her widespread thighs. She could see her hand driving the dildo in and out of her wet slit. On the TV, a big muscular black man was shoving his large dark cock in and out of a voluptuous blonde's sopping wet cunt. He was fucking her from the rear and his thighs would slam against the woman's round, firm ass making it ripple and jiggle. Jessica could see the ecstasy on the blonde's face. She knew that the real thing would have to feel even better than the rubber penis she was pounding into her own pussy, but her eyes were almost closed as she was still approaching an orgasm with the artificial organ.

"SHOVE THAT COCK ALL THE WAY IN MY PUSSY. I CAN FEEL YOU HIT MY WOMB. OH, YOU'RE SO BIG! SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY HUSBAND! OH GOD, HERE I CUM! OH YEA, YEA, YEEEEAAAA!" And the emotional waves that emanated from her cunt shook her whole body. She held the dildo deep in her pussy, wedged against her cervix, as her legs shook, and she squeezed her nipple as tight as she could. "Oh, so good, so goooood! Oh, that felt wonderful! Oh yea, yea, yeeesssss!" as she rolled her nipple and slightly moved the cock in and out. The convulsions reverberated throughout her body and then gradually eased.

Jessica opened her eyes and focused on the television again just in time to see the huge black cock being pulled out of the blonde's pussy. It was covered with the woman's juicy cream and was all wet and glistening. "OH, YES, make her your black cum slut!" The man on the screen continued to stroke his rod with his hand until a massive blast of cum came out of the head onto the woman's ass and back. "Squirt your hot cream all over her!" The next burst went farther up her back towards her shoulders, and then the man pointed his cock down so the next several eruptions covered her ass cheeks, the tops of her thighs and her pussy.

"Look at all that cum! It's coating her ass. Oh god, wouldn't that feel great to have that all over my butt. It looks so good! I'd love to lick and eat it off her ass!"

Every time Jessica brought herself off to the porn on her TV, she was growing more and more depraved. She had not always been this nasty, and most of these ideas would have disgusted her not too long ago. It had all started as she had been sitting at a bar with her girl friend Grace one Friday happy hour. They were talking about work, life, husbands, and several glasses of wine later, men and sex. Grace was divorced, and had quite a lively social life, at least, according to her. Jessica had been married for seven years. She was raised in a small town, and her parents had instilled very conservative values. At college, she had learned to party a little more, but outside of petting, and mutual masturbation, her sex life had been pretty calm. She had met Jim when she was a sophomore, and he was in his last year of an MBA program, so he was six years older than Jessica. Her parents had insisted that she graduate from college before she could get married, so at the age of twenty-two, she and Jim had finally gotten married. In line with her upbringing, she had saved her virginity for marriage, and on her wedding night, she had the first experience with a man's prick inside of her. It was good, but certainly not the rapture that she had read about in romance novels and magazines, or that some of her college friends had bragged about.

As her marriage to Jim continued, the sex became very routine: petting, missionary position, and then he would fall asleep. She always seemed to want more, and she learned she would have to bring herself off in bed after he was asleep, or go into the bathroom to have her orgasm in private. Jim had never made her climax while making love to her. And, since Jim was very conservative too, there were never any variations to the "vanilla" sex in their marriage.

Grace would describe to Jessica, sexual escapades with men, both before, during and after her marriages, that she said would make her see stars. She described sexual positions that Jessica had never heard about. Jessica knew about blowing a man, but that had always seemed disgusting. She couldn't believe it when Grace described men eating her pussy, fucking her from behind, playing with her anus, tying her to the bed, and cumming on her body. However, the more Grace revealed, the more interested Jessica became. Her curiosity was certainly piqued and some of the descriptions would cause her to feel a little tingle between her legs.

When Jessica complained, during their conversation, of a lack of sexual excitement in her marriage, Grace had some suggestions. First, she asked Jessica, how big Jim's cock was. When Jessica said she could only just see the head when she had her hand on it, Grace just shook her head. "Maybe, you need a bigger cock to satisfy you." Jessica asked, "Wouldn't it hurt?" Grace said, "It might at first, but you'll get used to it. The more you get stretched, the better it will feel. And a big one will definitely reach areas that Jim can't. When it rubs on your clit, and against your G spot, and bangs into your cervix, it'll help give you a roaring climax."

"But, where can I get a bigger cock? I can't cheat on Jim with another man," retorted Jessica. Grace suggested, "Have you ever played with a dildo?" Jessica gasped and shook her head. She had only played with herself using her fingers. She had heard and seen pictures of dildos, and some of her friends at college enjoyed them and had showed them to her, but she had never used one.

Saturday night, Jim rolled over in bed, teased Jessica's nipple for a short time, rubbed his finger up and down her slit until it was moist, swung his leg over her prone body, and shoving his cock in her pussy, pumped in and out and squirted his semen into her after about thirty seconds. "Oh God, that was great!" he exclaimed and he rolled off her and started snoring. Jessica had barely started to warm up, but now she had been left with a burning unsatisfied need her pussy. As the snores got louder, she slowly shoved her index finger into her moist cunt, worked it in and out, and rubbing her thumb on her clit, brought herself to a climax. Not a great one, but better than nothing. As she fell asleep, she thought maybe I should get a toy.

The next week at work, she asked Grace, where one would go to get a dildo, and how big it should be. She had to work up her courage to go to the area of town where she would find an adult store, but she finally did. She felt very conspicuous as the only woman in the store, and the other customers looking her up and down, and trying to figure out what the possibilities were if they approached her. She finally bought a ten inch rubber black dildo that the clerk had suggested. The young clerk had tried to sell her some oils, and some DVD's, and had talked to her as he leered up and down her body. She just hurried out of the store after paying for the merchandise, and away from the area.

At home, with her husband working late, she decided to look at her purchase. It sure looked real, with a large flared head, and veins, except for the size and the color. It was so much bigger than Jim's in length and diameter, but it felt real, with a little spongy give, but very rigid. She brought it up to her mouth and kissed it. She'd never kissed a cock before. That felt so naughty but so good, so she licked it across the head. She was enjoying the depravity of what had previously been unthinkable actions. And then she took a big lick of what would be the underside of the cock, all the way up to the ridge at the head. Now she really felt really wicked as she made a big oval with her mouth, and barely got her lips over the rim of the head. With that accomplished, she gently pushed it in until her mouth was filled, and she rubbed her tongue side to side against the veins and ridge.

She pulled it out to catch her breath. And then repeatedly keep pushing it in again and again, flicking it with her tongue, until she was pushing against the back of her throat. Then she gagged, and yanked it out of her mouth. After, calming down, she started again. This time she went slower until she got to the same point where she touched the back of her throat and then pulled it back. As she did this again and again, she found that she could keep it there a little longer each time. Then she found she was able to push it a little further down her throat. She started to play a game to see how much she could put in her mouth. The presence of the rubber phallus and her desire made her salivate excessively and she was drooling down her chin.

Jessica pulled the big black prick out of her mouth and looked at the wet glistening head. She then pushed it into the cleavage formed by her 38D breasts in her thin silk bra. The saliva lubricated the head as it wiped against the sides of her firm mounds. Pulling the bra cup down over her left breast, she then ran it around the edge of her areola, and then rubbed the flared cock head across her hardened nipple. This really might be a fun toy she thought. Jessica could feel sensations in her pussy, and wet juices seeping into her thong, and she wondered what kind of vibrations the real thing would generate.

Dropping the dildo on her bed, Jessica pulled her blouse off, unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. She lay down on the bed and placed her feet flat on the bedspread and wide apart. This parted her thighs and exposed the black lace covering her pussy. Picking up the dark cock, she rubbed the wet head up and down her soft inner legs above her stocking tops. A man had never done such a thing to her with a real cock. She was unsure where the idea came from, but it felt good, and nasty. Jessica kept bringing the rigid shaft closer to the crotch of her drenched pants. She reached around behind her right leg and started to rub the firm head up and down her panty covered slit. She could feel it parting her wet sensitive labia. Using her left index finger, she hooked the panties and pulled the wet material out of the way, and continued to rub the phallus against her bare pussy lips. The rounded head felt so wide against her responsive opening, especially compared to the head of her husband's cock. The ridge of the head pushed against her swollen clit making her release a moan.

Tipping the head of the cock to the back of her slit, she started to gently pulse it against her pussy hole. Oh god, it feels so big compared to Jim's penis. How can it go into my pussy? she thought. With a little more pressure and the slickness of her wet pussy, the head seemed to be going a little deeper each time she pushed. Oh, my God! It's stretching my lips more and more! Then, she felt the edge of the crown slip past the entrance ring as if were sucked inside. It stretched her opening three times wider than it had ever been expanded before. Sparks were flying away from her pussy to all regions of her body. As she pumped it in and out, she could feel it pulling on her clit, escalating her pleasure. The gratification made her push it harder and harder, and faster and faster. Her breathing became shallower. Jessica was going wild. Her back arched off the bed as if she was trying to take more of the pleasure rod inside. "UUUmmmmmm! OOOOOOwwwwww!" Juice splashed out of her flooded slit, over the black shaft, the inside of her thighs and her hand. Jessica rolled her head from side to side, and pinched her nipple harder. And then she detonated.

"Jeeeezzzz, OH Gaaawwwwdddd!" Her hips flew up off the mattress; her body trembled all over, and electric shocks went everywhere. She went on and on until she finally collapsed on the bed with the dildo being held firmly upright in her cunt. She had never experienced anything close to this climax before. She looked down and saw 4 inches of the black cock still protruding from her. How could anyone take the whole thing? she thought. But, if it makes it even better, God knows, I'll try. Jessica felt remorse, because she knew that mentally she had been brought off by a cock that was not her husband's. Nevertheless, because of the way her body had felt during her orgasm, she did not dwell on that thought very long.

Over the next several days, Jessica hungrily brought her self off time after time. But she never needed more than six or seven inches of the big black rubber cock to have those wonderful explosions. She was already playing with areas of her womb that had never been aroused before. Would it be even better if she had the whole thing up her pussy!

The next week, over the phone, after she had related her experiences, Jessica asked Grace that very question. "Men aren't really that big, are they?" Grace told her, "Sure they are. I've had several men that large. And boy do they make you fly. If you don't believe me, go buy a porn flick. You'll really see some big monsters. The biggest one I've ever had was a young black kid. Boy, could he stay hard! That was the most exhausting weekend I've ever had!" Jessica wondered about the morality of her friend, multiple partners, and races and who knew what else, but Grace sounded so elated about each experience, so maybe it was possible to have that kind of satisfaction.

Jessica was reluctant to go back to the adult store, but she really wanted to see if a real penis could be that huge. The dildo was so much bigger than Jim's cock that she couldn't envision it. The same young clerk as last time greeted her with a giant smile of his white teeth against his dark black skin as he recognized her. Jessica remembered what Grace had said about her biggest cock being a young black man, and felt a shiver run through her body. He gladly directed her to the DVD's. She couldn't get over how many there were. She finally selected one entitled "Big Cocks for Horny Housewives," which she thought was appropriate to her situation. After she had paid and was leaving, the clerk smirked, "Have fun honey. Gimmie a call if ya need some help!" His comment made Jessica think about Grace and her young man, and she felt her pussy moisten.

When she took the movie home and watched it, Jessica was at first taken aback with the lack of a plot and the rapid progression to blatant sex, but as she continued to watch the action she started to have tingling feelings in her nipples and between her legs. Then she started rubbing her sensitive areas through her clothes. She was astonished that all the men were at least as big as her toy. And that all the women were in such ecstasy as these giant cocks were embedded into their mouths and pussies. Subsequently, Jessica started to watch the movies in her bedroom, lying nude on the bed, playing with her body, stroking, rubbing, pinching and poking. She became more adventurous and started using the dildo to try and duplicate the pleasure of the actresses on the screen. She started to pretend that she was the woman on the television at that moment giving the blow job, or being screwed. Jessica mimicked the performers by doing with her dildo whatever the actress did with the man's cock in the show. She found that her excitement would build with that of the actors and she would climax at the same time as the women on the TV.

One particular story was Jessica's favorite. A big muscular black male house painter was outside the master bedroom on a ladder. He could see the "housewife" on the bed, with her robe open, grabbing her tit in one hand and plunging a big black dildo in and out between her legs. Jessica identified with the woman's use of the black dildo, and her own craving for the real thing. When the actress cried out the name of the painter as she climaxed, he descended the ladder, stripped off his clothes in her bedroom, and showed her what getting screwed by the real thing was like. The contrast of the dark black skin with the white blonde actress infatuated her, because it felt so forbidden and depraved. She was fascinated with the actor's big black cock in the actress' mouth and pussy. Jessica would repeatedly watch this episode while bringing herself off. She went back to the video store to get more discs, most of them about black men with white women acting as housewives. This time at the store, she even checked out the crotch of the young clerk. He clearly had a roll in his pants larger than her dildo and he noticed her checking it out. "You come back again. I'd be happy to give you a live show," he smiled as she left the store. That's a hot horny one, he thought.

Jessica would bring herself off to the DVD's at least once a day, in the morning after Jim had left, and before she got dressed to go to work, or in the afternoon before her husband got home, or in the evening if he was working late. While it was good, and made her get off, she would wonder more and more about the real thing would feel like. She would fantasize about black cocks during the day at work, driving, walking in the mall, and she was even dreaming about them, and would wake up with wet panties in the morning. She was checking out men's crotches all the time wherever she was, especially the black men, and trying to see if she could determine how big their equipment was.

She became determined that she had to have the real thing, and decided that she was going to find a "big cock," preferably a black one. She devised that she would get Jim to take her out to dinner, and then they would go to a club. There they could dance, and since Jim really didn't like dancing, she could dance possibly dance with some other men. "Who knows?" she thought.

She made dinner reservations for a Friday night at a fancy restaurant downtown, told Jim that she really wanted to go out, and knew if she got him downtown, she could talk him into going to a club afterwards. Jim always liked to go to a club where he could watch all the action between the men and the hot women.

Friday afternoon, she came home early, took a leisurely bath, and shaved her body smooth. Several months ago, she had begun shaving all her genital hair off, after she had seen that all the actresses in the movies did. It had instantly made her feel sexier, and she really liked the feel of the smooth skin when she played with herself. She carefully styled her short blonde hair and put on her make-up, a little more than usual. Her lips were covered in a brilliant pink, which matched her finger and toe nails. She chose a black sheer half-bra that just supported her plump round 38 D breasts. They did not really need support, but she always felt sexier in nice lingerie. The bra did not cover her nipples, so she knew they would show through the material of her dress. She put on a matching sheer garter belt, and then dark smoky seamed stockings.

She twisted to look in a mirror to check to make sure the seams were straight in the back as she connected the lacy tops to the suspenders, and admired at how sensual it made her ass look. She slipped a black thong that matched her bra up her long legs. She could sense her cunt was already damp as she pulled the strap into the crease of her butt. Four inch black heels with ankle straps completed her preparation before putting on her dress. She had decided to wear a turquoise dress that complemented her sun-colored skin. The soft material was arranged straight across her bust, but showed most of the tops of her breasts and her deep cleavage. It was held up by spaghetti straps, and the skirt stopped just short of her knees. The thin silky material draped closely to her body so all the wonderful curves and subtleties of her body were revealed. Jim's mouth dropped as Jessica came down the stairs. He could see her hard nipples punctuating the bodice, and the overlapping front panels of the skirt splitting open as each knee came forward exhibiting her thighs and the beginnings of the lace tops of the stockings. "Are you going to show the whole world your body?" exclaimed Jim. Jessica ran her tongue across her pink lips and replied, "I wanted to really dress up for you. We'll just have to see where this leads Jimmie-boy!" Jim felt a little reflexive jerk in his pants, and just smiled as he thought of coming home after dinner.

The reservations had been made at Mattalio's, and the place was buzzing. Jessica got lusty stares from the men, and envy and hate from the women as she strutted back to their table. As they ordered and ate, Jessica enjoyed glancing around and catching the many eyes staring at her. The waiter seemed to hover over her shoulder and she caught him several times looking down the top of her dress. As men walked by and looked at her, she would shyly drop her eyes and stare at their crotches. She played a game at trying to guess how big a rod they were packing. She didn't see any she couldn't live without.

As they were walking out after their delicious dinner, Jessica grabbed Jim's left arm crushing her right breast against it. She brought her mouth to his ear, flicked it a couple of times with her tongue, and said in a sultry whisper, "Let's go over the Hyatt for a night cap. I hear that they have a great band there." "Oh honey," Jim whined. Pushing her tongue in his ear, she breathed, "You never know what I'll be in the mood for with a couple 'between the sheets' in me." That little jerk occurred again in Jim's groin and he complied with his wife's wishes.

The "Heaven's Gate" was pretty crowded, but fortunately there was no line. Jim started to walk to a table on the side when Jessica tugged his arm and commanded, "Let's sit at the bar." It was a long bar that extended out into the middle of the dance floor so that everyone could check on the revealing clothes and the shaking bodies. They found a stool about in the middle on one side, with a space next to it. Jessica hopped on the stool and the man to her left enjoyed the view as her dress split revealing her silk covered legs. And then, as his eyes came up her body, he reveled in her round smooth breasts above the top of her dress. He ginned when he looked into her beautiful face, but Jessica just gave him a quick cool smile, and turned towards Jim. They were served their drinks, and Jim turned his back to the bar to survey the scene and all the eye-candy. Jessica, meanwhile, looked up and down the other side of the bar, and at the dancers on the other side of the room. Just in the time they had been there and ordered their drinks, it had gotten much more crowded.

To Jessica's right, towards the end of the bar at the wall on the opposite side, she suddenly noticed a tall man, probably 6' 2" or 6' 3", with short dark curly hair, a thick black mustache, white teeth, and a broad chest covered by a fancy dark gray silk tee-shirt, and some gold chains around his neck. He looked very well-to-do and fit, and he was black. She felt a gut reaction as her abdomen contracted, sucked in a quick breath of air, and looked away.

When she looked again in his direction, she had the feeling he was looking back at her. The third time she glanced toward that end of the bar, Jessica was sure she had caught his dark brown eyes, and then he raised his glass towards her. She felt warm, giddy, and mischievous. The next time she looked his way, she greeted him with an audacious smile. She protruded the tip of her tongue between her open lips and slowly ran it around the oval formed by them.

She and Jim were talking periodically, but he was still leaning with his back to the bar watching the dancers, and could not see her flirting with the man down at the end of the bar. Jessica turned slightly to her right, rested her elbows on the bar, and leaned forward. Her position exhibited more of her deep cleavage to the gentleman, and by pressing her arms against the sides of her breasts; she forced more of her supple tanned flesh above the bodice of the dress. Jessica made it unmistakable that she was exposing herself to him. Seeing this, the man slowly licked his lips back at her with his big tongue.

Jim finished his drink, and turned around to put his glass on the bar. He was about to ask Jessica if she was ready to go, when the bartender placed two fresh drinks in front of them. Jim asked, "Where did these come from?" The bartender turned towards the end of the bar to point out the gentleman who had paid for the drinks, but he couldn't find him. As the barkeep turned back, he saw the black man standing to Jessica's left, and said, "Oh, it's him."

Jim looked up into the tall black man's face, and Jessica turned, dropped her chin in surprise, and then blossomed into a dazzling smile. "I've been admiring this beautiful lady from the end of the bar, and I just had to view her splendor up close." Jim was at a loss for words at the man's bravado, and finally stumbled out a "Thanks for the drinks." Jessica stared, enthralled, into the man's eyes, and could feel her body tingling. She finally got out a "Yea, thanks," and kept beaming.

As she turned back to Jim, she felt a tickling on her left ear. It was the moustache of their new acquaintance, and then warm breathes, and then a few caresses by the tip of his tongue. Then a deep whisper, "I wanted to see those great tits up close, and those hard nipples poking through your dress." Jessica shuddered at the lewdness of his comment, but a wicked excitement surged through her body centering down between her legs.

Jim was irritated at seeing the man murmur to Jessica and retorted, "Thanks for the drink again, but, stop bothering my wife." "Now Jim," Jessica responded, "He's just being sociable. He seems like a nice man. And look how he's built, I bet he played football!" said Jessica as she took her left hand and ran it up his chest. Jim just shook his head at his wife's flirtatious behavior and looked back at the dance floor. Jessica's fingers felt the ripped abs, and then slid up to his cut pecs. There, she could feel his rigid nipple, and she tenderly rolled it between her thumb and forefinger before she moved her hand away. "What's that?" Jessica asked as she touched a gold chain around his neck with the number 11 hanging from it. "Was it your uniform number?"

He grinned back at her. "No, you'll have to find out about that number for yourself." He noticed the lust in her bright blue eyes, and the tip of her tongue wetting her lips side to side. He looked down at her magnificent breasts trying to escape from the top of her dress, and the deep cleavage between them. Further down, her long left leg crept out from between the front panels of her dress as she crossed it over the right one, displaying her stocking clad flesh and the beginning of the lace stocking top.

She learned that his name was Marcus, that he was a sales VP with a major pharmaceutical company, that he was divorced with grown children, and dated a number of women back in Atlanta. I bet he's got a whole stable back there! she presumed. They chatted about weather, politics and travel. Their conversation was spiced with sexual innuendoes. As they talked Jessica would occasionally touch Marcus' face with a soft caress of her finger tips, rake his arm with her nails, or give him a playful push on the chest. Jim would occasionally try to interject a comment, but they seemed to ignore him, so he would turn and watch the "meat" on the dance floor some more.

Marcus' right hand would occasionally touch Jessica on her bare back where the spaghetti straps split into four strands and crossed each other forming a web. These touches became caresses, and then a constant stroking of her pliant smooth bronzed skin. Jessica felt astonishing shivers run up and down her spine as the contact became more intimate. His hand slowly worked its way over her dress down to the swell of her hip. Jim was oblivious to these sensuous touches as his vision was blocked, standing on the other side of Jessica, leaning against the bar.

Marcus' fingers could feel through the soft material of her dress. At her hip, his fingers slid along the slippery silk of her garter belt. He gently rubbed back and forth, letting Jessica know that he knew what she was wearing under her dress. She could feel a gnawing between her legs that stemmed for her awareness that he knew she had dressed sexily tonight. His little finger traced along the bottom edge of the belt, pressing into the flesh of her firm ass cheek. When he reached the suspender strap that went over the outside of her curved hip, he ran his hand down along it over her curved globe, one finger tracing the strap and the others feeling her ass. He went down to the clip at the top of her stocking at the back of her thigh, and then returned, and down and up. In the middle of a sentence, Jessica took a sharp intake of air as electric sensations his finger play went down her legs and to her core. Coming back to the garter belt, he ran his index along the bottom edge and trailed his fingers over her butt, until he ran into the band of her thong running down the crevice between her ass cheeks. He then took his middle finger and ran it down along her thong pushing his finger between her spheres. Laying his finger in her crack, he rubbed it up and down, pushing the material of her dress into the split, until the tip touched her anus, and his other fingers were grabbing her butt. Jessica was squirming; trying to stimulate her pussy by rubbing her lips against the bar stool.

Marcus leaned close to Jessica's left ear, ran his tongue around the inside and whispered, "Hot women wear sexy lingerie. Whatcha looking for? You're making me hard!" Jim was bored. He asked Jessica if she wasn't ready to go yet. When she replied that no, she was having fun, he told her he was going to the restroom. As he turned away, Marcus placed his left hand on Jessica's leg and ran it from her knee to the lace border of her stocking. His strong fingers gripped as he stroked higher and higher, sliding under her dress until he reached her velvety skin at the top of her thigh. "You're such a hot bitch! ....gonna make you scream tonight!" Marcus whispered. Jessica shook with anticipation and with the sensations stirred by his fingers moving on her ass and almost to her pussy.

Marcus asked her to dance, and she readily agreed. Maybe if she stood up and moved she could stop the feelings and fantasies she was having about Marcus. Out on the dance floor, Jessica realized how big Marcus was, at least 6' 3", with real broad shoulders and strong legs. Even with her four inch heels he looked down on her. Which he did, admiring her boobs bouncing in time to the music, her legs peaking out through the split in the front of her dress, and her nicely rounded wiggling ass when she turned around. She was really a looker with her short blonde hair, blue eyes, pert nose and thick pink lips. Man, this could really be fun, lusted Marcus. As they danced, he kept touching her back, stoking her stomach, pressing against her butt, mashing against her breasts, teasing and tantalizing her. And inflaming himself, especially in his groin.

After several fast songs, the band slowed down, and Marcus enveloped her in his strong arms. His right arm started in the small of her back, and pressured her closer so her nipples were rubbing against his chest making them poke up harder through her dress. His hand slid to the slope of her ass and pulled her groin closer to his. She felt his hardness touching her mound sending thrilling shocks back to her pussy. As his right hand followed her thong down the crack of her butt, he pressed her button against his rod. God, he feels huge, Jessica thought, but she rubbed her groin harder against him trying to stimulate her clit.

Marcus raised her right hand to behind his neck, where Jessica grabber her left hand. With his free left hand he pulled her chest closer mashing her breasts against him. Her big orbs felt firm and spongy at the same time. All this stimulation made Jessica look up at Marcus with her mouth open. He quickly closed the distance, locking his thick lips on hers, and pushing his strong broad tongue inside her sweet mouth. He ran his tongue around the inside, and then Jessica started to duel back with him. As they were locked together, she could feel his hand cupping her right tit, feeling the outside, rubbing the underside, palming the whole globe, and then grabbing, twisting, and pinching the nub poking through her dress. Jessica was so hot, she was humping his groin, pushing her breast against his hand, and trying to shove her tongue down his throat. She grabbed his head and bent it so her lips were near his ear, whispering, "...got to fuck you tonight! ...need your big black cock!" "How 'bout Jim?" Marcus asked. "Don't worry! He won't have the balls to stop me!"

Jim was back at the bar, when Jessica pulled Marcus by his hand back to her stool. As she sat down, she let the dress on her left side fall off her leg giving Marcus a delicious view of her leg with the garter strap attaching to the top of the stocking. "Nice," he hissed with a big smile. "Jim, we've been having such a great time dancing," Jessica said to her husband. "You two getting pretty friendly out there?" gripped Jim. "Aw honey, Marcus is such a nice BIG man. We're just having some fun together. Besides, you don't like to dance anyway."

Marcus had his foot on the rail at the back of Jessica's bar stool, and his hand on Jessica's butt cheek again. His leg shielded his caressing hand from the other patrons. She smiled up at him, pulled his neck down, and whispered, "Have fun!" He didn't understand until Jessica leaned towards Jim, and hooked her arms around the back of his neck. This caused Jessica to tip to her right lifting her left ass cheek off the bar stool. Her dress on that side hung straight down baring her entire leg and hip. Marcus took quick advantage of the situation and moved in close so that his groin was pressing against her hip.

Jessica put her mouth close to Jim's right ear and ran the tip of her tongue around the outside of his lobe. "Now, Jimmie," she whispered. She called him that when she wanted to get her way. "Your lovely wifie is having lots of fun tonight being out, seeing people and dancing. MMmmmm!" as Marcus fingers ran along the back of her stockinged thigh. "You want your wife to have a good time, don't you, Jimmie? Aaaaahhhhhh!" Now, the hand was caressing the sensitive flesh above the hose to where her leg joined her ass. "I'm getting real turned on," she continued to whisper in Jim's ear. "Don't you see my nips poking through my dress? OOOOOhh hhhhhhhh!" she exclaimed loud enough for a few of the other patrons to turn and look at her while Marcus' finger tips stroked her pussy lips through the wet cloth of her thong. Jim looked over her shoulder at Marcus who had a big broad smile, and then he dropped his eyes. Jessica raised her left foot to the next higher rung on the bar stool, separating her legs giving Marcus more room to play.

With the new freedom, Marcus ran a finger up and down each lip, going closer and closer each time to the nub at the top. Jessica grabbed Jim tighter around the neck as the agitation grew. "Oooohhhhh, honey. If I get really hot, just think what might happen when we get home tonight," hissed Jessica. She had a wry smile on her lips as she realized that what Jim would be imagining would be drastically different from her desires for the night.

"Be a dear and order some more drinks," as Jessica pushed the tip of her tongue deep into Jim's ear. She then sat up trapping Marcus' fingers between her legs, but still giving him enough room to move his fingers as he was pushing her thong into her sodden orifice. As Jim turned to the bar to order the drinks, Jessica dropped her hand, capturing Marcus' hard rod. Using the nail of her middle finger, she slowly traced up his cock while giving him a big smile with her tongue tip between her lips. Marcus was thinking of where this night was going to end as he had one hand on her ass, one in her pussy, and hers was on his cock.

Marcus had to remove the pussy hand to accept his drink, to which Jim inexplicably toasted, "Here's to tonight!" After chatting as they drank, Jessica grabbed Marcus hand and said, "Let's dance again!" as she slipped off the stool. On the floor, Marcus and Jessica touched each other a lot. They danced with their legs between each other's, and Jessica's thigh crushed against Marcus' shaft. They danced with her back to him, and her rounded cheeks rubbed his cock, while his hands played with the underside of her breasts and his thumbs occasionally flicked her nipples. Their temperatures rose toward the boiling point. When the band played a slow song, they mashed their bodies together trying to stimulate each others sensitive areas. Marcus bent his knees a little pushing his right leg between Jessica's thighs. This allowed her to rub her soaked lace covered slit against the hard muscles of his thigh. She raised her right leg, and with the top of her thigh, covered by her stocking, she rubbed up and down Marcus' hard rod inside his pants. After teasing him, Jessica lowered her leg and dropped her left hand between them gripping the base of his cock her fingers. She ran her hand down his length, and came back to the top. Her fingers were almost three inches apart when she rubbed both sides of his rod. She finally got to the point where she could go no further without stooping, and she wasn't even at his head yet. She bent her knees a little more and finally felt the tip which was the size of a small apple. "Ohhh God," she moaned, "you're going to destroy me!" Marcus replied, "Well, you finally found out about the number. ...don't worry. I'll have you begging for all of it!"

Marcus whispered in Jessica's ear. She nodded, and she walked to the ladies room. On her way back, she walked up to Jim and whispered to him, "Here's a present. Hold out your hand." He looked puzzled, but when he extended his hand, Jessica put a small damp wad of cloth into it. "We're going to sit at a booth over there," Jessica said pointing to the other side of the room. "Let's bring the drinks over," as Jessica grabbed hers and Marcus' and started to walk across the room. Jim looked at the sway of her delicious rear for a second, and then looked at his hand expecting to see some paper towels. He was surprised to see a small wad of black lace that must have been Jessica's thong.

Jim followed Jessica across the room, where it was darker than at the bar. Marcus slid into one side of the booth after he had stood up to let Jessica in first. Jim had to sit on the other side of the table from them. There were walls above the backs of the seats separating the adjacent booths. "You got some kind of woman here, Jim. She's the hottest wife I've ever met!" Trepidation surged through Jim's stomach as Marcus talked about his wife like that. "Marcus is so cool, honey," said Jessica as she rubbed the diamond stud in his ear lobe, and then pulled his head down to hers. Jim was aghast as the couple locked their lips together, and he could tell that their tongues were playing with each others. "Jessica, what the..." Jim whined, but they were unmindful of him. When they broke for air, Jessica leaned her head against Marcus' chest, and dropped her left hand to his lap. It was obvious to Jim that her arm was moving back and forth. "Oh Jimmie, his cock is so big and long!" Jessica said faintly. "Jessica, please..." protested Jim, but she just sneered at him.

Marcus then turned and kissed Jessica's ear, and placed his left hand on her knee. Jim could see his arm start to move slowly towards Jessica, and then back away. He couldn't tell where Marcus' hand was, but he had suspicions. "Jimmie, Marcus'...hand on my leg; ...rubbing up my stocking." Jessica murmured. "Oh, Jimmie, ...getting so hot.""Jessica, that's enough! Stop right now!" Jim said emphatically. However, in spite of his anger, he could feel a stirring in his groin at the lewdness across the table.

"...feels so good Jimmie. ...can't stop. ...hand's above my stocking now; ....fingers on my thigh. OOOuuuu, ...pinching my leg, Jimmie. ...pussy's so wet. Ohhhhh!" Jessica slouched lower on the bench and spread her legs wider to give Marcus full access to her pussy.

"Jessica, pleeeeaaase. Don't do this!" Jim tried to be defiant as he knew that his wife's bare pussy was exposed to the assaulting fingers. But, for some unexplained reason his body was responding to their depraved actions, and Jim's cock was working its way down his pants leg.

"He's rubbing my bare lips. ...so wet. Oh god, ...so hot, ...cunt needs it! ...rubbing my clit, Jimmie! He's so good! Oh, ...never felt like this. Jimmie, he's pushing his finger in me. Jim could see Marcus arm rocking back and forth. Oh ...so deep." Jessica was biting her lower lip trying to keep from screaming out. Jim had never seen his wife moan and shake like this. He was really turned on at this pornographic performance, but he was determined not to touch his own hard rod.

"Jimmie ...two fingers in me ...so full. ...rubbing my clit with his thumb. ...getting so close!" Jessica gripped Marcus shaft hard as she arched her pelvis up from the bench and pumped it up and down on his invading fingers. Marcus kept moving his fingers in and out, and rubbing her clit. They could all hear the squishing sounds from the penetrations of the drenched pussy. Jessica had her lips pressed tightly together to keep from screaming out. She could feel the surges building through her body.

Then, Jim saw her body shaking all over. How could he despise what was happening so much, and yet be so excited. Jessica was thrashing her head from side to side. Her tight lips suppressed the volume, but the booth could hear "MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm, MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm," from Jessica. There was a sheen on her face and shoulders that reflected in the faint light. She finally relaxed and sat down on the bench again. "Ohh Gaaawwddd! ...outta sight," she breathlessly sighed when she had finally recovered. She glared at Marcus with lust-filled eyes, grabbed his neck, and shoved her tongue into his mouth. Jim looked dejectedly down at his drink, and then tossed it down his throat.

"Okay ...time to go home now," Jim pronounced. Jessica grinned and nodded at him, "Yea, let's go!" Jim started to walk away, and Jessica grabbed Marcus' hand and followed after him. As Jim held the front door open for Jessica, he blurted, "Where the hell does he think he's going?" Jessica glared back, "...home with me. We're just getting started." Jim's shoulders drooped in defeat, and he slowly started moving to the car. He couldn't believe this was his wife, Jessica. She was a changed person tonight.

Marcus kept his hand on Jessica's ass, squeezing her firm spheres and stroking her crack, all the way to the car, trying to keep her body near boiling. He opened the back door for Jessica, and she crawled across the seat. Jim opened his mouth to speak, and then realized it would not do any good. When Jim got in and looked in the rear-view mirror, all he could see was Marcus sitting in the middle of the back seat with his legs straddling the transmission hump. Jessica was already pulling his head down, and Jim could see her tongue reaching into his mouth before they even started their kiss. Marcus' big black fingers were pawing her left breast. Jim saw Marcus grab the bodice of her dress and pull it down, breaking the connection to the spaghetti strap. Jessica's large round breast with its silver dollar sized pink areola and its half-inch turgid nipple was being squeezed between the black fingers. "Baby ...got great tits. ...can't wait to cum on 'em." Jessica moaned at the thought of his cream all over her flesh, the manual stimulation of his strong hand, and the illicit circumstances taking place in the back seat of Jim's car.

Jim looked out the side mirror as he backed out, and pulled out of the parking lot. "God Marcus, your cock's so hard. ...unbelievable!" Jessica breathed between kisses. Jim looked in the rearview mirror again and, between the bucket seats, could see Jessica's left hand rubbing back and forth the bulge on the inside of Marcus' leg. He picked up the reflected light from her diamond ring as her hand moved along the rod. "Oh God ...got to see it!" exclaimed Jessica. She reached up and turned on the dome light which focused on Marcus' crotch. Jessica unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his waist band, and pulled his zipper down. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so as she plunged her hand through the opening, she rubbed across his course curly pubic hair until she reached the base of his monstrous log. The skin felt so smooth, but was as hard as a rock. She couldn't slide her hand down much farther because of his pants, and she couldn't pull his cock out due to its rigidity. "...get your pants off! ...gotta play...!" Marcus raised his pelvis as Jessica pulled on the waistband of his pants. As more and more of his cock was revealed, Jessica couldn't believe how wide and long it was. When she finally got his pants past the head, it flipped up and slapped her in the cheek. "Oh my God ...enormous!" she exclaimed.

Jessica tugged his pants over his shoes and socks, and then rose up to look at his cock. It was standing straight up pointing to the ceiling of the car. With the overhead light on, it appeared to be on center stage. The entire stiff pole was a dark ebony. The underside had a ridge down the middle, and thick veins winding up to the apple-sized head. The ridge around the head flared beyond the shaft and sloped up to the smooth tip with a gaping slit. Between Marcus legs was his scrotum with two tangerine-sized balls. Jessica was awestruck by the size and stiffness of his extended black hose. She was incredulous, fearful and thrilled all at once.

"Wha'da ya think?" as if Marcus didn't know by looking at Jessica's wide open eyes and mouth. "Baby, grab me!" Hesitantly, Jessica reached for the massive rod with both hands. Her fingers would not quite go around the pulsing shaft, and even with both hands on it, there was still several inches left over. Jim could see her white hands holding the black tube in the mirror. Marcus reached behind Jessica's head, and started pulling her towards the flared knob of his cock. "Baby, kiss my cock with those sexy lips!" Jessica pursed her pink lips and kissed the head lightly, then came back and gave it a longer kiss with parted lips. Then her tongue slipped out, licked the taut smooth skin on the top over the slit, swirled slowly around the helmet several times, and then circled the ridge with the tip. "Yea baby ...sweet married lips ...so good on my cock! ...gonna make me feel soooo goooooood!"

To Jim, glancing in mirror, it was almost like watching a porno flick, except the beautiful sexy star was his wife, and they were in his car driving to his house. He watched Jessica bend down and start to lick the stiff black roll, sticking her tongue way out, and laying it flat against the underside of Marcus' cock, and bringing it back up to the ridge of the head. She gradually moved her hands down, and started her licking further and further towards the base of the pole. The unyielding black pole was glistening with her saliva. She moved one hand out of the way, and reached down to massage the prominent testicles in his sack. Rubbing and rolling his balls between her fingers, she could not believe how big they were. "Got black jizz 'specially for you. Keep us goin' all night!" Jim was thunderstruck by what he had just heard, but Jessica was aroused by the thought of an all-night session and felt another gush of juice flood between her legs.

Jessica's left hand started to pump up and down on the wet shinny shaft. As her tongue reached the head, she could taste something new. She looked and saw Marcus' pre-cum seeping out of the slit. It was flowing over the top and down the shaft, and was almost as much as a full orgasm from Jim. She started licking up the salty liquid, savoring the strong masculine taste of his clear viscous love juice, and then placing her lips over the head and started sucking it in. Jessica felt pressure on the back of her head, and had to open her jaws wide to slide down further over the head in response to Marcus' control. When her lips passed over the ridge, her mouth was almost completely full dark cockmeat, and she could feel her lips stretched tight to fit around his cock's circumference. "That's it baby; wrap those sweet wedded lips around my black cock. You'll love it when you take it all."

In spite of his repugnance to condone what was going on in the back seat, Jim couldn't believe how sexy it was to watch Jessica bobbing up and down on Marcus' dark rod, and masturbating it with her other hand. He could feel his own cock push against his pant leg as it tried to straighten out, and he had a hard time keeping his eyes on the traffic and the stoplights. Jessica was absorbed with the exhilaration of sucking this fantasy cock. She was bobbing faster and faster, the saliva and pre-cum was flooding out of her mouth saturating the shaft, lubricating her hand's movement. The emotion of her actions has caused her pussy to flood the inner parts of her thighs.

"Jimmie ...you ever seen anything like this?" Jessica inquired, offering his cock to the mirror. "...can't wait to get home to fuck it. ...have to have it now!" Jim was again shocked at his conservative wife's complete transformation tonight and the language she was using. Marcus grinned at her regarding the irresistibility of his cock to another horny female. Jessica bunched the skirt of her dress around her waist and stepped over Marcus, so she was straddling his waist while kneeling on the seat. "Gotta feel it in my pussy! Oh, Jimmie ...so big and hard." Jim looked in the mirror. He could see the two tan moons of his wife's luscious round ass, and her drenched pussy lips peering out between her legs, as Jessica was leaning forward, her back pressed against the roof of the car, and her head braced against Marcus' shoulder. Her left hand was wrapped around the dark ominous phallus and Jim could see the glint of her wedding bands as she tugged on it. Jessica was kneeling with her thighs straight, and Marcus' swelled head was almost touching her dripping lips.

Jessica squatted just a little, and began to stroke her furrow with his massive head. They were both so excited that it was impossible to tell whether the moisture was his or hers. "OH Jimmie ...cock ...so excited ...shaking. ...rubbing his big cock against my clit! OOOOHHHHH!" Jim could see that the immense head push her lips to the side as she rubbed it the length of her sodden slit. "My cock makin' your pussy wet baby?" teased Marcus. "You're a slut in heat! Wait 'til it's fucking in and out! We'll see you scream!"

"Oh yeah, I want it. ...never ever wanted to get fucked soooooo bad!"

Jessica started to pull up on Marcus' rod as she sat down on it. Jim was aghast as he saw the big head cram itself between Jessica's soaked lips. She dropped about 4 inches and let out a banshee scream that jerked Jim's eyes back to the mirror. He could see the monstrous black rod extended out between her legs and her hand enveloped around the shaft. Jessica used her thighs to slide up and down the pole feeling the rim of his head bind on her slick inner walls. She would raise up until the head was about to pop out, stretching the opening of her orifice, and then slowly slide down feeling the channel being wedged open again. OOOOOOOHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" she would moan with each ebb and flow. Jessica had never felt such a ruckus of sensations in her pussy before.

She kept moving her hand down towards the base of Marcus' cock as she skewered herself on his ebony rod getting a little more inside her flooded canal each time. Jim could see six or seven inches of Marcus' drenched shank between her hand and pussy lips each time she came up. Fresh sensations were escalating in her belly as unexplored areas of her channel were expanded by the advance of the fantastic black stake driving towards her womb. "OOOHHH what an enormous cock! Love your fucking cock in me! OOOHHH ...never knew it could be so good!"

"Told you you'd be screaming for it! Found out what black cock feels like now. How's it compare to that little white dick?"

"Can't compare! Loooooove big black cock!" said Jessica, as she recalled the ecstasy of the actresses in the movies, and continued to pump up and down.

"Better'n Jimmie's little stick?"

"Can't touch me there! Oh, my Gaaawwwwdddd! So enormous!"

Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing, or seeing. Her juices were flowing down the black shaft, soaking Marcus' legs and the car seat. Jessica was flying up and down the stiff pole. Marcus' black hands were splayed across her contracting white ass cheeks, with a middle finger working into her anal opening. Jessica was panting, screaming, crying and then climaxing. "I'm cuuuummmmmmminnnng! Oh my Gawd!" as she speared herself with the dark post. "...so fantastic. Oh, oh, oh, yyyyyeeeeesssss!" as she shook all over. His head was banging at the entrance to her womb as she still had her hand around the base. "OH, OHH, OHHHH my Gaaaawwwddd!" as she at last slumped against Marcus' chest, feeblely kissing his neck with the little energy she had left. Jim could see her drenched hand, covered with their wet mixed nectar, still grabbing the black shaft.

His large black pole felt so good inside her, she just kept sitting on it. Occasional spasms of her walls would grip and massage the pole as the aftershocks trembled through her body. As Jessica slowly revived, she realized that this had only whetted her appetite for more!

Jim pulled the car all the way into the garage so none of the neighbors would see Jessica get out of the car in her state of undress with a black man. "Okay, we're home," he announced disgustedly, anticipating more wickedness from the two of them.

Jessica moaned, "MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Cock's so incredible!" and pulled Marcus' mouth to hers. Her tongue swept around his orifice and dueled with his tongue. She licked his ear and murmured "Let's go upstairs and have a real fuck!" She slowly raised and lowered her ass a couple of times letting his rod rub the length of her canal. "Ooooowwww!" It felt sooooo nice! She finally lifted off his ebony pole, which was smeared with their juices, and pouted, "Awwwwwww," that she was no longer stretched over him. But then she considered what was ahead.

Jessica opened the car door, grabbed Marcus' hand, and pulled him towards the house. She stepped out of her dress and left it on the garage floor, leaving her dressed in only her bra pulled below her breasts, her sheer black garter belt, dark nylons with seems, and high heels. She looked just like one of the "cum-fuck-me" models in a skin mag. Marcus looked a little ludicrous in his open shirt, shoes and socks, but Jessica grasped his shiny wet still-hard shaft and was tugging him to come with her.

Jim had already gone into the house and was standing in the family room as Jessica and Marcus came in. "Whoa, looks like Jimmie kinda liked seeing his wife get off in the car!" exclaimed Marcus as he pointed towards Jim's groin. Three pairs of eyes went to the wet spot at the top of the left leg of Jim's pants. "Got turned on by seeing her take a real man's cock up her pussy, huh, Jimmie?"

"Come on Marcus, let's go show him again! Follow us Jimmie ...see how it's really done!" mocked Jessica! Still pulling Marcus by his large appendage, Jessica started climbing the stairs. Marcus admired her heart-shaped ass cheeks vacillating in front of him and knew he had to take her from behind before the night was over. They were so erotic framed by her garter belt, suspenders and the laced tops of her nylons. She pulled him down the hall and then into the master bedroom, with its large king-sized bed, covered with a spread and piled with pillows. "There Marcus, ...playground!" Jessica turned towards Marcus and pulled his shirt apart popping off the buttons, and stripped it down his arms. She then began lightly clawing his chest with her finger nails. "Oh, Gawd! What a body!" as she grazed his pecs with her manicured nails, and then she pinched his stiff nipples between her fingers causing Marcus to jerk forward trapping his massive tool between their stomachs. Jessica felt the hot spike and ground her mound against his cock. "...gonna get it so good tonight!"

"My hot married slut wants more of this big black cock, does she?" as he pulled her against his rod with his black hands on her ass, rubbing her pussy side to side against it. Jim walked into the room and saw his wife's mouth working on Marcus' lips and obviously thrusting her tongue inside, and his long black fingers pressed into the flesh of her ass cheeks. Jessica's white hands were running all over his dark skin, as she enjoyed the feel of his muscular shoulders, arms and back. She grabbed his butt feeling the hard round muscles of each cheek and the hollow dimples on both sides. Her pussy tingled with the thought that these robust muscles were going to be driving Marcus' immense rod deep into her soon.

Jim was so angry at their unashamed display, but he could do nothing, and their erotic play and the exotic contrast of his ebony skin against her lightly suntanned body fascinated his hedonistic interests. "Jimmie boy, take your clothes off so you can pull your pud when you get hot!" commanded Marcus as he pulled his tongue from Jessica's mouth. "Gonna see your hot wife do things you've never dreamt of!" as he stroked a finger in the crevice of Jessica's ass. He pushed against her dark rear hole making her press her love mound harder against his massive cock.

Marcus lifted his hand, and gave Jessica a sharp slap on her right rear globe. Jessica moaned teasingly in pain, and Jim was startled by the sound as he was trying to take off his trousers. He could see the white skin, which had been hidden from the sun under her bikini bottom, turn a bright scarlet. "Okay, you married cock slut, get on the bed ...show me where you want this big black cock!" Jessica had never been commanded like this in her life, but the domination of this unbelievable sex machine excited her, and she felt her insides flood. She climbed on the bed, laid her head among the pillows, and placed her strapped high-heeled shoes flat on the bed with her knees bent and wide apart. Her firm round tits were standing up from her chest capped by her pink stimulated areola and nipples, rising and falling with her shallow breathing, anticipating what was imminent. Her bare pussy lips where still apart from their earlier coupling, and her inner thighs were shinning with the juices that had run down her legs. The tops of her stockings were darker where the fluid had soaked into the nylons. "Come on baby, do me. ...ready for you!" cried Jessica as she pulled her swollen lips to the side exposing her soaked pink canal. "Oh, fill me up with that fuckin' marvelous black cock of yours!" Jim had never heard his wife beg to be fucked like this before, and she looked the part of a high-class prostitute in her stockings and shoes. He felt his cock tweak as he stood naked watching this surreal happening.

Marcus took off his shoes and socks and crawled onto the bed from the bottom. His eyes were focused on her soaked pink gash. "That's it slut, show me how much you want my cock! That's the hottest wedded pussy I ever seen! I'm lucky most of them aren't taken care of properly!" He hooked his arms behind her thighs, and putting his weight on them, pushed her legs up towards her chest, causing her pussy to open further. He bent his head down and began to kiss and lick her supple sensitive inner thighs above the stockings. "You sure put out a lot of juice! That's a hungry married white pussy !" The feathery touches of his lips, tongue and mustache sent sparks towards Jessica's groin, making her squirm. "AAAAHHHHHH!" Marcus wet his tongue with lots of saliva and drew it up the crease between the top of her leg and her puffy lips. "OOOOOOhhhhhh!" Jessica moaned as she raised her pelvis trying to get him closer to her core. The big flat strong tongue then started at the bottom of her cleft and ran up each lip. His big strong hands pushed on the back of her legs, tipping her up on her shoulders. His tongue moved down the deep crevice between her cheeks and licked around her puckered asshole. "OOOOHHHHHH NNNNOOOO!" shrieked Jessica, but then she shifted her butt around trying to position his tongue in the hole. Finally, he curled his tongue to a point and pushed against the center of her star, working the tip in. "OOOHHHHH JEEEEES!" she groaned as unique feelings spread from his penetration throughout her pelvis. "Hot shit, the married whore has a hot ass too! I'll get to that!" exclaimed Marcus as he removed his oral probe.

He flattened his tongue out and wiped it up her pussy slit until he uncovered her clit from the hood. The hard pointed end of his tongue lashed at the nub, and Jessica was trembling from the stimulation. Marcus' oral muscle went back down and then up and down the soaked fissure, whipping her clit at the top of each stroke. Sweet juices were flooding out of Jessica as she shook and moaned. Marcus then drove his tongue deep into her pink softness, agitating her ribbed G spot. Jessica arched her back and shoved her cleft hard against Marcus' mouth. Jim's cock is not as big as Marcus' tongue, and this wiggling snake is driving me crazy!

"AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!" cried Jessica. She felt the pressure building and suddenly let go as she grabbed his head and humped his saturated face.

When she calmed down, Marcus crawled forward with his knees on either side of her stomach. Jessica could feel his heavy balls dragging across her belly button and was fascinated by his immense swaying erect cock leading him. It appeared like a devil cobra ready for the strike and she knew she was going to get bitten. He leaned down and gave her a big open mouth kiss, conveying her juices from his mouth to hers with his tongue. "You like the taste of your slutty married pussy juices?" he asked as he broke the kiss. She wasn't sure, but having tasted her own honey was so erotic that it caused her pelvis to quiver.

Marcus broke the kiss, and pushed his black rod against her chest between her luscious breasts. "Push your tits together and squeeze my shaft!" he demanded. Jessica placed her hands on the outside of her breasts and pushed them against and over the black stake. Marcus dropped some saliva and pussy juice from his mouth to lubricate the cleavage, and started humping his pelvis, rubbing his cock against the pliant sides of her tits. His flared head would approach Jessica's mouth and he dragged his scrotum across her sternum. He grabbed both her pointed nipples and pinched and pulled as he watched his black dick slide between her silky chest pillows. Some day I'll have to spend more time doing this, but I need to get in her pussy! "Lick it!" he commanded as he shoved the broad tip of his rod towards her luscious pink lips. Her tongue protruded and wiped across the slit picking up the sap oozing out, and then swabbed the dome in a circular pattern. Jessica could taste herself again from his penetration in the car. He leaned forward and pushed the entire head past her lips distorting her lips into a wide oval. What an erotic picture of being able to look down on this beautiful blonde face with black rod shoved in her mouth. He felt his scrotum contract at the thought. Her lust-filled blue eyes were staring submissively at him awaiting his next move.

"Ready to really get fucked by a real cock?" Marcus threatened. Jessica was fearful of what more it could be, but the center of her sensitivities trembled and secreted more juice with the apprehension. Jessica could only beg, "Oh gawd, give me that big black rod!" She knew that she was about to experience what she had seen the actresses relish in the movies she had watched!

"Jimmie-boy, come here!" Marcus ordered. "Wanta see your sweet little housewife take this big black cock in her pussy, don't ya? I can tell, cause you little peanut is pointing straight out, and you haven't even touched it. You think is so hot for a black stranger to take your wife, don't ya?"

Jim reluctantly walked over and now stood to the side of the bed where Marcus was kneeling between Jessica's spread legs, and Marcus' long black rod was resting on her soft belly leaking pre-cum just below her ribs. "Look where that black weapon is going to reach when I get it all inside of her, Jimmie-boy! Can you match that, pin-dick?" Jessica and Jim were both fearful when they realized where his cock head was resting, but Jessica's trepidation was trounced by her ecstasy.

"Jimmie-boy, need some help! Get up here on the bed!" Jim climbed up and knelt beside Jessica, fascinated by the massive black dick lying on her stomach. "Jimmie-boy, since I want to make sure that you're OK with me fucking you wife, want you to put my dick in her pussy!" Jim was shocked at the demand, but knew there was no way he could disobey Marcus without risking bodily harm. Jessica felt a slight tinge of remorse that Marcus was belittling Jim like this, but even more it heightened her exhilaration. It was going to be so nasty for Jim to guide Marcus' awesome cock into her hot pussy!

"Jimmie, grab my big black bone!" Jim looked at Marcus' heated eyes and recognized he had no choice. He hesitantly moved his hand towards his wife's stomach. Laying his hand on the black rod, he was amazed at how it was hot, stiff and supple all at the same time. Jim wrapped his fingers around one side and his thumb around the other, but they did not meet. God, how big was this monster? And it had already been inside Jessica!

"Jimmie, take that head and wipe it up and down your wife's hot slit!" Oh jeez, he's going to make me use it as a toy on my wife! But, obediently, Jim took the massive head and placed it between her outer lips. Looking at her pussy he couldn't believe the amount of love juice there, on her inner thighs and running down her ass cheeks and crevice. Reaching between Jessica's legs, he slowly moved the head down her slit and then back up. Jessica was moaning, AAAAHHHHHHH, and would shudder and scream, iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee, when Jim brought the head to her clit! Jessica's hips started a movement of their own, going in the opposite direction as Jim's strokes, trying to enhance the stimulus. Marcus was applying increasing pressure towards Jessica as Jim stroked her with his dick, intensifying the sensation. Jim couldn't believe how aroused he was from this erotic tableau. His cock was hard and throbbing.

"Okay, Jimmie, find that hole! Push it down ...feed it to your wife's ravenous pussy!" Jim pushed the head to the bottom of Jessica's slit, and could see the head start to sink between her lips as Marcus applied pressure. "That's it Jimmie, feed that black cock into your wife's white married cunt! This is what your wife has needed all this time Jimmie!" Jim could see Jessica's lips being rolled into her pussy by the immense diameter of the black cock head. Jessica was shaking as the flared dome separated her gash. "OOOOOHHHHH, sooooo goooood!" "Pump it Jimmie!" Marcus commanded. Jimmie helped push and pull the rod until it expanded the opening and the head popped into Jessica's hot and sticky slot. Jessica clamped her thighs together around Marcus' arms as her pelvis quivered with a climax. "Ohhhhh, sooooooo big and gooooood!" Jim was so hot watching this black truncheon invade his wife that he ejaculated without even touching himself, his little spurt popping and dribbling onto Jessica's stomach, and flowing into her belly button.

"So Jimmie-boy, you get hot seeing your wife get thoroughly fucked by a real man's cock! Now, get out of the way and let me show you how it's really done!" Marcus put his arms behind Jessica's knees and seized her tits with his strong black hands. His fingers dug into her firm silky tissue, and his action raised her butt off the bed putting her pussy closer to his pelvis so he could drive deeper into her. Marcus was forcing his enormous ebony prick in and out of Jessica's drenched cunt, going deeper with each thrust. Her pussy lips would cling to his rod as he pulled out and invert as probed her again. "OOOOHhhhhhhh! Jeeeeez! Never ...could be like this. Fuck me ...big black cock! Deeeeepeeer!" Marcus pressed her nipples between his fingers so they extended further than ever before as he pounded her soaked gash. Jessica had no idea which sensations came from where, she just felt vibrations all the way through her entire body.

Jim saw the giant dark pole as it slid out dripping and shiny with his wife's copious juices. Her lurid moans and groans were increasing in pitch each time Marcus moved out and plunged further into her channel. "OOOOHhhh Gawd! He's pounding on my womb! It huuuuurts ...it's yours! OOOOOhhhhhh Jeeezzzz! Use me black man!! Anything...!!!

Marcus felt his head banging off the hard entrance to her cervix, and he was determined to open her up. He was sure it had never happened to her before. So in spite of her agony, which she could endure only because of her extreme rapture, he kept trying to push his final two inches inside her. "Ooooohhhhhhhh Gawd! So big. Never been rammed like this! Really banging me! OOOOHHHHH YYYEEEEEEssssss!" Jessica's fingers were wrenching the bed sheets as Marcus mauled her breasts and bludgeoned her pussy. Jim had never seen his wife behave this wantonly. She was obviously in pain, but asking for more as she thrust her sodden slit further up Marcus rod. "OOOOhhhhhh GAaaaawwwwdddd! Give me all of it ...you big black stud! Let me have the whole thing! Show me how much you've got!"

With the frenzied wife egging him on, Marcus slammed into her and broke through the orifice of her womb. Jessica let out an incredible scream, her body heaved, and her legs flew out straight, pushing Marcus up erect and driving his pole to her farthest depths. "OOOHHHH MMMMMMYYYY GAAAAAWWWWWDDDD!" she hollered as her body spasmed like never before. "OOOOOOOHHHHHH SSSSSOOOOO GOOOOOOODDD! Been really fucked!"

As Jessica just started to come down from her euphoric climax, Marcus let go with his first burst. Jessica felt like someone had turned on a hose in her womb. When she felt his surge, her body again went into convulsions with another orgasm. "OHHH YYEEEES Black Man! Give me your cream! OOOOOHHHHH, So MUUUUUCH!" Marcus was still pumping in and out as he continued to fire into her, his seed coating his cock as he pulled out and flowing out of her slit and down the crack of her ass. He gradually started to pull out squirting the inner walls of her tunnel. He'd never cum so much, because he had never had a woman that had gone this wild. What an amazing fuck she was! Man, I'm going to have to hang around for a while and get my fill of this. Her warm wet pussy felt so good as her aftershocks contracted her pussy walls around his cock!

"You ever seen cum like that Jimmie-boy? That's how this married slut behaves when she's screwed by a real dick, man. Come here ...look at all this black spunk flowing out from her pussy. Just think how much more is up inside her. Better get it out before it makes a black baby, Jimmie-boy!"

Jim knew his wife could not become pregnant because she was on birth-control pills, but he was turned on by her gapping pussy and the white cream flowing out, covering her pussy lips and thighs, and down the fissure of her ass. Jessica was still hot and sensitive, she didn't want to stop, and she was heaving her hips! "Come on Jimmie! Eat me out! Get all this jizz outta my pussy!" Jim put his hands on the tops of the wet stockings of Jessica's inner thighs and lip-locked her pussy. His curled tongue stroked up her overflowing slit and scooped out their mixed juices! At the top of each stroke, the tip of his tongue would contact her clit spreading sparks through her pelvis. As Jim consumed the sweet fluids, Jessica had another orgasm. "Yes, Jimmie, eat all our love juices. That's a good boy!" Jessica's body convulsed as he continued to lap her. Jim considered his actions to drink her lover's sperm out of her cunt so nasty that he got hard again. He continued lapping up the cream, until no more was flowing out of her wide open lips. Jim suddenly realized that he would only be able to satisfy his wife with his mouth in the future.

"Okay, Jimmie, get outta here. Me and your slut wife want this bed to ourselves. We're gonna do our private stuff." As Jim slouched to door, his face covered with the couple's love juices, Marcus seized Jessica's head and shoved her mouth down his still hard cock. "Okay, married slut, clean me up for some serious fun!" Jessica eagerly grasped Marcus' firm buttocks and hauled his cock further into her mouth until it touched her throat.

"Love that big black cock, don't ya fuck toy?" Jessica nodded her head up and down while keeping her lips wrapped around the firm dark pole. "Never be satisfied by Jimmie's little stick any more, will ya? Only going want big black dicks from now on!" She again agreed. "Mmmmmffffph!" The dominance and humiliation by Marcus perversely increased the exhilaration in Jessica's body. Her nipples were engorged and sensitive as she moved up and down the rod, her pussy was flooded with her lust juices, and she more enthusiastically worked on his cock. Jessica realized that her fantasies while watching the porn flicks had turned to reality and she was now one of the women for whom a black cock was essential. If anything the reality was so much better than the fantasies.

Marcus pulled back, retrieving his shaft from her hot yearning mouth. He slapped the cheeks of her gorgeous face with the dripping taut dark club wiping her saliva on her cheeks. "Gonna be my wedded fuck slut this weekend, aren't you bitch! Gonna do anything I ask, aren't you, you married cunt?" Jessica's blue eyes were wide open as she looked up at his intimidating sneer with adulation. "You'd do anything to get fucked by this cock, wouldn't you? Your married pussy demands it now, doesn't it?"

"Ohhhhh yeeeeees!"

"Say it, my black cock bitch! Tell me what you want!"

"I want you in me!"

"Not good enough to get it slut. Now, tell me what you want!"

"I want your incredible cock! I want your immense black cock in me all weekend! Just fuck me! Fuck me any way you want!"

Marcus grabbed the back of her head and rammed his pole into her searing mouth again, "Yes, you're going to get it every which way!" He reached to her chest and mashed her spongy breasts with his strong hands contorting and twisting he nipples. "MMMMppppfffffmmmm! Jessica moaned as her pussy overflowed with the realization that she was going to get fucked again!

Marcus flipped her on her back, and slammed his black rod into her ravenous gash. "Fuck me deeper!" He did it doggie style from behind getting even deeper penetration than before and his fingers playing with her rear entrance. "Fuck me harder!" He crushed her knees against her breasts. "Love your big black prick!" He held one leg straight up in the air and came at her from below. "Shove that monster to my womb!" He took her lying behind her, and standing on the bed holding her on her shoulders. "My pussy's yours!" Jessica bounced on him while he mauled her tits, and while he was sitting up in the bed. "Shoot your black baby juice into me!" He lasted much longer than previously since he had already cum.

Jessica could not believe the number of climaxes she had as he pounded her. She seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. In her ecstasy, she was screaming, "Need your cock! Need your black cock so baaaad!"

Even though he was down the hall in the guest room, Jim could hear his wife's rantings, their flesh slapping against each other, the bed banging the wall, Jessica beseeching for more and her shrieking orgasms. Marcus must have been a fuck monster the way he kept going into his wife. He couldn't believe his spouse's continual pleadings to be fucked. Marcus had turned his wife into a greedy married slut. In spite of his depression, Jim's cock never got soft, as if he had been watching a pornographic movie. After Marcus let out an exultant bellow, things quieted down and he fell asleep.

Marcus had fallen asleep spooning Jessica, her firm rounded hips nestled against his groin, and his eternally stiff prick poking between her legs and into her drenched pussy. Jessica awoke and was immediately sensitive to the wonderful pressure in between her thighs. Even though she had been screwed more already that night than she had been in the last six months, her body still craved more passion. She started subtly moving her ass back and forth, shoving her firm soft cheeks into Marcus' groin, and sliding his black shaft in and out of her slippery, damp pussy. Oh jeez, does that iron pipe feel so good in there, beamed Jessica to herself. She pulsed her vaginal tube around the rim of his cock head as it pistoned in and out, and she felt a deeper penetration as his prick extended. Oh, yes, a big cock like this is what I fantasized about! pondered Jessica as she thought about all the actresses she had watched.

Marcus took pleasure in Jessica's awakening. He was thrilled that he had run into such an insatiable slut with a wimp husband. He let Jessica continue to slip her exceptionally constricted sodden canal up and down his dick. He could feel himself growing further up into her tighter areas which were gripping his expanding head vigorously. He let her know he was awake by reaching over and seizing her upper breast and kneading it, squeezing her nipple out between two fingers.

Jessica shoved her ass harder against Marcus. "Oh, yes you stud! Fuck me again! Huge black cock feels so good in my pussy!"

"Feel better than Jimmie-boy's little dink?"

"Ohhhh, Gaaawd yes! A real cock! What every woman needs to get fucked with!"

"You my married weekend slut?"

"Oh, yeeeeees. Anything you want to me! Just keep your cock in me!"

Without separating from Jessica, Marcus got up on his knees and pulled her with him. He started stroking longer into her sodden cunt, pulling almost all the way out, and then propelling in to bang off her cervix. His hands seized her ass cheeks and mauled her spheres. His thumb traced up and down the crevice, and teased her rear access. Her pain was overwhelmed by the pleasure of his cock and thumb as they were driving Jessica towards yet another climax. Just as she was about to crescendo, Marcus slowed down to relish his gratification as her inner walls milked his hypersensitive rod. As he leisurely moved in and out, stimulating their vulnerable flesh, he pushed his thumb in past the tight sphincter of her ass. Jessica had never been penetrated there by something this large. Spitting on her ass, he lubricated the invasion so he could pump into her asshole faster. The stimulation of Jessica's cunt was being replaced by a burn emanating from her butt. As the pleasure grew from this new source, she tried to shove her ass back to encompass more of Marcus' thumb. As she increased the tempo of her efforts, Marcus' cock again aroused her pussy. She was getting it from both sides and rapidly approaching an orgasm.

"Feel good bitch! You like me in both your holes?" Marcus snarled.

"Oh God yeeees!"

"Ever been fucked like this before?"

"No, neeevveeeeeeeer!"

"Like my cock?"

"I looooovvveee your big black cock!"

"Do anything to have it?"


"Yes, you will!" And with that he pulled his stiff pole all the way out of her hot drenched cunt. It was shiny and dripping with her love juices.

"Put it back, OOOhhhh pleeeese shove your cock back in me! Need to be fucked more!" despaired Jessica

"You bet!" And with that he pushed the expanded head to her asshole. Due to its girth, it would not slide in the puckered hole. Her tight virgin sphincter was keeping him out.

"Oh nooooooo, not there!" Jessica was terrified at what that enormous cudgel would feel like if it penetrated her ass. She was afraid that she would be torn apart."Said you would do anything for me, slut! I want your cherry ass!" Holding her still with his large black hands at the bend of her waist, he shoved forward. Her skin was blanching from where his fingers were digging into her hips. Jessica had nowhere to escape.

"Oh, that's too much. Too big!" as she could feel the head of his rigid black rod shove against her bowels.

"Gonna take it you married slut. Make you mine. Wimp husband's not man enough to take your tight virgin ass!"

With that, Marcus heaved forward and popped through her tight anal ring. Jessica saw lights flash as a searing pain tore through her bowels. She howled a blood curdling "Killing me, ripping me ...apart. NOOOOOO!" This hair-raising scream of his wife's conquest shattered Jim's sleep. Once he became aware of what was happening, he knew he could only listen as her master had his way with his wife.

The snug constriction of Jessica's ass was one of the greatest feelings Marcus had ever experienced. Her tight ring stroked his cock as he moved in and out. The yielding flesh of her buttocks slapping at his groin made his cum heat in his testicles. The tension in his rod became greater and greater as he conquered Jessica.

The agonizing searing at the point of penetration started to wear off, as Jessica became used to the immense intrusion. She felt so subjugated and nasty, that she took a perverse pleasure from the invasion, and she coveted more. She realized that being dominated by a strong depraved man like Marcus was her ultimate dream. Shoving back and forth, she was gradually working more of his imposing length into her asshole. She finally got so impaled that Marcus was smacking into her ass at full penetration and his large balls were striking her pussy. They acquired a real rhythm, Marcus pumping the full length of his rigid pole in and out, his flesh slapping against hers, Jessica succumbing to the ultimate pleasure and subjugation, and their pinnacle was fat approaching.

"OOOOHHHH GaAAAAwddd! Fuck my ass."

"Baby, got such a fine ass. You can take my whole cock!" said Marcus in admiration.

"OHHHH! Pound it hard with your big black cock!"

"Baby, you're mine now. You got no hole left that hasn't been stretched by my black cock."

"OOOHHHH Yeeeeesssss! Love it!"

The tight sphincter finally stroked Marcus' cock to culmination. His cum banged against the walls of Jessica's guts. She could feel his explosion and it set her off, tremors throughout her appendages, boiling inner turmoil throughout her entire ravaged body!

Marcus pulled out and shot cum on her ass. Jessica collapsed on the bed. Macus lay on top of her with his prodigious cock in the well lubricated crease in her ass. Thoroughly satisfied!

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