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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jennifer got punked

The name is Christopher Jamal Henderson. I'm a tall, good-looking black man who has a dream job. On the Adult Entertainment Network, I'm the host of the first adult-themed Reality TV Series. The adventures of a ruthless and seductive con artist who cons unsuspecting and gullible women into giving up the goods. It's one of the most-watched television shows on the Adult Entertainment Network. And I'm its star, creator and all-around co-owner.

Today, I play the part of Dirk Benson, an agent of the Internal Revenue Service. He drives around in a government-issue vehicle and has a government-issue badge. He even wears a government-issue black suit and sunglasses and speaks in that clipped, business-like tone used by government agents in every movie since the 1950s. He's the Government Man to a T. And that's all part of the deception, folks. You see, most people are stupid, existing only to be taken advantage of. That's why I do what I do. To weed out the weak and uphold the strong, which is the group I am affiliated with.

With that being said, I drove to the town of Milton, accompanied by my camera crewmen. Posing as disgruntled ex-IRS agent who was offering his services online to wealthy people who wanted some tax breaks, I lured an unsuspecting rich divorcee into my web of deception. The divorcee in question was Jennifer Tony. She was a gold-digging former model who married wealthy State Street executive Andy Tony a few years ago. Recently, she divorced him and took half of what he was worth. Can you believe that in this day and age some men are suckers enough to marry a woman without a prenuptial agreement? I know. Yes, this kind of man still exists in today's world, believe it or not. Anyway, Jennifer Tony got a pretty hefty divorce settlement. She won Andy Tony's Milton mansion, along with an addition million dollars.
Jennifer Tony and I went into another room in the house. There, she made her plea to me. She begged me not to destroy her life. I gave her a stern look and told her that I was a government agent, just doing my job. I grabbed her arm and told her I had to bring her. She pulled away from me, then touched me gently, winking while asking me if there was something she could do to alleviate her sentence. I looked at her and asked what she had in mind. She said she'd do anything I wanted. I looked at her lustfully. And you can guess what happened next.

I unzipped my pants and out came my nine-inch, uncircumcised black dick. Jennifer Tony's eyes widened when she saw it. I ordered her to get down and show my dick some love. Jennifer got on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked my cock and balls. I smiled. This bitch was so damn gullible. Of course, I didn't tell her that. I think you can guess why this might be the worst possible moment to make such a statement. I relaxed and enjoyed myself as Jennifer Tony sucked my cock and balls. When I came, she drank my cum. Afterwards, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and asked me if I liked it. I told her I wanted more. She hesitated. I told her what I wanted. Sighing, she got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks. Ready or not, here I come!

I looked at Jennifer as she surrendered herself to me. Grinning, I pressed my cock against her backdoor and pushed it inside. With a swift thrust, I went in. Jennifer wailed as I slammed my cock into her asshole. I didn't relent. Mercilessly I drilled my cock into her asshole. I fucked her like the white bitch she was. A lousy cunt who used her sex appeal to destroy the lives of men. I fucked her ass like anal sex was going out of style, delighting in her screams of pain. Until I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. Then I pulled out. Whimpering and humiliated, she got up. Then she asked me if I would drop charges and tell my fellow agents that it was all a misunderstanding. I laughed and told her the truth. Smile, bitch! You're on camera!

Jennifer's scream of rage and frustration could be heard a mile away. She came after me, all tooth and claw. I laughed and dodged her blows, then my crewmen and I got out of there pronto. We had the footage of the entire thing on camera, and went back to the studio for some editing. A few days later, it aired on the Adult Entertainment Network. Poor Jennifer. She thought she was so smart. Her humiliation would be endless and my fun was just beginning. Man, I love my job!

cuckold in the making

By now I knew we were through with each other, our marriage relationship was finished but I expected Terry to remain faithful.

I left work one Thursday arriving home to find my dear sweet husband's car in the driveway. What was he doing home so early? I was always the first one home. As quietly as possible I unlocked the front door and crept into our home. Every sense acute I was ready for anything. Just not for what I found.

I closed the door and my heard a bed squeaking accompanied by a female voice, "...fuck me, YES, fuck me harder..."

I do not remember any more as I rushed to our bedroom. Then I saw my husband. The image made an indelible mark in my memory.

He was splayed on our bed, legs spread eagle. His hand rocketing up and down his hard cock eyes half closed and hips bucking up and down. I heard a hum and finally saw the ultimate perversion, a pink vibrator (mine!) protruding from his ass. Terry's moans barely audible over the porno playing on our television.

He was oblivious to my presence and kept masturbating as I watched. I was angry beyond belief, "What the fuck?!?"

Now he was aware of my presence.

Terry's eyes opened wide in shock. At that moment his hard penis erupted in thick ropes of white cum. So intense was his orgasm the cum reached his face. As the sperm landed it made a line back towards his belly button. He dick was cumming but his eyes were scared.

"Vanessa, wha... what are. I can explain, wait!"

He called after me as I swiftly turned on my heels and walked out. Walked out of our room and our house. Tears in my eyes I stumbled to my car. Struggling for a moment to unlock the door I finally got in and sat down. I wiped my face and glanced to the front window. There stood Terry imploring me with words and gestures not to leave.

I was devastated. How could he do this to me? Why would he do this to me? I started the car and drove away without a destination in mind, just away from here.

Hot tears stung my eyes as I tried to maintain control of the car. I was angry and had no idea what to do. What seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, passed by before I decided to return home. Why should I leave? The bastard was cheating on me. HE should get out! Quickly I turned about, making my way back home.

I approached the front door nervous again. Last time was a sight I would never forget. Suddenly the door opened, Terry was there now holding the screen door open for me to enter.

"I am glad you came back. I was worried about you."

I glared back. Worried about me eh? Not having a good enough time by yourself. Want me to join in? Maybe suck your cock as you fuck my vibrator?"

"Baby, let me explain."

My anger finally achieved rage, "Explain what? You have my fucking vibrator in your ass watching porn while you masturbate!"

He just looked at his feet. That was all I needed.

I walked past him to our room. I quickly opened my closet, grabbed a suitcase from the top shelf and started stuffing clothes into it. Not even caring what my hands touched I filled it and zipped it closed.

I turned around looking him directly in the eyes, as cool as possible I sneered, "At least you are dressed now. I certainly enjoyed the show earlier."

"Vanessa. I am sorry. I lost track of time..."

I exploded, "LOST TRACK OF TIME!"

From there I whirled into every angry and inadequate feeling I had ever experienced. It seemed every painful moment in my life was Terry's fault. I screamed, cursed and beat my fists against his chest. Terry stood there taking it all. Never flinching, never backing away. This only fed my anger. He was not even embarrassed. The asshole. The fucking asshole!

Eventually I wore down. A long day of work combined with emotional upheaval finally gave way to physical exhaustion. Having run out accusations I looked for other avenues to humiliate him as he humiliated me, "So what gets you off? Watching some slut fuck. Some whore cream out? What is it?!?"

He glanced at the DVD player and I knew I had him.

"Let me see." I said as I walked to the DVD remote. Powering on the television I also started the DVD player. The title screen added to my shock. "White Chicks and Black Dicks"

I watched the intro as a petite white girl leaned over a black guy sucking every inch of him while another black man ponded her doggy style from behind. The sounds of flesh pounding flesh was all I needed. The slut looked like she was in ecstasy. Moaning around the cock in her mouth she rocked back against the hard prick slicing into her pussy.

Quickly the scene cut to another girl astride a monster black cock stretching her pink pussy wide. A close shot of her face showed her mouth open in a silent cry of pure enjoyment.

A final cut showed the first white girl allowing the thick black cock to cum in her mouth and over her face. Either she was a great actor or she really enjoyed it. The screen faded to black before the title played again "White Chicks and Black Dicks"

That was enough for me.

"Glad to know what my LOVING husband wants."

I could not say any more as I sobbed, realizing, that if he wanted black cock in a white woman, the I was a white woman and damn sure would get black cock in me and guess who would be cleaning it up and taking big black cock in his ass

Ginnger gets BBCand DP all in 1

I arranged on Friday afternoon for my slut ginger to meet a friend of mine "Jae", who is a early 30s black guy, about 6'2, 190lbs, and a professional in sales. He has what he claims is a 9 inch by 7 inch around cock - and after seeing it in action today "up close and personal", so to speak, I don't doubt him.

ginger and I met Jae at a sleazy motel on El Camino Real on the Peninsula. I told Jae ahead of time that she wanted to be treated like a whore. ginger and I were already in the room when Jae arrived. I had ginger sit in a chair against the wall, wearing her soft black leather miniskirt, thigh high black stockings, 5 inch black patent stiletto heels, and a white blouse that covered her half-cup bra.

Jae walked in, and greeted us. I said - "Here's the whore I was telling you about - do you have the money?"

Jae grinned and gave me 2 dollars into my hand, and went over to ginger. "Hey, are you for me?" and then kneeled in front of her, spread her legs, and started to lick her pussy.

I came over and unbuttoned her blouse and started twisting her tits. "Do you like him, slut? Are you going to show him a good time - he paid a whole $2 for you." ginger moaned and squirmed, and pleaded with me to let her cum. When I finally did, she squirted all over the chair.

I told Jae that we should get undressed, and put the slut on the bed to get fucked by his big cock. He pulled off his clothes, and stood in front of ginger, who was still sitting in the chair, and had her suck his cock.

We put her on her stomach on the bed. Jae rolled on a condom, got behind her, and pulled her ass up in the air. She was dripping wet, and I grabbed his cock to place it at her entrance, and then put my hand underneath her to rub her clit.

He began to push his cock in, and she started saying "It's so big... I don't know... Please slow down..."and finally "Yellow" – our code word for stopping what we are doing to give her a break.

I told him to take it a bit slower, and then asked her if she was going to be a good slut and take his big black cock up her lily white pussy. She moaned, and asked him to "please fuck me – slowly".

Jae began pushing in and out, slowly, and eventually worked his entire cock in to her. I told her she was a good slut, and gave her permission to cum. From that point on she was literally cumming almost non-stop, screaming for Jae to fuck her harder, telling us how great it felt, how she had never felt anything like that before.

"You're a black cock slut now, baby" I said.

I asked Jae to stop, and had him get on the bed on his back. I ordered ginger to get on top of him and to ride his cock. As she did this, Jae started twisting and playing with her nipples, and I greased up her ass. After working 3 fingers into her, I got behind her, pushed her head to Jae's chest, and slowly worked my cock into her ass – her first DP. I was moving in and out, Jae was basically holding his cock in her pussy, and when she came, she squirted so hard that she soaked both of us, and squeezed her pussy and ass muscles so hard she pushed both of us out of her holes.

I got up, and told her to get off Jae, on her hands and knees, and told her it was time for he ass to be stretched by a big black cock. "I'm not sure if I can take it, Sir".

"Sure you can, slut – Jae is going to turn you into a real ass whore." It took a few minutes, but Jae eventually got his cock in her ass, and started fucking her. I got under her on my back, and started licking her pussy, while ginger sucked my cock.

After a while it got so intense for her that I had to take my cock out of her mouth because I was afraid she was going to bite it off. So, I got out from under her, and had her get on her back. Jae got between her legs as I held them up towards her head, and pushed his cock back into her ass. He began moving faster and faster, and ginger began moaning and begging "fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard".

"Do you like it, baby? You're a real ass whore now. Next time I'll ask Jae to bring some of his friends – you have some friends that would like to fuck a cheating white wife, don't you Jae?"

"Oh yeah, I've could bring at least 3 friends who'd love to fuck this tight pussy and ass." With that, ginger came again – this time squirting non-stop for at least 10 seconds all over Jae and the bed – and Jae grunted and came in his condom.

ginger also wanted to see two guys play sexually. So, I got on my back, and had her suck my cock and lick my balls and ass. I called Jae over to the head of the bed, and started sucking his cock while ginger watched.

ginger got so turned on she started playing with herself and moaning. She had wanted to try to be fucked while the man fucking her was getting fucked, so I told her to lube up my ass and stretch it out with her fingers.

After she got three in and was fucking my ass, I pulled her down on her stomach and got behind her, and began fucking her pussy. Jae rolled on a condom, and got behind me and worked his huge cock into my ass. Once he was in, he began slamming into me, which pushed me into ginger. We did this for a few minutes, and then I leaned over and whispered in her ear "do you want to watch his big black cock go up my ass so you can see what it looked like while you got ass-fucked?" She came immediately, squirting all over the bed and me again.

I pulled out, got on my back, and had Jae get between my legs. He slid his cock into my ass as ginger sucked my cock and played with my balls - watching his 9 inch cock ream my white ass. Jae held my legs up and fucked me while she sucked my cock, and then I pulled her over my face so I could lick her pussy while I was being fucked and she was sucking my cock. I swear she began to cum continuously, and squirted so much that I couldn't keep up drinking down her cum.

I told Jae to "fuck my ass hard", and he began slamming into me as ginger was squirting all over my face. I started to cum into her mouth, and she took my first load, and then pulled off and let my cum shoot wildly all over her face.

After Jae left to go back to work, ginger lay on her back on the bed, and I played with ginger's pussy, which was slick and dripping. "Guess where I have to go after this?" she said. "A Christian church weekend getaway for women."

I laughed and said "I guess you'll have lots to ask for repentance for then, won't you!"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Violets get opened up

She must have lost track of time because she didn't even notice the shadow over her until she heard a loud cough.

"You need sunscreen on your back or you're going to be crispy like a chicken." Violet looked up and saw a very tall black man standing over her. He was smiling and holding a bottle of sunscreen.

"Excuse me?" Violet sat up and felt the heat radiating from her back. She was indeed beginning to burn.

"Your back is burning and since it looks like you're here alone, I am going to sacrifice myself and offer to put lotion on your back." He was still smiling as Violet scowled at him.

"You always this cocky?"

"Yes. I'm Malcolm by the way. I'm here alone as well, but I'll tell you that story over dinner tonight."

Malcolm sat down and began to rub lotion on her back and arms. He was gentle and she liked the feel of his hands on her back. His hands were large and strong yet very soft. It was a strange combination, very different then Jeremy's hands that were always manicured and moisturized.

"So are you going to tell me your name?"

"I'm Violet. That feels nice." Violet tried not to enjoy the massage that Malcolm was giving her, but it was too late. She pouted a bit as he removed his hands.

"So are we eating at the seafood restaurant or the Italian restaurant?"

Malcolm settled himself on a lounge chair next to Violet and pulled out the local newspaper, he began reading, not really interested in her answer.

"Who says I'm going out to dinner with you?"

"I said so. Happy families surround us and both of us are alone. We should enjoy this time together."

Violet rolled her eyes and muttered some words under her breath. She continued reading her novel and as the sun began to set, she started packing up her things.

"I'll meet you outside the seafood restaurant at 6pm." Malcolm leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek and he was off, making his way to the other side of the resort. Violet just shook her head and walked towards her room. She thought about how forward this man had been, but she figured that it wasn't like he was paying for dinner and you only got to eat at that restaurant once a week so she might as well have a dining partner and not look so pathetic eating alone.

At six o'clock, she stood at the entrance of the restaurant. Her blonde hair was down around her shoulders and she was wearing a flowered sundress. She was wearing the same sandals as she did during the day and had a touch of makeup. She glanced around and saw Malcolm already at a table. She walked over and sat down.


"Well hello yourself. You look amazing tonight. I'm sorry I was so forward at the pool today. I have a thing for redheads." Malcolm grinned. He was wearing beige pants with a nice white shirt. He smelled of some manly cologne.

"I'm not a redhead. It's strawberry blonde."

"Stubborn I see. We'll get along well then."

Violet giggled and the ice was broken. They chatted through dinner. Violet told him that she needed to get away for a while and needed a vacation alone. She left out the part of her fiancé leaving her at the altar, figuring she needed to keep her secrets. Malcolm had told her how he was in business for himself and had finally arranged for a holiday, the first in over five years. Violet had tried to figure out how old Malcolm was since he barely looked twenty-five and there were not many twenty year olds with their own business. On the other hand, she knew she looked much younger than thirty-five.

"We should take a walk on the beach."

Malcolm got up and led Violet towards the beach. He held her hand and she didn't protest. It felt comfortable and normal. She slipped off her sandals as they made their way onto the cold sand. The sun was almost setting and it cast a reddish glow over the water. They walked in silence until they were in front of the building where her room was.

"Well, I had a nice time Malcolm. Thank you."

"Oh no you don't. I'm a perfect gentleman. I am going to walk you to your room."

Violet rolled her eyes and let him follow her to her room. Just as she was about to open the door and say her goodnights, he grabbed her and kissed her hard, pressing her against the door. She felt his hot lips against hers and moaned loudly. She dropped her purse and keys as her hands held his strong biceps. Malcolm's hands snaked through her hair and pulled her closer. He slid his tongue into her mouth and licked her tongue softly.

"Dear God."

Violet was panting hard and was sliding her hands all over his body. He pulled her head to the side by gripping her hair in one hand. He licked along her neck while his other hand pinched her left nipple.

"You are so fucking gorgeous. You're lucky I didn't do this to you at the poolside."

Violet's mind was foggy. She felt his teeth against her neck and was bracing herself against him since her knees were weak. If he had fucked her right here she wouldn't have protested. She was that horny. Malcolm nibbled his way down her cleavage and then up the other side to her left ear.

"Tell me what you want."

"You. Now."

Malcolm grinned and pushed away from her. She was trembling from the reaction her body had to his and he saw how hard her nipples were poking through her dress.

"Not on the first date. I'll save you a spot at the pool tomorrow."

And with that, he was off down the hall. She took a deep breath and was so confused she couldn't take it. She bent down to grab her keys and purse and slammed the door shut. She stripped off her dress, put on a loose t-shirt, and climbed into bed. She lay there thinking how earlier today she thought he was an arrogant prick and now her body needed him so badly it hurt. She tossed and turned and finally fell asleep thinking of Malcolm.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Leslie takes BBC

The way Leslie was looking at me, I could tell that she was in the mood for more than just cigarettes.

The sexual powers of the black man continue to thrill white women's dreams and make white men wake up in cold sweat. I looked at Leslie. I gave her the look. Both men and women understand that inimitable look. I wanted some of that and I was offering her a piece of my action. Leslie got it. I looked at this white chick. She was around five-foot-five, and probably weighing over two hundred pounds. She had red hair and green eyes. She wasn't pretty in the face but her body was thick, her breasts large and her ass was definitely plump. What can I say? I just love a fat ass! Would you believe that Leslie and I got down right then and there? Believe it, folks.

Leslie and I ducked into a dark street, behind a pile of boxes, not far from South Station. I unzipped my pants and showed the plump white chick what I was working with. Nine inches of long and thick, black dick. I stroked my cock, and told her to show it some love. Once Leslie picked her jaw up from the floor, she got right down to business. She bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I thrust my cock into her mouth. I've had my cock sucked by white Males and white female. Hey, a good businessman doesn't discriminate, know what I'm saying?

Leslie busied herself sucking my dick. That's what I like about white women. They all love to suck dick. Black women always like to pretend they don't enjoy sucking cock and that when you ask them, it's a great sacrifice for them to get down and please you. That's so frigging stupid. Must be why nobody seems to want to hook up with the black chicks no more. Today's black guys are either fucking white women or they're sleeping with other men on the side. Hell, sometimes they're doing both. Black chicks have a good reason to be frustrated. They're not getting enough dick. Oh, well. I suggest they invest in the dildo making industry.

I rammed my cock down Leslie's throat. Now, she might be some hotshot white woman who thinks she owns the world just because she's white and female in a society that caters to her kind. Not so in this alley. In this dark alley, she's my bitch. She's sucking my dick. It didn't matter if she was some white trash broad living in the hood or a hotshot MBA holder working her way up the corporate ladder. She was in my power. Why? Because I'm the black man with the big dick, that's why!

Leslie looked me in the eye while sucking my dick. I cannot tell you how annoying I find it when bitches do that. Yes, you're sucking my dick. Why are you looking at me? Do you want a medal or something? No way in hell are you getting one. The only thing you're getting is a blast of cum all over your damn face because I'm ready to frigging nut, you hear me? With those words in mind I came, shooting my hot manly cum all over Leslie's face. I roared victoriously. The black man cometh! I made Leslie clean me up. She did.

Leslie told me she wanted to experience my big black dick inside her. I looked at her and shook my head. Females are always saying men see them as sexual objects. If you ask me, if they don't want to be seen as sexual objects, they should dress shabbily and stop showering for a few days. No way they'll be seen as sexual objects now! I told Leslie how I got down. I wasn't interested in fucking her pussy. I wanted her ass. She hesitated. I could see the wheels turning in her tiny little brain. Tick tock. She smiled at me and said okay. I grinned, and made her turn around. I took a look at Leslie's fat ass. Damn, this plump white chick had a booty! I couldn't wait to fuck it.

I pulled down Leslie's pants, and was surprised to discover that she wasn't wearing any panties. What a slut. I liked it! I spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open, and slid my finger into her booty hole. I never stick my dick into any woman's holes without first inspecting them digitally. I read something about a diabolical device which women placed in their vaginas to ensnare men and hurt them in the worst way. That's why I check a woman's holes before going in. Leslie's ass was clean. I rubbed my cock and placed it against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went inside.

Man, I've fucked many assholes before. I've lost count of how many white women I've bent over and stuffed like Christmas gift baskets. I love making white women squeal as I fill their assholes with my long and thick, black cock. Leslie was no exception. I dug my fingers into the tender flesh of her hips and shoved my cock into her asshole. From the initial penetration of her ass by my cock, I learned a lot about Leslie. She was no stranger to anal sex. Her asshole felt too supple. My cock fit comfortably inside. Oh, she was still tight, but comfortable. Otherwise she'd be screaming by now. I slammed my cock into the big white woman's booty hole, enjoying the feel of a tight asshole around my dick. White chicks can be so annoying and arrogant sometimes. They all need to get fucked in the ass. That's exactly what I did to Leslie. I clamped my hand over her mouth as I fucked her. I filled her ass with my cock. I fucked her until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. Then, I pulled out and we both took time to recover. We readjusted our clothes. Afterwards, she went back to work with an extra bounce in her step.

Did you just see that? Women are always saying that men are the ones always interested in sex. They claim women don't have random sexual encounters. Give me a frigging break. If women didn't have random sexual encounters, then who in hell are all these players, hunks and macho studs hooking up with at parties, clubs and in the workplace? They can't all be queer, can they? Nah. For every sexually adventurous man out there ready to spread the seed, there are five bitches ready to spread their legs. Believe that!

I left downtown Boston and took the Red Line Train to Dorchester. I got off at the Ashmont Stop and stopped to look at all the construction being done. The city developers say that they're going to make the decrepit Ashmont Station look as neat and as modern as South Station. I wish them luck. Did they forget what part of the city Ashmont is in? Anyhow, I got to jet, family. It was fun getting my cock sucked by a rich white woman in a business suit downtown. I bet you she's going to have a hell of a time explaining all those cum stains on her shirt.

That was pretty funny, right? This goes to show you that white women are as eager for sex as men are, if not more so. Life is business. Do what you got to do when dealing with them hussies but protect your body, your mind and your money from their tricks. Never put your trust in a female. I don't care if she's your mother, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your grandmother or even your maid. That's the best advice I could give you. Men got impulses they can't control. White Women once they get turned out to BBC they don't give a fuck they just want what they need which is some hard black cock deep in them. That's the awful truth. Anyhow, see you later.

Hey Trainner hope you will post this story and if you do hollar back at your dug

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chastity 's lession continues III

The next couple times that Charity went to visit Jeremy he would either lay her down and fuck her with her legs spread -- sometimes wrapped around his waist, other times with one or both over his shoulders -- until he got her off, and then he'd cum in her mouth or on her tits. She didn't know why he liked to cum on her tits, but she liked to try and catch the spurts of white froth in her mouth, plus it saved her from having to wipe the sticky stuff off of her flesh. And every time he'd play with her asshole, pushing one and then two of his fat dark fingers into her back hole as he ate her out or she rode him. By now she was used to it when he would push his fingers into her tight ass, it even felt good to have that extra sensation of something opening up her tight little asshole.

Still it made her a little nervous when she returned to the clearing and he wanted to do something new.

"Get on all fours," he told her. Chastity did so, getting on her hands and knees and looking up at him expectantly. His cock was hard and ready, that thick black girth that she had come to adore so much... her mouth watered with the desire to suck on it. Instead, Jeremy walked around behind her... she trembled at his touch as his hands caressed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart so that he could look at her little asshole. Would today be the day that he put his big black cock up her ass?

"Soon," he whispered, answering her question as his thumb circled around her asshole. Chastity moaned a little, pushing her ass at him...

His hands began roaming over her back and her ass, squeezing at her flesh. Chastity moaned, especially when his hands came around to her front and began squeezing her breasts. Looking down she could see his dark hands kneading the tender mounds, playing with her nipples, and she shuddered with erotic pleasure at the sight of his dark skin pressing against her pale flesh. Jeremy pressed into her from behind, his dick rubbing along the length of her wet pussy, making her yearn for him to turn her over and spread her thighs open for him.

Instead, he pulled one of his hands away from her breast in order to line himself up with her pussy, and he began to push into her from behind. Chastity gasped with this novel sensation as his dick rubbed the insides of her pussy in a completely new way. Jeremy pushed into her from behind, all the way until his groin met up with her ass cheeks, she could feel her ass pressing against his body and it made her moan and wiggle as she luxuriated in this new self-indulgence.

Then he pulled out and slammed in again, taking her breath away and rocking her body... she found it required much more effort to keep herself up on her hands and knees than it did to lay on her back and spread her legs. It also bothered her that she couldn't see him fucking her now... but at the same time she really liked the way she felt completely in his control in this position. His hands moved around and started kneading her breasts again, making her moan as she pushed back against him.

With every thrust, she could feel her elbows buckling a little more, and her wrists were starting to hurt and she didn't like how that distracted her from the pleasure she was getting from being fucked from behind. So she lowered herself to her elbows, which had the pleasant effect of making her ass high in the air while she was in a better position to be on the receiving end of Jeremy's thrusts.

Liking her new position, Jeremy slid back, putting his hands on her hips so that he could admire the way his cock looked splitting open her pink pussy, little white girl on her knees and taking him from behind. Blonde hair spilled across the grass, Chastity moaned as she was impaled, again and again, and now he could see her ass cheeks shake with every thrust. Wetting his finger in his mouth, he pushed it against her asshole and was pleased to see that her body easily opened up and accepted it.

Chastity's groans of pleasure got louder as he added a second finger, watching as his darkness took her in both holes at once. Big black cock splitting open her little pink pussy while his dark fingers disappeared between her ivory ass cheeks... it was a sight to take his breath away. And the next time he had her, he was gonna be taking that sweet ass.

Pulling his fingers from that tempting hole, he used both his hands on her hips to pump her from behind even more powerfully, glorying in her cries of pleasure as he rode her. Chastity's ass in the air wiggled and she clenched as Jeremy plowed into her, her cheek rubbing against the soft grass of the clearing, nipples tickled by the greenery beneath her. She could see what they looked like in her mind, powerful attractive black man fucking the younger white girl from behind, on her hands and knees, being taken like a beast.

Part of her wanted him to cum in her, to feel his dick spurting into her pussy, like horses or dogs when they bred would... but she knew that he wouldn't. She moaned at the thought though, rubbing her pussy and ass seductively against him as his fingers gripped her hips tightly. His thrusts were coming harder and faster, and even though she was more stable on her elbows, she could feel him pushing her forward.

Reaching underneath her body, Jeremy sought out her clit with his fingers, and Chastity let out a cry of rapture as he began rubbing the engorged nub of pleasure. Her legs and arms trembled with the effort of holding herself up as ecstasy threatened to overcome her senses, and Jeremy continued to pound at her from the rear. As his fingers continued to rub she could feel the heady tingling rush of her orgasm over taking her, and she collapsed before him... he followed her down, his dick thrusting hard into her pussy and impaling her as she lay on the grass before him.

She could feel him growing bigger inside of her ass she writhed with elated gratification, and her orgasm grew as she thought he might lose control, that his big black cock would spurt white cream into her pussy... but then he pulled out and left her empty, she could feel the sticky warmth spreading across her ass cheeks and back, and she rubbed the front of her pussy against the ground, letting her orgasm continue as Jeremy spurted over her backside.

They both stayed in their respective positions, gasping... Chastity felt like her body was made of jelly, she felt so drained and shaky. Then she moaned a little as Jeremy's lips and tongue pressed against her asshole, teasing the sensitive nerves and making her body jerk.

"Next time," he murmured.

Chastity 's lession continues II

Chastity had returned to Jeremy the very next day, eager for her next lesson... and her hot little pussy was eager for some more of his black cock. To her delight, he'd had something new to show her immediately, stripping her down and laying her down in their clearing, instead of fucking her immediately he straddled her head with his large black thighs and lowered his mouth to her already wet pussy. Above her head his dick and balls bobbed like fruit, and she opened her mouth to smoothly receive the long dark snake between her pretty pink lips.

"Mmmm..." she hummed along its length, feeling delirious with sexual fervor, not only was his dick pressing deep into her throat, but at the exact same time he was playing with her dripping pussy! It felt delicious... the way his tongue laved between her pussy lips, his fingers dipping into her juicy hole... she let out another moan, and her suction on his cock increased as he pushed a slick finger into her asshole.

Jeremy grinned into the pink pussy as the little white girl squirmed underneath him, his dick buried in her mouth... he enjoyed looking at his dark finger pushing into her virgin asshole, burying itself between two pale white asscheeks. Damn she was a hot little bitch. Squirming underneath him, her mouth hungrily swallowed his dick as he licked around her pussy and asshole, fingers busy inside both of the tight orifices... he liked the way she wriggled whenever his tongue slid around her swollen clit.

The way she was sucking on his cock was making him crazy, he could slide all the way down into her throat, feeling her lips almost touch his groin before her body would spasm beneath him, gagging on his length. Pulling her entire clit into his mouth, he gave it a quick suck, and could feel the vibrations along his cock as she cried out beneath him in pleasure. Then he pulled off of her and grinned at her astonished expression.

"Come here and climb on honey," he told her as he lay on his back in the clearing, long dark cock sticking up in the air. Chastity's eyes got big and round as she realized that he wanted her to slide herself down that thick pole, somehow that was an idea much more daunting than having him in control.

Gingerly she straddled his waist, her pale spread thighs looking very small next to his large, dark, muscular body. Putting both hands on his chest for balance, Chastity rubbed his cock-head along her pussy lips, Jeremy holding the monster shlong steady for her. It wasn't hard to find the hole, but she found that she was so tight – even though she was sopping wet – that it was kind of hard to push him in.

"oooOOOOO" she groaned as she tried to sit down on his cock, shuddering at how big he felt... somehow she felt much smaller than when she'd been spread underneath him the day before.

"It's sore," she whimpered, looking down at her "teacher".

"Then let me help you," he said, grinned up at her. Letting go of his dick – with its head lodged inside her tight pussy it didn't really need the help right now anyway – he put both his large hands on her pale waist, and thrust upwards hard while pulling down on her hips. Chastity's eyes popped open as half his cock shoved inside of her, and she let out a little wail of pain and pleasure, her thighs automatically spreading even more to loosen herself up.

Leaning forward, her hands fell to either side of his body as her soft breasts pressed against his chest, and she found herself looking straight at his dark shoulder with its darker black wiry hairs, while his cock continued to push its way into her body. Even though she was on top, she didn't feel in control at all at the moment. Jeremy lifted her up again and forced her back down, gravity helping as she slid further down his cock, her pussy opening up and stretching for the big log as her mouth made a perfect "o", back straining as her legs quivered.

"That's it little white girl," Jeremy grinned as he lifted her again, her tight pussy pulling at him as she slid up, "Take my big black cock!" and he shoved Chastity down again, hips lifting up to push all the way into her tight, wet hole.

She felt like a rag doll on top of him as he started thrusting in and out of her, the new position making his body rub against her swollen clit more than usual, and she found her hips moving back against him as he stretched her pussy over and over.

"Good girl," he crooned into her blonde hair as Chastity pushed herself up a little, her pussy burning with raw need as she lifted herself a little and sank back down on his cock. It felt so big inside her, she imagined the big black thing pushing into her insides, all the way up into her belly, and she moaned as she ground down on it. Managing to push herself up onto her hands, breasts hanging seductively down over the man below, Chastity started riding him, moving slowly as he moved with her, getting used to the ache between her legs.

Big black hands covered her breasts and started squeezing the pale flesh, pinching at her pink nipples, and she moaned and shuddered, her hips moving a little faster on top of him. Arching her back, Chastity thrust her breasts at him as she started to really move on top of him, her ass grinding down against him as he filled her pussy.

"Oh god that feels good!" she cried out, her body really working now on top of him, humping him as she pushed his thick black dick in and out of her body, moving like the cock slut she was happily turning into. Chastity luxuriated in the feel of him moving in and out of her, in the fact that she was on top riding him, the way she could grind her hips against his body just the way that she liked it.

Jeremy squeezed her bouncing breasts harder, feeling them jiggle against his hands as the young blonde bounced on top of him, impaling herself on his cock over and over again. Her moans filled the clearing, and every time he pinched her pink nipples between his fingers her pussy would clench down even tighter around him. Pushing up with his hips, he could feel his dick reaching into the deepest parts of her hungry cunt.

Then he took control again. Reaching one arm around her, Jeremy pulled her forward so that she was propped up on her elbows, Chastity cried out with surprise and then moaned as this new angle really rubbed her clit perfectly. She pushed back against him, her breasts rubbing against his chest as she worked herself on his cock. Sliding his hand down her back and hip, Jeremy squeezed her asscheek and pulled at it a little, searching out her little asshole with his finger.

Chastity gasped as his finger began to push into her tight little second hole, this was a completely new sensation! She was already filled to the brim with his cock, and now his finger was trying to fit into her asshole! It couldn't get in very far, but every time she pushed down on his cock she was pushing down on his finger too, she couldn't fuck him without having him invade her ass at the same time. But it didn't feel bad, in fact mostly it felt good; the way she felt all stretched and stuffed, and she could feel the now familiar tingling between her thighs that she knew would bring her absolute bliss.

"Oh yes Jeremy," she moaned as his finger wormed its way further into her ass, his cock stuffing her pussy with every thrust, "Oh Jeremy... oh fuck me!"

Her teeth bit into his shoulder as she tried to muffle her scream of passion, pleasure shooting through her thighs and groin, tingling through her ass all the way to her erect nipples as they rubbed against his chest. Jeremy bucked beneath her, embedding his cock into her grasping pussy, groaning with the need to fill her with his cum...

Chastity found herself on her back again, Jeremy fisting his cock hard and fast as cum started to spurt onto her belly and breasts. Somehow that bothered her, and she sat up, opening her mouth and took the head of his dick in her mouth, sucking the white froth from him. Her own hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit furiously as she rode the last of her orgasm, shuddering with pleasure as she swallowed his load. Groaning, Jeremy's hands pushed on the back of her head, sliding his cock all the way into her throat as he bucked in the throes of his own orgasm.

Still sucking, Chastity's fingers slowed between her thighs and she could see and feel Jeremy relaxing in front of her, his fingers letting go their grip on her hair and stroking the blonde strands gently.

Looking down at her as she still tongued his softening dick he smiled and said, "Good girl... you're learning fast."

Thrilled with the praise, Chastity glowed up at him, and didn't release his cock from between her lips until he pulled it out himself.