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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making white female into BBC cum sluts

Marilyn Peterson had always been the darling in whatever she did. When she was little, she looked absolutely radiant in a cute little jumper with her beautiful blonde hair pulled up in twin pigtails. As she grew older, she grew taller and more lithesome. Marilyn became very popular in school. In junior high, she was elected vice-president of the student body and earned a spot on the cheerleading team. That was important to her as she liked to be involved in sports not just up in the bleachers watching. As one might imagine, she was also very popular with all of the boys on the football team. At the tender age of thirteen or fourteen, her strict parents did not allow her to date on her own. She could only participate in church-sponsored and well-chaperoned activities when it came to any co-ed activities for their precious young daughter.

Upon entering high school, Marilyn really blossomed into a beautiful young lady. It was a whole new world to her. The junior high school was located near where her parents lived in white suburbia so they could keep a close eye on her after-school activities better. The high school she attended was closer to downtown and included the colored kids from across the railroad tracks. This was a new experience for her as she really hadn't been around Negroes all that much.

Marilyn remembered once when she was younger walking down the street with her mother, there were several black men sitting on a bench. When they walked by, one of them whistled at her mom. Her mother quickly grabbed her hand and hurried on past them.

The black man who whistled said, "I bet those lily-white legs of yours go all the way up to your sweet li'l ass." Even as young as Marilyn was at the time, she could tell that her mother was embarrassed as well as flustered from those lurid comments.

"Mommy," she asked. "Why did that nasty black man say that to you?"

Her mother had to think a moment before saying, "Dear, he wanted something from me that he just couldn't have. That's just the way those 'Darkies' are. They got too much sex on their feeble little minds and they're always wanting white women to satisfy their lustful dark desires."

Marilyn remembered her mother calling those Negros, 'Darkies.' Her father was much more adamant as he called the Negroes, 'worthless, good for nothing niggers.' The young girl didn't understand why her mother was so afraid of black people and why her father despised them so much. They hadn't anything wrong to them ... would they?


There were several black people in each of her classes in high school. This was quite an unusual event for her as they seemed to be different from the rest of her other white classmates. Marilyn became friends with one of the black girls in her French class. Monique was an attractive, light-skinned black girl who was very popular with all of the black boys. She attracted the attention of several of the white boys and she even flirted with a couple of the white male teachers.

Marilyn could tell that Monique was much more experienced in the many ways of the world than she was. Marilyn watched the boys as Monique would smile at them. She observed how the black girl would move her hips when she walked. Marilyn wished she could do that and with practice and tutoring from Monique, got much better with the rhythm of walking like a black girl. The attractive young black girl could turn the boys into putty and they would do anything she wanted. Monique dressed in a 'special' way that seemed to accentuate her full breasts, trim waist and long legs. Marilyn overheard several of the boys talking about her black friend, Monique. "Man, that li'l bitch-in-heat has a body built for fucking!"

That shocked Marilyn as she had never heard the 'F' word used before, especially when one of the white boys was talking about her black friend. Marilyn felt a tingling between her young thighs that she had never felt before.

Because of her friendship with Monique, Marilyn was introduced to a number of black boys. Here she was, one of the most popular girls in high school and the black boys swarmed around her as if she were honey and she always made a point to talk with them. She found that rather exciting in a taboo sort of way but Monique was still the real man-eater and Marilyn envied the black girl for that.

Many of the better football players were black. The white guys that she had known in junior high school were sitting on the bench because the black guys were just plain better at sports. Jimmy the Greek might have gotten fired for saying something about black athletes being better than whites because their ancestors had been 'bred' as slaves to be bigger, better and stronger to work harder in the fields. Jimmy could of thought that and it might have actually been true, but he couldn't say something like that in public because it just wasn't politically correct to do so. Many black athletes of today owe their tremendous success to the slaves before them.

Homecoming was Friday night. At half-time, the Homecoming King and Queen would be announced. Marilyn had her hopes up. She wanted to be the Queen in the worst way.

There were seven 'Princess' nominees for the Homecoming court. One would be named 'Queen.' All seven girls were pretty and white. They were escorted by their fathers during the special half-time Homecoming ceremony. On the 'Prince' side, five of them were white while the other two were black. Reggie Turner was the star wide receiver and was black. He was the one person most responsible for winning the games for the football team. After he caught the ball, and it seemed like he always made even the most impossible of catches, he could weave his way down the field to score a much needed touchdown.

The school's principal was on the field making the announcements. The boys were announced first. Marilyn had been dating the president of the senior class and she expected him to be named King. But instead of announcing 'Mike Smith' as Homecoming King, the principal called out Reggie Turner's name as the new King. A murmur went up throughout the packed stadium. This was the first time that a Negro had been named Homecoming King at the former Robert E. Lee High School.

It was only a few years ago that the school mascot was changed from a 'General' to a 'Black Panther'. The school's name had also been changed to just 'Lee High School,' taking out the reference to the Confederate General who commanded the Southern Forces during the struggle called 'The Civil War.' This change seemed to placate the blacks who had recently obtained their civil liberties but there were still those who felt they had been wronged by the white man and needed to make greater amends. Some blacks advocated taking the white man's woman as payback for the many sins of the white man.

Marilyn's father was very unhappy that a 'Nigger' was named Homecoming King. He was even more unhappy when Marilyn was named Homecoming Queen as he had to turn over his lovely, blonde daughter to a Negro. Her father was very disgusted at the unpopular naming of a nigger to be Homecoming King. Well, there had to be a first for everything. There would be other 'firsts' tonight.

Reggie put his arm around the new Homecoming Queen and pulled her closer to him. It was as if he were a winning gladiator claiming his hard-fought prize. He kissed his 'prize' on the cheek. Marilyn was too shocked to even object. She knew that as the new Queen, her date for tonight's Homecoming Dance would be the newly announced King. Earlier, Marilyn thought that she had a date with her boyfriend, Mike, but Reggie lucked out instead.

It was a good thing that her mom and dad didn't know who her date would be for the Homecoming Dance. They thought that it would be that good-looking young man, Mike. Her mother just loved Mike and even imagined him as her future son-in-law.

Of course, her high school won the Homecoming game that night. She hurried home to take a quick shower and change into her new dress. It almost looked like a wedding dress as it was white. Marilyn heard the car's horn honk twice as a signal that her 'date' was here. She hurriedly ran towards the door. Her mother gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and told her to enjoy herself that night but not stay out too late. Marilyn's mother thought that her daughter would be going to the dance with Mike. If her mother had known what new experiences were in store for her sheltered, young daughter that night, she never would have let her go.


Reggie had a fine car that he was very proud of. It was old and had many miles on it but it was his own pride and joy. He worked on that car with every spare moment and penny that he had. The 1964 Chevy Nova Super Sport was black on black. It also had the very powerful small-block Chevy engine that could burn up the tires as quickly as he could replace them.

Marilyn slid into the front seat with her forbidden black date. She felt like Eve getting her first taste of the forbidden apple from the evil black Snake in the Garden of Eden.

"Hello, Honey," the black boy drawled in his black Southern accent. The Chevy had bench seats. "Sit over he'ah close ta me," as he patted the spot next to him.

She did.

He looked over at his beautiful blonde prize and stared into her bright blue eyes. Her brilliantly white teeth shone in the silvery moonlight and her beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair gracefully framed her beautiful face. He could see the swell of her breasts peeking out from the top of her strapless white dress. Reggie leaned over and kissed his Queen for a Day. He smelled her heavenly perfume. Marilyn's pulse raced. She had necked with her boyfriend before but she had never felt anything like this. It took her breath away!

Reggie's strong black hand grazed her thigh as he shifted through the gears. Marilyn's heart must have skipped a beat or two. When they got to the school's parking lot, his arm rested on her thigh when he reached across to open the glove box. He brought out a pint-sized bottle of Wild Turkey. He opened it and offered a drink to his pretty blonde date.

Marilyn had never drunk out of a bottle before but she took a sip of the burning liquid. She coughed and Reggie laughed at her inexperience. He took a long swig and offered it back to Marilyn. She was determined to do better this time so she took a longer drink of the burning, amber fluid. The warmth seemed to spread throughout her entire body, relaxing all of her fears and inhibitions but it specifically warmed the juncture of her thighs. She had never felt this way before. It was so wicked and exciting at the same time!


The band was a semi-famous soul band. They played all of their number one hits and also played several slow tunes. Marilyn saw that Mike was at the dance with one of her own friends. Mike was kissing on his date like they were lovers. She was determined to show him. Marilyn even got a little bit jealous as Mike was supposed to be her boyfriend. Now he was cheating on her. The way that Mike looked at the situation, however, was that Marilyn was cheating on him with a 'nigger' and he was going to show her that two could play at that game.

There were several times during the dance when the chaperones had to separate the dancers from one another to keep them from coming to close in contact with each other.

The whiskey was doing its intended job and Marilyn relaxed into the strong arms of her black King. When they were dancing slowly, the beautiful blonde Queen felt his loins boring a hole into her tummy. She had that funny tingling sensation between her girlish loins again as she danced closely to Reggie. She felt his long manhood rubbing against her thigh. She knew she should stop him but instead she just let her head rest against his strong, black muscular shoulders. The chaperone had to come uncouple them several times that evening.

"Let's go somewhere quiet," he whispered into her ear. "And git away from alla these here people." She nodded her agreement.

Marilyn felt herself being guided to his powerful black car. If the kind of car one drove said something about them, this car was perfect for Reggie. She floated as if she were on Cloud Nine like the song by the Temptations.

Reggie quickly drove the short distance to a cliff overlooking the twinkling lights of the city below. He hoped that he wouldn't run into any of Birmingham's Finest. He knew that he could be jailed just by 'DWB,' Driving While Black. If the cops saw a good-lookin' white girl riding in the car with him, they would know that this here nigger was up to no good and haul his nigger ass into jail in the blink of an eye.

Marilyn knew the location as 'Lover's Lane' but had never been there before. She had always imagined that Mike would eventually bring her here to do some necking and light petting but now she was the new Homecoming Queen and she was here with her King. Destiny had brought the two interracial lovers together under this evening under that starry, starry night. For the pretty blonde teenager, this would be a night to remember. Marilyn might be 'Queen for a Day' but Reggie was still 'King of the Night!'

Reggie took it slow with this succulent, young blonde beauty. He savored every moment of her seduction into black sexing. He had already taken of a number of pretty white girls and made a 'notch' on his belt each time, kind of like the notches that a gunslinger might make on his gun belt to represent his many kills during a gunfight. Marilyn might be just another number in his endless collection of 'kills' but tonight he planned on loving the one he was with. He took a fresh bottle of whiskey out of the glove box. Marilyn took a greedy drink this time. She gulped the liquor like a man guzzling water after being stranded out on the desert. The pretty blonde Homecoming Queen also needed the burning alcohol to screw up her courage. Marilyn knew that it was against her religion to have sex with a Negro. The pretty blonde cheerleader also knew where this evening was heading with her new black 'trophy' and needed all the courage that she could muster to go through with it. Nowadays, some white women 'collect' black men for sport fucking. Their cuckolded husbands even liked to watch their pretty white wives in action with her black lover.

The star black football player grinned at his new catch. He could catch a football if it was thrown anywhere near where he was and now he had 'caught' this lovely vision of pure, white Southern womanhood. She was his for the taking and taking he would. Reggie had worked long and hard to get to where he now was and now he was long and hard. His big black cock had been twitching in his tight pants for some time just waiting for the right time to get into this stuck-up, cute little blonde girl's tight panties. Now was the right time. He was about to steal her heart away from her punk, white-bread boyfriend.

Reggie might have grown up poor but he was never without a girl or a woman. His 'Auntie Mae' had taken the young man under her wing when he was little and into her bed room. Dear Auntie Mae taught him everything he ever needed to know about pleasing a woman and he had been pleasing them since. Reggie had a good start on trying to beat the legendary Wilt 'The Stilt' Chamberlain's record and his boast of bedding over twenty-thousand women, many of them white.

They kissed like lovers do.

The passion took Marilyn's breath away.

If her Daddy ever found out that she had intentionally kissed a black boy, he would have lynched the worthless, good-for-nothing nigger and, after whipping her to within an inch of her life, his unfaithful daughter would be banished from the house to never, ever return home. Now, her Daddy would just keel over and die if he knew what she was about to do with this 'worthless, good-for-nothing nigger.'

Her white boyfriend, Mike, had never kissed her like this before. The eager, young black buck had his strong muscular arm around her bare shoulder as his other hand found her firm breasts. Marilyn was wearing a strapless white dress so it was easy for Reggie's searching black hand to slip underneath the top of her dress. Of course she wasn't wearing a bra like a good, little girl should.

The blackness of his hand was in stark contrast to the whiteness of her dress and her beautiful, unmarred white skin. Marilyn liked to sun herself at the lake so she had two adjacent white triangles framing her luscious breasts. He found her taut nipple in the center of one triangle and teased it to further erection with his gentle and expert touch. He didn't want to scare her off just yet.

Marilyn laid her head back on the seat and the black football star feasted on her smooth, white neck. She would either have to wear a turtleneck sweater for the next several days or she would have some mighty powerful explaining to do about those marks and love-bites on her neck. Reggie had marked 'his territory' like a dog might mark its territory by peeing on a tree. He nipped her lovely exposed neck in several places with his sharp canine-like teeth. Marilyn whimpered.

Reggie then nibbled on her ear. The pretty blonde beauty was wearing gold hoop earrings, and he nibbled around it. He took the loop between his teeth and tugged at it gently before devouring the rest of her slender and delicate neck. Marilyn could hear his hoarse whispers of desire and need for her in her ear.

"Baby, oh Baby," he whispered. "Honey, I've waited so long for this moment. You made me the biggest I've ever been."

Without any further encouragement, Marilyn's hand went to his swollen crotch. She felt the outline of his massive bulge. It felt like he had an anaconda in his pants. The pretty blonde girl had felt her boyfriend before but he never felt anything like this black monster. She knew in her heart of hearts that she could take his gigantic size but it seemed like an impossible task at the moment. A blaze of fear ran through her mind. "Surely, other women have taken his giant black cock and lived to tell about it," she thought to herself. "So can I!"

Right now it didn't matter. She was his for the taking and he was gonna take her.

Reggie was the first to break the sweetest kiss that he had ever known. He hated to do it as he was enjoying it so much but he had other business to take care of tonight before it was all over.

"Ya wanna see it, don't 'cha, Honey?" he asked his captured prey.

Marilyn couldn't speak but she nodded her mounting desire.

"Unzip it and take it out for me, Honey." It wasn't a command but Marilyn's finely manicured-red fingertips flew to his loins to do his bidding. A couple of snaps later, the zipper was coming down and so was her resistance. Reggie wasn't wearing any underwear. In modern-day slang, that's known as 'Going Commando.'

The dangerous black anaconda sprang to life when it was released from its confines of his pants. In the moonlight, Marilyn could see the actual size of his big black snake. Very soon, it would be spitting its potent and poisonous venom.

Like a moth hypnotically drawn to a flame, her hand went to wrap around his big black cock but she couldn't because it was so large. Her heart skipped a beat and her breathing stopped for a second when she first realized just how big he really was. Marilyn's pretty head flew up from his swollen manhood in recognition. Her pretty blue eyes looked up in amazement into his dark ones. Reggie loved to see the astonished look on a white woman's face when they first saw the size of his gigantic black cock. "Go ahead and taste it, Honey," he whispered. "I's know dat's what ya wants."

Marilyn had never dreamed of taking a boy's manhood into her virginal mouth before. Her boyfriend, Mike, had wanted her to give him a hand-job once after she had refused to give him a blowjob but she wouldn't do either for her white boyfriend. Now here she was opening her ruby red lips and taking the tip of the massive black cock into her sweet mouth for her very first taste of big black cock!

It was not the best blow-job that Reggie had ever had but it was one of the most exciting ones that he had ever experienced before. He almost blew his wad into her invitingly warm and tender mouth as her inexperienced tongue swirled around his swollen corona. The black football star watched as the blonde hair on his lovely 'prize' bobbed her head up and down on his swollen black shaft trying desperately to please her King.

At last, he couldn't take it any longer and had to pull her off of his bloated black cock. Her mouth felt like the suctioning of one of those automatic milking machines. He thought that the pretty blonde coed could almost suck the chrome off of a bumper. His bumper. Under his expert tutorage, Marilyn would become one of the best black cocksuckers in the great State of Alabama.

"Okay, Honey," he whispered in her ear. "It's your turn now."

Marilyn's head came off of his swollen manhood. She looked both confused and dazed at the same time. A string of her saliva mixed with some of his precum was still connecting her lips to his big black cock

"Go easy with me please, Reggie," she almost begged the black boy. "This is my first time. I'm still a virgin."

Reggie grinned to himself. He loved this 'job.' It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it and it might as well be him. Not only was he going to be her first black man but he was going to be her first. Period!

Reggie could see the pleading in her eyes but he could also see her burning desire for his big nigga cock. He could almost see his own children in her big blue eyes. The black star football player kissed his prize one more time. He could even taste himself on her sweet lips.

There was more room in the back seat for him to do his dirty deed. He knew that if she got into the back seat with him, he would certainly get into her. Reggie helped Marilyn into the back seat. He quickly followed after her with his raging hardon leading the charge.

The black football star repositioned his lovely blonde prize along the length of the expansive back seat. He kept a pillow in the back seat just for this 'type' of sporting event and placed it under her pretty head so she could see what he was about to do to her.

Reggie slipped her heels off and pushed her wedding gown-like dress up her smooth, bare legs. The black football star was very glad that she wasn't wearing pantyhose as he ab-so-fucking-lutely hated pantyhose. He cursed the inventor of those damned pantyhose.

The King looked down on his well-deserved golden prize. She looked so lovely in the moonlight that he almost had second thoughts about sullying her pretty white Southern-Belle pureness but sully he would. If he could bottle this and sell it, he would surely make a fortune. Now it was his 'duty' to her to big black cock. It was her destiny. He could even imagine this pretty blonde girl as his shy, virginal bride saving herself for him one day for their wedding night. Her heavenly-white Homecoming dress looked just like a wedding gown ought to look; up around her comely thighs.

Reggie slipped her expensive, white Jimmy Choo high heels off of her dainty size four feet. He saw that the polish on her little toes matched the red on her fingernails. "God," he thought to himself. "How I love sexy red nail polish." He kissed her bare feet. He kissed the inside of her ankle before moving up her firm thighs. His strong black fingers hooked around the waistband of her tiny little white bikini panties and slowly drew them down her legs. Reggie looked up at Marilyn and saw her intently watching him. He was more than living up to her expectations.

With her damp panties now in his strong black fingers, he brought his hand up to his broad nose and deeply inhaled her sweet feminine fragrance. She smelled ready for the taking!

Reggie put his souvenir in the back pocket of his pants and quickly stripped off his shirt and tie. Marilyn saw his magnificent black muscles glistening in the moonlight like a black Adonis. His even more magnificent cock was sprouting from his muscular black loins like a giant oak tree. She closed her pretty blue eyes as the image of his proud, African cock was burned into her memory. Marilyn almost swooned from her excitement and anticipation.

The lovely blonde Homecoming Queen now had the top of her dress just under her firm tits and the hem of her dress was up around her trim waist. Reggie saw the golden belly ring protruding from her little navel. He also saw the twin, congruent triangles at her loins. When she sunbathed at the lake, the cloth of her bikini bottom made a triangle at the junction of her thighs and shielded her smooth, fair skin from being sun-tanned like the rest of her body. Her silky, golden pussyhair formed the inner triangle which pointed straight at her blood-engorged clitoris as if a flashing neon sign was needed for him to find it.

Marilyn jumped when his probing tongue first touched her throbbing clitoris. She thought she just had her first orgasm. His expert tongue darted in and around her pulsing clit before delving into her innermost being. She arched her back and thrust herself up into his exploring tongue. She offered her golden loins up to her black lover like it was being served to him on a silver platter. Her own longings for black cock were incredible.

The star black football player feasted on her tasty blonde pussy. He loved 'true' blondes and the lovely blonde beneath him was a natural. Many black men wouldn't eat pussy but he certainly loved to get a woman ready with his experienced tongue and have her craving his big black cock. He had to laugh at the 'nigger' joke about whether it was easier to eat out a nigger whore's pussy or to eat a bowling ball.

The answer was, "If you really, really had to, with a little salt and pepper, you could eat the bowling ball."

Reggie was the exception to the Blackman's rule. He loved to eat pretty white pussy all day and all night long.

Finally, he lifted from her now fully-aroused pussy. He suckled on one of her erect nipples before kissing her again on the mouth. Their lips locked like it would be their last kiss together before the warrior left to conquer the world. Reggie broke the kiss and whispered into her ear, "Put it in for me, Honey."

Marilyn obeyed and reached between her widespread thighs. She found his throbbing black cock rearing up like a wild stallion she just had to tame. The pretty blonde Queen guided her King's monstrous black cock to her quivering pussy.

The lips of her tight vagina opened like the petals of a budding flower. To Marilyn, it felt like Moses was parting the Red Sea for the Israelites fleeing from Egypt and making good their escape from the Pharaoh's persecution.

Reggie came upon her maidenhood and waited a moment or two before thrusting forward breaking her well-guarded hymen. Marilyn screamed out in anguish and tried in vain to pull away from her Negro lover. The horrific and never-experienced-before pain was in her newly-made womanly loins. The strong black football player had his arm wound tightly around her trim waist and rode her like a cowboy bronk-rider riding his wildly bucking bronco. He was determined to tame this wild creature!

Soon the intense pain subsided into a dull throb but it still felt as if her loins were on fire. Was the worst over? If it was, she could now be able to better enjoy his expert ministrations. The fresh blood from her ruptured hymen mixed with her new-found feminine juices eased the way for the black cock to fully enter the 'Gates of Heaven.'

Reggie's long black blade cut through the night like a wicked scimitar. When he was finished, her scabbard enclosed his sword-like cock like the sheath her tight vagina was meant to be. The two were custom made for each other. In this case, her black lover made the glove actually fit.

The pain eased further but now it turned into an itch. An itch that only a big black cock could scratch and Reggie was there to scratch her itch. Her itch evolved into enjoyment as her lithe legs came up around his muscular black buttocks. Marilyn was moving in rhythm now to the beating of the distant jungle drums. The pretty blonde teenager had jungle fever in the worst way for some time now but just didn't know that she had it. While the black man between her wide-open legs was not the cure for the dreaded, bitch-in heat disease that she now had, he could temporarily treat her symptoms. She would need much, much more of his big Negro cock to ever hope of being cured.

The black anaconda spit its potent black seed deep into her battered and abused womb. Why she didn't become pregnant that night was a continuing mystery to her. Reggie fucked her like the sexual animal that she was. Marilyn knew from her health classes in school how babies were made. If this was how they were made, she wanted to make many, many black babies but it just wasn't to be this time around. Maybe in the future?

They must have fucked for an hour or so as it was now getting late and well past her parent's strict curfew. She squirmed when Reggie had his big black cock buried deep inside her lubricated and well-stretched pussy. His probing finger found the tight sphincter muscle of her nether region. He had slickened his 'social' finger with her dripping juices and teased her anus. She gasped when he thrust his long, strong finger deep into her bowels and she had another powerful orgasm. Nothing had ever been stuck in her tight white ass before and the black star football player wisely decided to wait until another opportunity to teach this beautiful blonde creature the wanton pleasures of anal sex. He could wait. She was his now.

Marilyn cleaned herself as best she could and straightened her dress. She brushed her long blonde hair back into its proper place before her King took his well-fucked Queen back home for the evening. Fortunately, her parent's didn't wait up for her as they would have instantly known that their sweet, innocent little daughter had been thoroughly fucked that night and had been made into the world's newest woman. Reggie's thick cum was still dribbling out of her stretched pussy as she climbed into the protection of her own bed that night. Marilyn had to wash her own sheets for fear that her mother might find out what had happened to her that fateful night. If Marilyn had been Jewish and a virgin going into her wedding night, her mother might have proudly displayed the stain on the sheets from her broken maidenhood. Marilyn was now a woman. She was a black-cock loving woman.


It seemed that Marilyn was cheering more and more for the other black guys on the team to win, and win they did. Their high school football team went to the state championship that year but were beaten by an even better all-black school. Marilyn was there cheering on her team but the other school was so much better.

Marilyn visited Reggie 'on the other side of the tracks' on a semi-regular basis throughout the remainder of the school year without her white boyfriend, Mike, ever finding out about her big Negro-cock addiction. Her favorite black lover got a full scholarship to Arizona State University. There would be plenty of other pretty white girls at ASU and so little time to introduce them all into the pleasures of 'BBC.' No, that's not the 'British Broadcasting Corporation' in England, it's big black cock right here in the Good Ole United States of America. The North might have won the civil war a hundred fifty years ago, but the descendants of those former slaves were finally getting their just restitution in all of the prime white pussy they could handle.

Marilyn and Mike ended up attending the University of Alabama and staying much closer to home and 'Sweet Home Alabama.'


Marilyn viewed black men differently now whenever they glanced her way. It wasn't her way to intentionally flirt with them but she was a natural flirt. However, as difficult as it was for her, she stayed on the straight and narrow path without succumbing to any big 'nigga cock' as she now called it. She really wanted to mend her errant ways, marry Mike, settle down and become a teacher liked she had always dreamed she would do.

After their graduation from college, they had a very nice wedding. On their wedding night, Mike was both surprised and excited that his new wife was so experienced in the art of love and the many ways of lovemaking. Marilyn was the love of his life.

They honey-mooned in the U.S. Virgin Islands. His new bride certainly was no virgin but, then again, he really didn't care. Mike even enjoyed having the local black men eyeing his lovely blonde wife. For some strange reason, Mike's cock would even twitch almost uncontrollably whenever he spied a black man looking at his lovely blonde bride. They really did so whenever she wore a pair of those new Wicked Weasel bikinis that he had given to her as a wedding present. His new wife could certainly fill out those tiny little bikinis very nicely. Mike even took several digital photos of his wife in her 'Weasels' and submitted them to the bikini contest at www.WickedWeasel.com. Marilyn won one of the weekly contests and got several new pairs of those very sexy and skimpy bikinis and panties. The Aussies called them, 'knickers.' Go figure.


Life was good for Mike and Marilyn Smith. Mike was working hard at his accounting firm as a junior partner and Marilyn was now teaching kindergarten.

Marilyn missed the action of being a cheerleader. When the newly-organized World Football League Birmingham Knights was looking for new cheerleaders, Marilyn asked her husband if she could audition. He agreed and she did.

The pretty blonde wife liked to exercise and she kept her figure trim with dieting and regular visits to the gym. Marilyn was a natural when it came to cheerleading and the dance routines. She easily made the first cut and was asked back for a second audition.

It took three progressively harder auditions but she made the newly-formed cheerleading squad for the Birmingham Knights. They were called, 'The Hottie Birmingham Knights.' How original but it got the job done. People bought tickets to not only see the game but they also came to see the 'Hotties' as they were more affectionately known.

There were many black athletes on the team and the cheerleaders, who were all white, were expected to socialize off the field with the players. Mike didn't care for his wife's extracurricular nocturnal activities but it got him the coveted tickets on the fifty yard line. He knew that his lovely blonde wife was probably fucking some of the black football players and she did. Marilyn enjoyed her work. She would teach the little kindergarten children during the week and be a professional football team cheerleader on the weekends. She bedded a different star every week. Marilyn would even host one or two of the team's new recruits. Whenever she did, Mike would have to vacate his spot in her bed and go to the guest bed room next-door. His wife was very vocal and Mike could easily hear his beautiful blonde wife writhing beneath the black body of the newest stud football player and encouraging him on. Some times, Mike would even spy on his wife getting fucked. He would have to go back to his room and jack off while thinking about his lovely blonde wife taking a big black cock. This became a more and more common occurrence.

A couple of the times, Mike would even be told to come in and clean up his wife using only his tongue. He was always surprised how copious and thick the black man's semen was but his would eagerly lap his wife's gapping pussy like a happy little puppy getting a pat on the head.


Marilyn was very happy when she found out that her first lover, Reggie, had just signed with the Birmingham Knights. She made a special trip to meet the black star football player at the airport and escort him to his luxury suite at the downtown hotel.

Mike received a call from his wife the next day asking him to call the school and tell them that she wouldn't be in that day and needed to use one of her sick days. As it turned out, Marilyn used five 'sick' days in a row that week as she spent all week in Reggie's bed making up for lost time.

While Marilyn and Mike didn't divorce each other over her wifely indiscretions with a black man, she did move into Reggie's new mansion in the hills surrounding Birmingham. Mike would come from time to time and visit his wife.

It wasn't long before Marilyn was pregnant. She had a very healthy bouncing black baby boy nine months later. Little Reginald, Junior, as they call their young son, loved to suckled on his mother's creamy, full teats just about as much as his proud papa, Reggie.

Little Reggie was bound to go on and break in as many a little white girl's as he could.

That is how slut wives are made.

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