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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fucked me in my fat white ass by BBC

My name is Nancy Joanna Osborne and I'm a student at Boston College. I've always been different from other people. Partly it's because of my body. I'm a six-foot-two, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman who weighs three hundred and fifty pounds. I'm what they call a plumper. A fat chick. A curvy gal. Or simply a Big Beautiful Woman. I've got a plump body, huge breasts, wide hips and a gigantically fat white ass and I am damn proud of it all. I love every inch of my sexy plump body. It's what enabled me to become the Captain of the Women's Rugby team at my school. Self-acceptance is the key to self-esteem in my honest opinion. If people simply accepted themselves for who and what they are, the world would be a better place.

That being said, I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that I am addicted to sex. Lots of big women crave steamy and totally hot raunchy sex but they can't find anyone to do it with. Too many people prefer skinny women. Fortunately, I've got some very willing sex partners. Which explains what I'm doing on my dormitory floor right now. I'm on my hands and knees, my lips fastened around a twelve-inch uncircumcised black cock. The owner of that cock is Christopher Salomon, of the Boston College Men's Varsity Wrestling team. He is groaning as I suck on his long and thick black cock. I stroke his balls while sucking him off. He's clearly having the time of his life. And to be honest, I like going down on him.

As I suck on Christopher's dick, I am suddenly pitched forward. Hands as strong as steel grip my hips and hold me into place while I'm getting drilled. Those hands belong to James Stanford, a tall and sexy black man who's a member of the Boston College Men's Varsity Volleyball team. He is really into big women and made that fact clear to me when we first met. He loves big women with big butts. He loves to fuck them in the ass. His long and thick black cock is buried deep inside my asshole and I'm loving every minute of it. Are you shocked by this? What's the matter, you've never seen a fat white chick get fucked in the ass before? You need to get out more!This is tons of fun. I continue slobbering all over Christopher's cock while James fucks me in the ass. He spreads my plump wide butt cheeks as wide as they can go and shoves his cock deeper into my asshole. His cock feels both hot and hard up my ass. And to tell you the truth, I can't get enough of it. I first discovered anal sex when I was twenty years old. I was a sophomore at Boston College. Just a big and tall white chick with a plump ass whom people couldn't help but stare at. I was self-conscious about my weight in those days and lashed out at people verbally in moments of insecurity. I was a real bitch sometimes. Until I met Coach Harrison, Fawkes, the tall and handsome black man who cured me of my bitchiness by fucking me in the ass.

My sexy coach and I were fooling around and for a thrill, he bent me over and shoved his hard dick up my fat ass. Oh, man. That first penetration hurt like hell, but afterwards, it felt good. That night, I fell in love with the feeling of a cock up my ass and if loving it was wrong, then I didn't want to be right. Three years later, I've had dozens of cocks up my asshole and I can't get enough. I've had a lot of Big Black dicks. Any size black dick up your ass feels totally terrific. Preferably with plenty of penetration facilitating lubricant, of course. Yeah, I'm a big white woman who is addicted to anal sex and I cannot be cured. Those damn black men got me hooked and now I can stop myself I have let black men fuck in a elevator, which I must admit was hot but I never even got his name. Why does anal sex feels so damn great? I don't know. For me, having a black cock fill my white ass simply feels right. I think that a black man's cock's most natural environment is in a white woman's ass. For me, anal sex is one of the greatest sexual thrills in existence. I feel sorry for women of all races and body types who haven't tried anal sex. It could really liven up their sex lives and enlighten them in a deeply carnal manner. Vaginal sex is overrated. I haven't had a white peckers in my pussy in years. Anal sex is the new big thing! All women should try taking up the ass! Well, that's just my two cents. Anyhow, enough back story and back to actuality! James grips my hips even tighter, and it hurts me oh so good. I push my fat ass backwards, driving his black cock deeper inside of me. He is loving it and smacks my fat white ass, hard, while fucking me. Oh, yes. I love it when a black man smacks my fat ass while shoving his cock up my butt. It just spices up the sex and makes things more interesting, you know? As James fucks me, I continue sucking on Christopher's big black cock. Until the sexy black stud tells me that he's about to burst. I work my magic, sucking on his cock and balls until he finally does cum. A moment later, Christopher blasts my face full of his hot manly cum. That's called a facial, for those of you who still live in the prudish dark ages. I love it when a black man shoots his cum all over my face and then I can eat it off while he watches me and calls me dirty names. Some women find it offensive. What in hell do these stupid bitches know? They don't know anything.I lick Christopher's cum as it drips from my face. Meanwhile, James suddenly grunts. I smile, knowing what's coming. The sexy black stud is about to cum. A moment later, I feel a rush of something hot and liquid deep inside my asshole. James just came, blasting his hot load deep into my ass. I squeal in delight as his manly seed fills me up. I love this feeling and as I've said before, if loving it was wrong, then I didn't want to be right. My asshole gripped James cock, milking every last drop of cum out of him. Oh, yeah. I want it all!

James squeezes his cock out of me a few moments later. I look at him and Christopher. I give them some time to recover, since I've got something else in mind. The only thing better than anal sex is more of it. Another sexual activity I like is double penetration. We all get ready to give it a try. James lies down on the floor, and I climb on top of him. I lower myself until my pussy is impaled on his cock. James already had his turn with my ass, now it's Christopher's turn. James can have my pussy for the time being. Christopher kneels behind me and gets into position. I feel his strong manly hands grip my plump white butt cheeks and spread them wide open. He pries them wide open. Then, he presses his cock against my asshole and pushes it inside. I sigh pleasurably as I feel two long and thick black cocks working their way into my love holes. That's right, brothers, fill my holes!

As James thrusts his cock into my pussy and Christopher slams his dick into my asshole, I rock between them, screaming at the top of my lungs. Truth be told, folks, I am having the time of my life! I love anal sex but double penetration feels even better. I feel two super-sized black dicks crammed into my pussy and ass and to me, that's what heaven feels like. That's when I completely let go, and surrender to the extreme sensations rocking my body. And a miracle happened. I experienced a double and triple and even sometimes what seems never ending orgasms, right then and there! Oh, man, this was hot! I screamed in pleasure, loud enough to wake the dead! A moment later, both James and Christopher came, flooding my pussy and asshole with their manly cum. Now, that's what's up!

In the end, we lay on the floor, our bodies covered with sweat. We were happy as clowns. Half an hour later, Christopher and James showered and left. I kissed them both, and sent them on their way. I felt so happy I could jump. Sex is one of the best things in life. And I do have a fabulously fun and exciting sex life, as you can tell. Yeah, my life was going alright these days. I've got no complaints. Yes, the sexually satisfied white woman has no right to bitch. Anal sex has cured my bitchiness

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