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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mother and daughter sluts 4 bbc

She heard him whisper, "Suck me." Elaine was suddenly breathing very hard as she watched Derrick's long penis come closer and closer to her mouth. She had never sucked a penis before. While she had tried with John, he never seemed to be interested and in fact, said it was dirty. She didn't know if she agreed with him but she never pressed the subject. However, now Derrick wanted her to take him into her mouth.

Derrick increased the pressure until Elaine's mouth was but an inch from his swollen head. Then, he paused. He didn't want to force her because wanted her to do it on her own.

Elaine was trembling now. She had never been this close to a penis. In fact, she was close enough to smell the musk. It wasn't an unpleasant smell and she found that it made her vagina throb. She moved her head down until her lips touched the soft skin of the head, where she paused, her lips tightly closed. Then she felt a renewed pressure on the back of her head. She slowly opened her mouth and felt the large head spreading her lips. Suddenly her head began moving downward on its own now. There was a ringing in her ears that almost blocked out the sound of Derrick's moan as her lips stretched to circle the large crown of his penis. First she tasted the sweet, clear juice that was streaming from the slit. Then she tasted the saltiness of his penis. The two combined to send waves of pleasure through her like she had never experienced.

Inside the house, Sandra and Jerome were in a passionate embrace. When Sandra pulled away, her hands went to Jerome's shirt. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned each button before pushing the shirt from his shoulders. Then she slipped to her knees in front of the tall man. Without a word she opened his belt and pulled down his zipper, letting his pants fall to the floor. Now she was staring at the large bulge in his white briefs. There was a wet stain on the front where his penis had leaked his pre-cum juice. Sandra moaned and leaned forward to lick the swollen head under the wet cotton. She smiled when she heard Jerome groan in excitement. She continued to lick until the material was soaked with her saliva and his juice. When she had teased both of them enough she pulled his shorts down.

"Oh God," Jerome moaned when he glanced down and saw the pretty woman kneeling at his feet. Her eyes were open wide and staring at his hard, black penis.

Unlike her daughter, Sandra had sucked her husband off many times. In fact, when she had her affair with Jason, it was her favorite thing to do. She would literally suck him for an hour or more, until he was mad with desire. Then she would pull away and lick him again. She was pretty sure that Jerome wouldn't last that long though. But that was okay because she wanted... needed his cum. It had been several years since she had tasted the sweet juice from a man's balls.

"Suck me," Jerome hissed.

Sandra smiled as she grabbed his shaft and brought it down to her lips. She tickled the tip with her tongue before running it around the head and under the crown. With little butterfly flicks, she circled the head, touching every inch of the tender skin below the ridge.

Jerome was too excited to be teased now. He grabbed Sandra's head and pushed his hips forward, forcing his shaft into her mouth.

Sandra gagged in surprise but quickly recovered. She pushed Jerome's hips back and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She sucked the head as her hand began to pump the shaft. Within seconds she could feel Jerome begin to tense. She knew what was coming and she was almost insane with need for it.

"Ohhhhhh Gooooodddddd!!!" Jerome screamed as the head of his penis exploded inside her mouth. It felt like his balls were going to explode as well as they sent a torrent of cum flying up the shaft and into Sandra's sucking mouth.

"Mmmmmm," Sandra moaned when she felt her mouth filling with his sweet juice. She let several volleys' of cum fill her mouth before she swallowed. A convulsion shook her body and she was transported back to another time and place. Although the man was different, the taste and the feel were the same. The hot, thick juice coated her mouth before sliding down her throat. As the next shot filled her mouth, she began to climax. As pulse after pulse sent his pent up sperm into her willing mouth, pleasure exploded inside her head. Her knees trembled and she almost fell to the floor as her body was racked with waves of pleasure. Somehow she managed to hang on until Jerome's balls were empty and his penis began to shrink.

"That's it," Derrick hissed as Elaine began to move her head up and down on his shaft. He could tell that she was not experienced in oral sex but he would not have believed that she had never sucked a man before.

Elaine was lost in a world that she had never experienced. The smell, taste, and warmth of Derrick penis assaulted her senses. She forgot that she was in her mother's driveway, sucking off a man. Every sense she had was focused on the pleasure of sucking him. Nothing else mattered.

"Yes, yes, yes," Derrick gasped as his hips began to lift from the seat. As he neared his climax, he wondered if he should warn her. A low hiss came from his lips. "I'm going to cum."

Elaine didn't hear him. Yet, she sensed that he was about to cum. She could feel his penis throbbing in her hand and the head had grown larger in her mouth. Her first thought was to pull her mouth away. However, before she could, Derrick's penis blasted his cum deep into her mouth. When she suddenly tried to pull away, she felt Derrick's hands on the back of her head, encouraging her to remain where she was. With a groan of surrender she stopped struggling and allowed her mouth to fill with his seed.

As Elaine sucked Derrick's cream into her mouth, her mother was doing the same thing inside the house not fifty feet away.

Elaine held Derrick's sperm in her mouth until her cheeks bulged. For a second she though of letting it run out. But then she swallowed. She squeezed her legs together as a climax shook her very core. She swallowed once, then twice, and then a third time. Each time, her mouth filled again. It seemed to be a never ending well that was pumping juice into her mouth.

Derrick caressed Elaine's head lovingly as he felt his penis begin to shrink inside her mouth. He knew that she had swallowed everything. He couldn't remember a woman ever being able to do that.

As the excitement of the moment began to fade, the reality of what she had done began to set in for Elaine. She had lost control and sucked off a man in a car, in her mother's driveway... where the neighbors could have seen her. Neighbors that she knew. Not to mention the fact that she was a married woman.

She quickly pulled away from Derrick, wiping the back of her hand nervously across her still wet mouth. Her face showed anger as she sat up in the seat. "I have to get home. The babysitter expects me to be home by one," she said, her voice trembling with emotion.

"Elaine... uh... listen I... uh," Derrick stuttered. He had no idea what he was going to say. He wasn't drunk so he had no excuse

"I have to get home," Elaine said again with anger in her voice. She wasn't mad at Derrick... she was mad at herself because she had lost control again.

Derrick tried to kiss her but she turned away. He got out to open her door and then walked her to her car. Without a word she backed out of the driveway and was gone.

Chapter 7

Back inside the house, Sandra was in heaven. She was sitting on Jerome's naked lap on the sofa with her arms wrapped around his neck. She still had her clothes on. "So do you like my blouse?" she asked.

"Are you kidding? You tits were driving me crazy all night," Jerome answered. He reached up and began to unbutton the blouse. "Now I want to see them in the flesh," he laughed. When he had the blouse opened, he pushed it aside and bared her large tits. "Gorgeous," he gasped as he lifted one large orb to his lips.

"Mmmmm," Sandra moaned as she held his head to her now heaving chest. She let him suck one nipple before pulling it away and letting him have the other. At the same time she felt his hand slipping between her legs. She spread them as far as her skirt would allow.

Jerome's fingers found her swollen sex and one slipped inside.

"Oh God baby, let's go to my bedroom." With that Sandra got up and grabbed Jerome's hand to lead him down the hall. As soon as they were in her bedroom, she pushed him onto the bed until he was lying on his back. His penis had grown again and was standing tall. Sandra quickly stripped off her blouse and skirt. She stood at the side of the bed for a moment, enjoying the site of her soon to be lover as he laid naked on her bed... a bed she had only once shared with anyone else... and it was another black man. Her eyes roamed down his strong chest to his trim waist and the bulging stomach muscles. When they reached his penis a chill went through her. It wasn't incredibly long but it was thick, with veins that were bulging and pulsing from the hot blood pumping through them. His clear pre-cum juice trickled down the dark shaft in a steady stream, making the chocolate skin sparkle. His large balls squirmed in their sacks as if the sperm was ready to boil.

Sandra was trembling as she climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist. "God, I can't wait to get this cock in me," she gasped.

"Put it in," Jerome whispered excitedly.

Sandra reached between her legs and found his wide shaft. She centered the head on her more than ready hole. Then she slowly moved her hips in a circle, teasing the tip of his penis. She pushed down a little, letting the head barely have access to her warm insides. Then she pulled back, smiling at Jerome's moan of frustration.

"You're driving me crazy," Jerome hissed as he reached for Sandra's hips and tried to pull her down.

Sandra resisted, lifting up until she was on her feet and squatting over his shaft. When she was positioned over his penis, she allowed the head to enter her slightly before she quickly pulled away again. She kept that up until she too couldn't take anymore. This time when she let the head enter, she moved down, taking a couple of inches of the shaft into her. Her juice began to run down the shaft and across Jerome's balls. She took a deep breath and held it. Then she forced all of her weight down, taking the entire shaft into her body. "Ahhhhheeeeee!!!" she screamed as the fat shaft spread the walls of her warm hole until the head banged into her cervix. She gasped and trembled and tried to catch her breath. Every inch of his penis was inside her, stretching her hole like she hadn't felt in years.

Jerome was crazed with desire now. He was not to be denied and lifted her hips with his hands before bringing her down again. This time they both groaned in pleasure as her tight vagina caressed his shaft like a warm glove.

"Oh God, fuckkkk meeeee!!!" Sandra screamed. She lifted up and dropped down again, her ass cheeks slapping loudly on Jerome's strong thighs. Up and down and up and down she moved until the room was filled with the sloppy sounds of their overheated sex organs.

The room now echoed with the moans and cries of the two lovers as they worked each other into a sweat.

Sandra began to climax almost immediately. It had been building since she had first taken the swollen head into her vagina. It started deep inside her and rushed up her body to explode like skyrockets. Her hips moved up and down in a blur as her body convulsed in pleasure. Her mouth was open as if to scream but only grunts of pleasure came out.

Jerome smiled as he watched Sandra use him. His large hands held onto her ass cheeks, helping her move up and down. He knew that he could go on for a long time since he had climaxed so recently. When he felt Sandra begin to climax for a second time, he doubled his efforts, pushing his hips upward with each of her down thrusts. Then, when he felt her trembling begin to slow, he flipped her over. Suddenly he was on top of her and his hips were pile-driving into her, his muscular ass moving up and down rapidly.

Sandra was delirious. She wrapped her legs around Jerome and held on for dear life. Her body was like a rag doll as Jerome's superior strength consumed her. The bedsprings groaned under the frantic movement and threatened to give out. The headboard slammed into the wall with each thrust of Jerome's hips. When Sandra thought she could climax no more, another one began. She dug her fingernails into Jerome's ass cheeks, urging him to fuck her harder. "Ahhhhhhheeeee," she screamed, the sound of her voice barely audible over the slapping sounds of her lovers balls, the squeaking of the bed springs, and his thighs hitting her ass. "Oh God, I'm going to cummmmmmm!!!" Jerome gasped. He pushed as deeply as he could go and froze as his balls pulled tight to his body. A second later he was filling her with his thick juice. It poured into her like a garden hose, filling the already stretched hole to the maximum. When there was no room left, it began to squirt from the sides, running down Sandra's ass to the sheets below.

When Sandra felt the first blast, her reaction was to wrap her arms and legs even tighter around him, holding him to her body as her convulsions intensified.

Finally, when Jerome had emptied everything he had inside Sandra and she had stopped trembling, he rolled off of her and fell exhausted to the bed in a sweat-soaked heap.

Sandra laid spread eagle on the bed, her arms and legs spread wide as her lungs gasped for breath.

They were both too exhausted to hold one another.

Chapter 8

The following morning, Sunday, Elaine had just finished feeding the boys' breakfast when she heard her mother come into the house.

"Hi Elaine," Sandra said as she hurried over to the boys. "How are my boys?" she gushed.

Elaine didn't answer her mother's greeting and walked over to place dishes in the sink. She began to clean them when the telephone rang.

"Hello," she answered.

It was John.

After listening for a minute, Elaine's face turned solemn. "Really? It can't be that important. You're been gone for almost three weeks already!"

Sandra turned from the boys and looked at her daughter. She knew that John was telling her that he wasn't coming home this week as planned.

Elaine slammed the phone down making the boys look up.

Sandra didn't say anything as she looked at her daughter with sympathy.

"He's going to be away for at least another week, maybe two," Elaine said with venom in her voice.

Sandra sighed and said, "I'm sorry sweetie."

Elaine turned away and looked out the window as tears began to fall.

Sandra gave the boys a box of animal crackers she had brought with her and walked over to her daughter. She stepped behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist for a hug.

Elaine began to sob.

"Why don't we skip church today and go to the park with the boys?" Sandra whispered.

Elaine turned around, wiping her eyes. She looked at her two boys, now stuffing animal crackers in their mouths, and smiled. Then she looked at her mother's concerned face and said, "You're always here when I need you Mom." She hugged her mother.

"That's what moms are for," she whispered. Adding, "Let's not let the boys see that you're upset."

It was a glorious Sunday and there were a lot of people in the park enjoying an unusually warm October day. Elaine and her mother took the boys to the play area and put them in the swings. As they stood beside each other, pushing the swings, Elaine looked at her mother and said, "So how was last night with Jerome?"

Immediately Sandra got a dreamy look on her face and said, "Unbelievable. I didn't know one man could have that much cum in him."

"Motherrrr!" Elaine said in mock exasperation. Then she added, "So he's a good F-U-C-K," spelling the word so the kids wouldn't understand.

"Better than good. Besides, he has a great personality and he makes me laugh. That's a bonus."

Elaine smiled at her mother and felt jealous. She pulled Jimmy and Todd out of the swings and directed them to a large sandbox. The two squealing toddlers ran toward the sandbox and jumped in. Elaine and her mother sat on a bench nearby.

"So you two just made love all night?"

"I don't know if you would call it making love," she laughed. "It was more like two animals mating."

Elaine shook her head at her mother.

"We did it again this morning. Haven't you noticed me walking funny," she added with another laugh.

Elaine hadn't seen her mother this happy in years. Her jealousy dissolved into happiness for her. "I'm so happy for you Mom."

Sandra said, "Well, let's not jump the gun here. One F-U-C-K does not make a relationship."

"Well, it's a start."

"God, he had me so worked up in the car that I practically raped him as soon as we got into the house. I doubt you were out of the driveway before I was sucking him."

Elaine got a strange look on her face that her mother noticed right away. "What's wrong?"

"Uh... nothing," she answered and blushed.

Calling on her motherly instinct Sandra said, "So what did the two of you do after we went inside?"

Elaine was silent for a minute. Then she said in a whisper, "The same thing you two were doing."

Sandra got a surprised look on her face. She was pretty sure that they hadn't had intercourse so she guessed that it was something else. "You sucked him off in the car in my driveway?" Sandra said.

"Yes," Elaine answered quietly.

Sandra burst out laughing. "I guess we are more alike then I thought."

Elaine had to smile in spite of her embarrassment. Then she blurted, "You saw, his... his... C-O-C-K, she said, again spelling the word. "It is so big that I could barely get it into my mouth."

Sandra opened her eyes at her daughter's words and looked shocked again. But then she smiled and said, "I did see it. In fact, he's bigger than Jason or Jerome. Jason was larger than average but no where near as big as Derrick."

"I wonder if black men do have larger penises then white men?" Elaine asked.

"I don't know. I read that the average man, black and white, is a little less than six inches. Jason and Jerome were both larger than that," Sandra said. Then she added, "But your father had a big one too."

"Motherrrrr, T.M.I."

Sandra laughed. "What's T.M.I?"

"Too much information," Elaine returned with a laugh.

"Well, you're the one that asked the question."

"But not about DAD."

At that moment, two other mothers showed up with their children.

Elaine fell silent as she stared off in the distance. After a few moments she sighed and turned back to her mother. She lowered her voice and said, "I guess I don't feel as guilty as I should about what I did with Derrick... especially after John's call this morning."

"I can understand why."

"Until recently I never thought that I would ever even think of having sex with another man. But now, I don't know."

"Sucking him off wasn't sex?" Sandra whispered.

"You know what I mean."

"I'm only kidding. I do know what you mean and it would serve John right if you did. He deserves anything he gets," she said, letting her dislike for John show through. "My guess is that John has never been much of a lover."

"You're right. I guess I never knew what I was missing. But I think I do now," Elaine said and held her hands open to show how long Derrick was.

Sandra smiled at her daughter. "He wasn't that big."


"God, all this talk is getting me worked up again. I'm not sure that I can wait for our Saturday night dinner."

"Jerome is coming over to dinner Saturday?" Elaine said with interest.

"Yes. Any interest in inviting Derrick over too?"

Elaine felt a tremor of excitement rush through her. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not? We can chaperone you two this time."

"Yeah, right, just like I chaperoned you two."

"Come on, it'll be fun. Remember, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to."

"The problem is that I want to."

Sandra smiled at her daughter and grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

Chapter 9

"I don't look too casual do I?" Elaine said to her mother as she helped her set the table. She felt underdressed compared to her mother. She was wearing a short denim skirt, denim jacket, and a white blouse underneath. On her feet she had on a pair of high-heeled sandals. Her shapely legs were smooth and still tanned... thanks to an occasional visit to the tanning salon.

"Absolutely not! You look cute," Sandra said. She was wearing a sexy black dress that hugged her hips and came down to the middle of her thighs. It was low cut and revealed the swells of her large breasts. She had on a pair of black pumps.

"Well, I wasn't going for cute," she said and opened the jacket.

Sandra's eyes grew wide when she realized that she could see through her daughter's blouse. The blouse was like the one she had worn on their previous date, only this one didn't have pockets to cover her nipples. She could see the outline of her round breasts and her pink nipples, which were already hard. "You may want to keep that closed during dinner," Sandra laughed. "Otherwise, you might get raped on the table."

"I forgot to put on panties again," Elaine added with a naughty smile.

"So did I," her mother said. "God, I can't believe how much alike we are. So, are you going all the way tonight?" Sandra asked in a casual tone as she began to put silverware on the table.

Elaine looked at her mother and shook her head. "I don't think I'm ready."

"Why not? Are you afraid that he's too big?" she asked.

"Well, that's not the problem, but it does concern me," she answered seriously. "He's twice as long as John and at least twice as big around," Elaine answered.

"Elaine, you've had two kids who each weighted 7 or 8 pounds. He's not 'that' big," Sandra laughed.

"It's not the same and you know it mother."

"You're right," she admitted, touching her daughter's hand and smiling in understanding. "Well, if you change your mind, the spare bedroom has fresh sheets on the bed."

"Mother!" Elaine said and put her hands on her hips. "I think you're trying to corrupt your daughter."

They both laughed.

The doorbell interrupted their conversation.

Elaine went to the door to find Derrick and Jerome waiting. She smiled and invited them inside, her heart suddenly beating more rapidly. Derrick was wearing a white turtleneck shirt with a sports coat. Jerome had on a blue oxford shirt and a sports coat.

Derrick stopped as he went by to give Elaine a quick kiss on the lips. She didn't resist. She led the two men into the living room and told them she would get them a glass of wine. In the kitchen she poured four glasses of wine and gave her mother two. The two women smiled conspiratorially at one another before heading for the living room.

"Hi Jerome... Derrick," Sandra said as she handed a glass of wine to Jerome and sat next to him.

Elaine gave Derrick his glass and sat on a chair across from him, crossing her legs. When she looked at him, she saw his eyes move down to her legs. Her short denim skirt had pulled far up her leg, exposing much of her smooth thigh. If she had panties on, he might have been able to see just a hint. A chill of excitement went through her as she uncrossed her legs casually and then re-crossed them. She saw that Derrick's eyes never left her legs and she squirmed in her chair.

On the sofa, Jerome and her mother were talking quietly. At one point she saw her mother lean forward and place her hand on his thigh, laughing at something he had said. She left it there when she sat back.

Suddenly, Sandra stood up. "I almost forgot the roast. Dinner will be ready in five minutes," she said as she hurried into the kitchen.

True to her word, Sandra called everyone into the dinning room a few minutes later. The table was set with her finest china and silverware. In the center was a large roast with potatoes and carrots. There was also corn, fresh green beans, and home baked rolls.

"Wow," Jerome said. "You cook like this all the time?"

"Oh yes," Sandra said with a smile.

"Yeah, right," Elaine said and they all laughed.

The boys were obviously hungry. It took sometime before their appetites were satisfied. When they were, most of the food was gone from the table. Jerome and Derrick helped clean the table and carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen. Then Sandra shooed them out, telling them to go down to the clubroom where there was a pool table. She told them that there was cold beer in the refrigerator downstairs and to help themselves. Then she said that she and Elaine would finish the dishes and join them.

Both men kissed the ladies and left the kitchen.

"Are you as excited as I am?" Sandra asked Elaine when they were alone in the kitchen.

"I think so. If I was wearing panties, they would be soaked," Elaine said with a smile.

When all the dishes were in the washer and the kitchen cleaned, the two women headed downstairs. They found Derrick and Jerome playing pool with a college football game on the large screen TV.

"It doesn't get any better than this," Jerome said. "Football, beer and two gorgeous ladies."

"In that order," Sandra pouted.

Jerome looked embarrassed. "Uh... reverse that order," he said. He opened his arms to her and she turned her face up for his kiss. A moan escaped his lips when she opened her mouth to his searching tongue.

Elaine and Derrick stood watching the two kiss. It was a very uncomfortable moment.

Finally, Sandra pushed Jerome away when she began to get excited. She was breathing harder and her face was flushed. "So, it's Jerome and I against Derrick and Elaine in a winner takes all pool game."

"What's the prize?" Jerome asked.

"You'll have to wait and see," Sandra answered with a lustful smile.

When they began to play, Sandra acted as if she didn't really know how to shoot pool. Actually she was very good. However, she liked the way Jerome put his arms around her and leaned over her back to show her how to make a shot.

As the game progressed, and they waited their next shot, Sandra pushed Jerome onto a chair and sat on his lap. She kissed him passionately again and squirmed on his lap. It only took a second for her to feel his excitement.

The wine and beer eventually began to relax everyone. Soon, Elaine was leaning against Derrick with her arm around his waist as they watched Sandra lean over the table with her breasts almost falling out of her top.

"It's getting warm in here," Elaine said. Her heart was beating rapidly as she pulled off her denim jacket. Suddenly the two boys grew very quiet. Elaine could feel their eyes on her breasts. Her nipples were already hard.

Derrick smiled and pulled Elaine close to him again. He leaned to her ear and whispered, "You're driving me crazy."

She turned to him and went up on her toes to whisper into his ear. "When they're gone, I'm going to suck your cock." With that she pulled away and leaned over the table to take her shot.

Derrick stood with his mouth open, wondering if he had heard her correctly. He could feel his pants tighten as his penis began to harden. It didn't help that Elaine was leaning over the table so far that her skirt almost pulled up to her ass cheeks. He could see something glistening on the inside of her thighs. When she returned to him, he pulled her into his arms and brought his lips to her. He was excited to find that she didn't resist. Within a second, she had opened her mouth to his insistent tongue.

Elaine felt her sex lips throb and more juice begin to dribble down her legs. Suddenly she could feel the bulge from Derrick's large penis against her stomach. When she pulled away, she turned to see her mother on Jerome's lap again and they were kissing passionately. Her eyes opened wide when she saw that his hand was under her skirt and moving back and forth. Her mother moaned and spread her legs wider.

Finally when Sandra realized that she was making a spectacle of herself, she pulled away from Jerome and stood up. She took his hand and pulled him toward the stairs, turning to her daughter to say, "I hate to be rude but Jerome and I have some business to discuss upstairs."

Jerome smiled at Derrick and winked as he let Sandra lead him up the stairs.

The clubroom suddenly got very quiet as Elaine and Derrick stood nervously, looking at each other. Elaine picked up her pool cue and took a shot. She missed.

Derrick took several shots before he missed. However, neither his nor Elaine's mind was on pool.

When Derrick won the game he sat down. Elaine pulled the rack from under the table and began to organize the balls. As she leaned over the table, she felt her short skirt pull up. As she pushed the balls to the dot in the center, she leaned further over. She heard a gasp from behind her.

Derrick eyes were opened wide as he stared at Elaine's exposed pussy. It was swollen and very wet. When he couldn't take any more, he stood up and moved over to her. Then he leaned over her, his hands around her waist and whispered, "You are driving me nuts. Did I hear you correctly a few minutes ago?" With that, his hands came up to cup her thinly covered breasts.

Elaine sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. She knew what he was referring too but now regretted saying it. She swallowed and stood up, with Derrick's hands still on her breasts. She reached up and pulled his hands away. "Uh... uh... just a minute, I have to use the ladies room." She wasn't lying; juice was running down her thighs. However, she needed time to think too.

"Hurry back," Derrick said.

Elaine quickly ascended the stairs and walked down the hall. The bathroom was at the end of the hall, past her mother's bedroom. As she drew close to the bedroom, she could already hear the groans of pleasure. Her intention was to slip quickly past the room and clean up. However, as she passed the bedroom door, she paused. The door was opened, just a crack. In spite of her mind telling her to move on, she looked inside. Suddenly, her hand went over her mouth to cover a gasp. From her position, she could see the dresser mirror. From there, she had a perfect reflection of the bed. What she saw almost made her knees buckle. Her mother was sitting on Jerome with his wide black shaft deep inside her. Her sex lips were stretched incredibly wide. Each time she lifted up, his shiny shaft, wet with her mother's juices, slipped almost all the way out. With a moan she would push down, taking it deep again. Elaine could see that he was very, very thick. However, it didn't appear that her mother had any problem taking it inside her.

"Oh God, oh God!" Sandra gasped as she bounced up and down rapidly. Her head was thrown back in pleasure.

In fear of being caught, Elaine found enough strength to carry herself into the bathroom. She closed the door and sat on the toilet, her body trembling. She didn't think she had ever been this excited and knew that she had to get control of herself or she would do something very bad. After several minutes she stood up. She used a towel to wipe up the juice that had run down her thighs and suddenly wished that she had worn panties. With a deep breath, she left the bathroom and hurried past the bedroom again. Her mother and Jerome were still going at it.

"I thought you'd left me," Derrick said with a smile as Elaine came back downstairs.

"Sorry," Elaine whispered. She picked up her pool cue.

Derrick walked over to her and took it from her hand. "Let's not play anymore," he said. With that he placed his hands around her waist and lifted like she was the weight of a feather and sat her on the pool table. He stood close, his hips between her legs.

Elaine's heart was racing and she refused to look up at him.

With his hand under her chin, Derrick lifted her face. He pressed his lips to hers. They both moaned.

As their tongues dueled, Derrick began to unbutton Elaine's blouse. When it was opened, he pulled back and looked down. "God, your breasts are gorgeous," he whispered as he took them into his hands.

Elaine looked down like it wasn't her body. The site of his large black hands on her soft white flesh amazed her. She watched his thumbs rub her hard nipples and a rush of excitement went through her body. "Derrick," she protested weakly as he pushed her onto the table until she was on her back.

Quickly, before she could protest, his mouth found one nipple.

"Oh God," Elaine moaned. In spite of her reluctance, her hand found the back of his head and she directed him from one heaving breast to the other. When both breasts were wet with his saliva, she felt him begin to kiss down her stomach. When he got to her skirt, he lifted her thighs and pushed her skirt upward. "Derrick," she gasped.

"Lift up," he ordered.

Consumed with excitement, Elaine lifted her hips and allowed him to push her skirt to her waist. When he bent his head to kiss her stomach she stopped him. "What are you doing?" she hissed.

"I'm going to eat you."

"Oh God no," she groaned. She had never been eaten before. John wouldn't let her suck him so he wasn't about to lick her between the legs.

Derrick looked down at her throbbing vagina. A little moan escaped his lips when he saw juice dripping from her swollen sex. There was a soft down of hair at the top and covering her outer lips. With an animal like groan Derrick dropped his head and brought his lips to her sex.

"Ahhhhhhheeeeee!!!" Elaine screamed, loud enough for the entire house to hear. Her legs flew up and locked around Derrick's neck. Her hands reached for his broad shoulders and her fingernails dug into his skin.

Derrick was smothered in her wet flesh. He would have smiled but his lips and nose were covered. He held her legs back and pressed his tongue deep into her bubbling hole.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh!!!" Elaine groaned and threw her head from side to side. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. His tongue was like a snake wiggling and squirming inside her. Then it would slide in and out. She couldn't keep her hips still as she squeezed her legs tightly around his neck.

Derrick worked on her with his tongue, searching for every nook he could reach inside her sweet hole. He loved to eat pussy and Elaine's was the sweetest he had ever had. She was producing a fountain of juice and it poured out of her and across his chin, dripping to the table below.

Elaine was delirious. Her head was spinning so much that she feared that she would pass out. Just when she felt like she couldn't take anymore, Derrick's tongue found her swollen clit. "Oh Goddddddd!!!" she screamed as an incredible climax consumed her. Her body was seized by a convulsion and every muscle reacted. Waves of pleasure rocketed through her until she could take no more.

When Derrick felt her body go limp, he pulled his dripping mouth from between her legs. He saw that her eyes were closed but her chest was still heaving up and down. He bent his head and gently kissed her still pulsing sex.

It took a few minutes for Elaine to come around. When her eyes opened, she saw the light above the pool table and felt the hard slate under her back. She was disoriented for a second. Then it all came back to her in a warm wave of contentment. She had never had a climax like that. It had consumed every fiber of her body as well as her mind. When a satisfied sigh escaped her lips, she saw Derrick look up at her.

With a gentle push, she moved him back until she could sit up and then pulled his wet mouth to hers for a tender kiss. When she pulled away she whispered, "God, that was incredible. I never knew that I could climax like that."

Derrick smiled at her but didn't say anything.

Elaine got off the table and stood in front of the tall black man. Now that she had climaxed, she had regained some control. She looked down and saw the throbbing tent in his pants. Her hand went to his trousers to grasp his penis and she heard him moan. "I owe you a blow job, I think." She took his hand and led him over to the sofa. Before she allowed him to sit down, she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His shorts were bulging with his erection and there was a large wet spot from his juices. With trembling hands, she reached up and pulled the elastic of his shorts out and slipped them down his legs. Suddenly she was staring at his giant penis. In the artificial light of the clubroom, his penis looked larger than it had in the park when she had masturbated him or in the car last week. The head was swollen to an incredible size and the shaft was pulsing. The two large balls below were squirming in their sacks. With a little moan, Elaine wrapped her hand around the shaft. Her fingers could not touch. Slowly she pulled the dripping head down until it was close to her mouth. When she looked up she saw Derrick staring down at her. Her eyes locked on his as her mouth opened to take the large head inside. Her lips stretched until the corners of her mouth hurt. She began to suck.

Derrick held Elaine's head as he gently sat down, keeping her mouth on him. When he was seated, he continued to hold Elaine's head, caressing her hair.

Although Elaine was not experienced in oral sex, she had a pretty good idea what a man liked. She knew that the head of the penis was most sensitive and Derrick confirmed that with his moans of pleasure when she touched it with her rasping tongue. She held the shaft with one hand and used her tongue to tease the head, circling around the tip until she found the slit. She tickled the opening, smearing the steady stream of juice across the hot surface. Then she began to suck. She placed her other hand on the shaft and began to move both up and down.

"Oh God," Derrick moaned. He wanted it to last, but all the teasing was bringing him to his peak quickly. He began to move Elaine's head up and down in time with her sucking mouth and stroking hands. Soon his hips were lifting from the sofa.

Elaine knew that he was close. But this time, she knew what to expect and she was ready. She began to pump the shaft furiously, moaning deep in her throat. She wanted it... she wanted to taste his cum again.

"Oh baby, I'm going to cummmmmmm!!!" Derrick gasped as he pulled her head down, almost choking her.

Suddenly a blast of hot juice hit the back of Elaine's throat. Although she had been prepared for it, the force still surprised her. The thick cream filled her mouth quickly. She swallowed just in time for the second blast and then a third. It came so fast that she worried that she would not be able to swallow fast enough. Fortunately after the first several shots, the stream of cum slowed. Now she allowed several blasts into her mouth before she swallowed. When his balls were almost empty and the flow dwindled to a trickle, she began to squeeze the shaft, trying to get more. She kept at it until his penis was totally soft in her mouth and there was no cum left. When she felt Derrick pushing on her head, she pulled back and looked up with a dazed expression. She had lost herself in his climax. It took her a second to realize that she was on her knees between his legs with his penis still in her hand. Her face turned red.

Derrick pulled her up until she was beside him. "That was the best I've ever had," he whispered before kissing her passionately.

Elaine felt her passion returning and pushed away. "I guess I had better get home... the baby sitter," she said with reluctance.

They went upstairs, holding hands. As they walked to the door, they could still hear the cries of pleasure coming form Sandra's room.

"They'll be doing that all night I guess," Elaine said with a smile.

"I'm envious," Derrick responded.

Elaine sighed and moved close to Derrick. She looked up at him and whispered, "Next time."

A broad smile came to his face and he kissed her.

Chapter 10

It was a rainy and chilly Sunday morning as Sandra rushed from her car to Elaine's porch. She closed the wet umbrella and sat it aside before opening the door. The boys and Elaine was already dressed and ready for church when she walked in.

"A little late I see," Elaine said to her mother as she stood in the foyer with water dripping from her raincoat.

"I got a late start," she answered. She went down on one knee as the boys ran to her.

Elaine laughed. "I bet I know why." She thought she actually saw her mother blush. "Let's get going or we're going to be late for church."

They placed the boys in the car seats of the mini-van and drove off for church. The rain was coming down in buckets and the wind had picked up. It was a miserable day. However, the weather had no effect on the smiling faces of the two women.

"So, did you have a good time last night?" Sandra asked her daughter.

"Wonderful," Elaine said. "The food was great."

"Come on Elaine... did you or didn't you?" her mother asked anxiously.

"That's very personal mother," Elaine teased.

"Alright, don't tell me," she pouted.

She could tell that her mother wasn't in the mood for games and said, "The answer is no."

"Really?" Sandra said in surprise. "You have that glow of a woman who has been well satisfied. I should know... I saw it in the mirror this morning," she laughed.

"I am satisfied. But we didn't go all the way."

Sandra shook her head. "I have to admire your fortitude."

"Well, it wasn't easy. But the truth is that I didn't want our first time to be on the pool table."

Sandra laughed loudly. "I can understand that. However, I told you there were fresh sheets on the bed upstairs."

"I know. It was very tempting but I want the first time to be special... and, in my own bed."

Sandra looked at her with understanding. "A little revenge huh?"

"Something like that," Elaine answered. "Uh... mother, what does your schedule look like next Saturday?"

"Busy I'm sure, why?"

"Well, I was wondering if you would watch the boys?"

Sandra smiled. "Well, I have Jerome coming over, but I'm sure he won't mind... especially if it's a favor for his friend Derrick."

"Thanks Mom." She reached over and squeezed her mother's hand. "Can you go shopping with me sometime this week? I want to pick up something sexy."

"Absolutely! In fact, I need a few things myself."

The workweek seemed like it would never end for Elaine. The only consolation was that she had a lot of contact with Derrick, but it was all she could do to keep her hands off of him. Several times she debated going into his office and locking the door. However, her logic won. She settled for passionate kisses and a few exciting touches in the stairwell after returning from lunch.

Derrick obviously wanted to do more. Elaine convinced him to wait until Saturday night. She promised that he wouldn't be disappointed.

Elaine's hands were trembling as she smoothed out her thigh high nylons. She didn't think she had ever been so nervous... not even on her wedding night. She had consumed a half bottle of wine, but she could still feel butterflies in her stomach. Her mother had picked up the boys at 4 O'clock, giving her time to take a long bubble bath to relax. Derrick was due over at six.

She had prepared a light meal for them and had the dinning room table set, including lit candles. The only thing left to do was put on her dress and high-heels. Her mother had helped her pick out a skintight Victoria Secrets dress. It was made of a pink, lacy stretch material that hugged her body so tight that every curve or dimple could be seen. The material was almost transparent. Underneath, she was naked but for the nylons and a pair of silk thong panties. She wouldn't have worn panties but she didn't want to have to worry about her juice running down her thighs. She was already wet.

While Elaine now had no doubts about what she was about to do, she realized that it was going to be a turning point in her life. She had never considered having an affair, and she probably wouldn't have if she had married a loving man. She longed for a relationship like her mother had had with her father but she had finally concluded that it was never going to happen for her in her current situation. Her mother had been right all along. John was not the right man for her.

As she slid the dress over her head and looked into the mirror, she wondered if she was doing this partially for revenge to pay John back for ignoring her. However, the excitement that she felt at that moment told her that it was much more than that. She had come to care for Derrick very much. And she thought he felt the same way. She could see a look in his eyes that was more than lust. She saw that same look in her own eyes right now.

Elaine wiggled her hips, pushing the tight dress down until it stopped high on her thighs. She almost gasped. The light from behind her highlighted her body under the thin dress. Her breasts were outlined in the soft lace and her nipples were poking through. The dress clung so tightly to her body that she could see her navel and the soft swell of her stomach. She turned and looked at the rear view. She could see her round cheeks and the dark divide between. In fact, the dress was so tight that she could even see the little dimple that she had on one cheek. A chill of excitement rushed through her. She was glad she had panties on.

The doorbell startled Elaine. She brushed her hair back and took one last look at her makeup before she hurried to the front door. When she opened it, she saw Derrick standing there with a bouquet of roses. Her heart fluttered as she stared at the handsome man. He was wearing slacks, a polo shirt and sports jacket.

Derrick was staring as well. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide as he stood frozen on the porch.

"For me," Elaine said as she reached for the roses.

"Uh... uh... yes," he stuttered. "God, you look incredible."

"Thank you," Elaine said and leaned forward to kiss him. Then she realized that the neighbors might see them so she pulled him inside. She kissed him again, this time more passionately. When she finally pulled away, they were both breathing hard. "Come on in. I have some wine chilling." Then Elaine turned and led Derrick into the house. She could feel his eyes on her rear and knew that he could almost see her bare cheeks under the thin material. The high heels forced her to sway her hips provocatively.

Derrick followed her to the dinning room.

As Elaine placed the roses on the table and poured him a glass of wine, he stepped close to her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Then he bent his head and kissed the soft skin of her neck.

Elaine felt chills run up and down her spine. When she felt his groin press to her ass, she moaned and pushed back. There would be no teasing tonight. She wanted him more than anything she had ever wanted. When she turned in his arms, his lips found hers.

Finally, Derrick pulled away and looked at her with lust in his eyes. Then he looked at the food on the table and whispered, "I can't eat now."

"Neither can I," she responded.

Derrick took the wineglass from her hand and sat it on the table. Then he lifted her in his arms. "Where's the bedroom?"

"Oh God... upstairs on the right," she gasped.

Derrick lifted her into his arms like she was a feather and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. He used his foot to push the door open and then carried her inside, like a bride over the threshold. The bedroom was dark but for fragrant candles. The bed wasfreshly made and turned down. He sat Elaine down on her feet and kissed her again, his hands finding her nearly naked cheeks.

Elaine moaned and pressed her chest to him, opening her mouth for his insistent tongue. She sucked his tongue and began to grind her hips against his. She could feel his large penis pushing back. Another moan escaped her when she felt him bunching up the back of her dress until his bare hands could feel her soft ass cheeks.

Derrick inched the dress upward, uncovering her hips and then her breasts. He tossed the dress on the floor. Then he pushed her back onto the bed and stepped back. He quickly pulled off his jacket and then pulled his shirt over his head. He paused as he stared down at her. His eyes caressed her body from top to bottom.

Elaine's eyes were doing the same thing. She could see his chest muscles move up and down with his rapid breathing. His stomach was hard and the muscles well defined. As she watched, he unbuckled his pants and let them drop. His shorts and shoes quickly followed until he was standing naked in front of her. He looked like a Greek God. His large penis pointed toward the sky and throbbed in anticipation. A bubble of clear juice appeared on the head before forming a long string that hung from the tip. Elaine quickly sat up and grabbed his shaft. Her mouth covered the head as she caught the sweet cream before it could drip to the floor. A moan escaped her lips.

Derrick was too excited to let her suck him for very long. He pushed her back and lifted her legs, pulling her tiny panties off. Before he tossed them aside, he brought them to his nose. A look of pleasure crossed his face as he smelled her sweetness. Then he hung them on his penis with a wry smile. Slowly he knelt and lifted her legs.

A gasp escaped Elaine's lips when his lips touched her warm thigh.

He kissed down to her sex but didn't touch her. Instead he moved to the other thigh, kissing all the way to her knee before moving back down. He did this several times, driving her mad with desire. Finally, when he felt Elaine grab his head, he let her pull it to her center.

With a cry of pleasure, Elaine lifted her hips to his sucking mouth. She felt him sucking her lips into his mouth and then gently chewing on them. Her legs locked around his neck as she gasped for breath as she raced toward a climax. However, before that could happen, he pulled away.

Derrick had Elaine sit up. Then he pushed her to the middle of the bed where he leaned over her and kissed her hard, his tongue going deep into her willing mouth. Slowly he kissed down her neck until he reached her heaving breasts. He began sucking on one nipple as his fingers tweaked the other. His hand slid down her body and found her legs open. There he gently played with her lips, rubbing the tips of his finger across the swollen and wet surface.

Finally, when Elaine couldn't take anymore she gasped, "Please."

"Please what?" Derrick asked.

"Please... please FUCK ME!" she almost screamed.

With a smile Derrick crawled between her legs and knelt.

A though suddenly occurred to Elaine. "Wait," she gasped. "I'm... I'm not on anything. Do you have a condom?"

Derrick was surprised by her request. He hadn't thought about it and didn't carry condoms. He shook his head no.

Thinking quickly, Elaine leaned over and opened the nightstand drawer. She searched around and found a condom pack and pulled it out with a sigh of relief.

An almost imperceptible smile crossed Derrick's lips as he watched Elaine nervously open the condom package. She took the rubber out and placed it on the head of his throbbing penis, trying to roll down his shaft. He watched in amusement as she pushed it down until it could go no further.

Elaine realized that it only covered about half of his shaft and it was stretched so tight that it would probably break with any activity. She looked up at Derrick and he shrugged. When she looked back at his penis, it suddenly became funny. Her hand flew to her mouth to cover her burst of laughter.

Derrick laughed loudly too. "I've never found one that would fit me."

Suddenly, the reality of the situation hit Elaine. She did a quick calculation in her head and figured that her ovulation cycle wasn't due until next weekend. It was a risk but she really didn't have much choice. She reached up and pulled the useless condom form his penis and tossed it aside. Then she looked up at Derrick with lust filled eyes and said again, "Fuck me."

Derrick's face broke into a broad grin as he moved into position between her legs again. He lifted Elaine's legs and pulled her toward him until her thighs were across his. Then he pushed his large penis down until it was pointing at her hole.

Elaine's breath caught in her throat. This was it. There was no turning back now, even if she wanted too. She grasped Derrick's thighs with her fingers as she watched him place the giant head of his penis at her hole. Her body grew tense.

"Relax," Derrick whispered as he slowly moved forward.

Elaine tried to relax but it was impossible. She felt the swollen head spread her lips and she held her breath.
Slowly Derrick increased the pressure until the crown of his penis slipped inside.

Elaine closed her eyes and sighed in relief. Her vagina reacted to the intrusion by throbbing and clamping down on the sensitive skin below the crown of Derrick's penis.

Derrick had to pause and concentrate on something else in fear that the tight muscle surrounding his penis would cause him to climax. At the same time, he fought the desire to plunge in. Instead, he waited until he felt the sphincter muscle at the entrance of her vagina relax. Then he moved deeper, slowly forcing his shaft into her an inch at a time. When he was about halfway in, he pulled back and was relived to see that Elaine's juices were coating his shaft. He moved in and out several times quickly and heard Elaine gasp.

Elaine was becoming delirious with excitement. She thought she had taken his entire shaft and that it hadn't been that bad. However, when she looked down she was shocked to see that there was still half of it left.

"Relax," Derrick said again as he began to push forward.

"Mmmmmm," Elaine groaned with a combination of pleasure and fear. However, she was surprised to find that it didn't hurt... at least not yet.

Inch by inch, Derrick's long shaft disappeared inside Elaine's pulsing hole. He could feel that the walls were stretched to capacity, yet there seemed to be room to go deeper. With a little groan of his own, Derrick felt his ball touch her ass cheeks. He looked down and saw that he had gotten the entire length inside her. "Look," he whispered. "No one has ever taken it all."

Elaine had been so busy trying to relax that she didn't realize that Derrick had stopped pushing. When she looked down, she gasped. She couldn't believe that his entire shaft was inside her. "Oh God," she moaned and closed her eyes. Her head was spinning.

Derrick wanted desperately to move, but he waited... waited for her to tell him it was okay.

There were tears in Elaine's eyes when she opened them again.

"Am I hurting you?" Derrick asked with concern.

Elaine shook her head no. Then she opened her arms for him.

Gently he leaned over her and was careful not to place all of his weight on her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist as their lips met.

When they broke the kiss, she whispered, "Fuck me."

He didn't have to be told twice. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in. Then did it again. Soon he felt Elaine's heels pulling his hips down as her arms tightened around his neck. "Oh God," he groaned as his hips began to work up and down.

Gradually the quiet of the room was broken by the slapping sounds of Derrick's balls on Elaine's ass. The moans of the two lovers quickly replaced that sound.

"Yes, yes, yes," Elaine screamed as his huge shaft worked in and out of her with ease now.

Derrick's answer was a grunt of pleasure and even more rapid thrusts.

Elaine began to climax within seconds. Her body froze and lifted up to his pounding hips. Her arms and legs held him as tightly a she could. "Ohhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as waves of pleasure rushed through her. It seemed like each thrust brought on a new convulsion. One climax led to another and then another. Elaine had never climaxed this many times in one love making session with John. She lost count at five.

Derrick pounded into Elaine as hard as he could. The bed springs strained under his assault. He was amazed that this tiny woman had taken all he had and was bucking her hips upward, wanting more. Sweat dripped from his body as her climaxes went on and on. He was in good shape but she was trying his stamina.

As her climaxes began to wane, Elaine came slowly back to earth. When she did, she realized that Derrick hadn't climaxed. She reached up, took his face in her hand, and looked into his eyes. "Cum in me," she whispered.

"Are you sure?" Derrick gasped and stopped the movement of his hips. He could feel his balls churning and knew that if he didn't pull out now, it would be too late.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

"Oh God baby," he gasped as her words sent chills of passion through his body. Suddenly his hips began to move again. "Yes, yes, yes," he hissed. "I'm cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!" he screamed. The head of his penis grew even larger, stretching her tight vagina to the maximum. A huge volley of cum shot out and splattered on the convulsing walls of her womb.

Elaine actually felt it. She felt his cum slamming against her tender walls and filling her hole. Then she felt it seeping between the lips of her vagina and his shaft and then running between her cheeks. Incredibly, another small climax rushed through her.

Derrick's body froze in pleasure as his balls sent blast after blast of his potent seed deep into her. It seemed like it was never going to end. When it finally did, Derrick tried to hold his body above her but had to collapse. Then he rolled to the side, pulling her into his arms. They fell asleep that way.

Late that night, they made love again and then a third time as the morning sun peeked through the curtains.

Chapter 11

Elaine was sitting on the front porch swing, still basking in the glow of a satisfied woman when her mother arrived with the children late Sunday afternoon. She smiled at her mother as she ushered the children up the walk to the front door. "Looks like you're none the worse for wear," she said to her mother, referring to her having the kids overnight.

"I should say the same thing about you," Sandra answered with a knowing smile. "How was it?"

Elaine sighed and said, "It was wonderful... incredible... unbelievable."

"That good huh?"

"Maybe better."

"Let's get some cookies and milk guys," Sandra said as she followed the boys into the house. Then she turned to Elaine and said, "I'll be back. I want to hear all the details."

Elaine was still sitting on the swing when her mother brought the boys back out with sippy cups of milk and cookies.

"Alright guys, sit down on the porch and eat your cookies. Then you can ride your tricycles on the driveway," Sandra said.

Elaine looked at her mother and though of how lucky she was to have her. She was truly a good friend. When she continued to fuss with the children, Elaine said, "Sit down mother and relax for a minute."

Sandra finally joined her daughter on the swing, sitting down with a sigh. "They are a handful."

"Tell me about it," Elaine laughed.

"So Derrick was everything you hoped he would be?" Sandra said, anxious to hear the details.

"He was wonderful and an incredible lover."

"Did you have a problem... you know with his...?" Sandra said and held her hands open like Elaine had done when describing Derrick's penis.

"Nope. I couldn't believe it but I took it all. Every inch."

"That's my girl," Sandra laughed and patted her daughter's thigh.

"There was just one problem," Elaine added and then laughed.


"Derrick didn't have any protection so I found one of John's condoms. It wouldn't fit. It only covered half of his cock," she said and then looked quickly at the boys, afraid they had heard. However, they were fighting over a cookie.

It was Sandra's turn to laugh. "What'd you do?" she asked.

Elaine paused and looked out at the boys now chasing each other in the front yard. She bit her lip pensively. "Well, I figured it was okay this once."

Sandra looked at her with concern. "I don't have to tell you how dangerous that is."

"No you don't, but what was I going to do? I can't take the pill," she lamented. "I'm going to have to go to the doctor and find something."

"You had better or John's going to be suspicious when you get pregnant and he wasn't home that month." Then she added with a wry smile, "Or worse yet, when you give birth to a black baby." She looked at her daughter seriously and then smiled. "On second thought, I might pay to see his face."

"Mother!" Elaine said in mock shock.

"So have you thought about what Derrick and your relationship is going to be after John gets home?"

"I've thought of nothing else. But I don't have any answers. It's not like me to be sneaking around behind his back. You know that I'm not very good at being deceitful. However, the one thing that I do know is that I can't give Derrick up."

"You know that this could get very messy."

"Yes, but I'm happier right now that I've been in years... maybe ever."

"I can see that."

"It's so great to have someone that really cares for me. I know that John did in the beginning, but it's been so long that I can't remember how it felt anymore."

Sandra opened her mouth and was about to say, "I told you so." But then she thought better and said, "It'll all work out for the best." She patted her daughter's hand warmly.

If Elaine thought last week was difficult to get through, this week was far worse. Derrick had to go out of town until Friday. She talked to him every day but wanted to be with him. The problem was that John was coming home on Friday so the weekend was out.

Later in the week she called her mother with her dilemma.

"Hi Mom," she said in a somewhat morose tone when her mother answered.

"What's wrong, you sound depressed."

"I am a little. You know that I haven't seen Derrick all week and John is coming home tomorrow. I really want to see Derrick but I can't figure out what to do."

"Hmmm," Sandra said and was quiet for a minute. "Doesn't John have a regular Saturday night poker game with the 'boys' this week?"

"Yes, but I don't know if he will still go since he has been away so long."

"Well, Jerome and I are getting together Friday night, so that's out. However, if John does go out, I can pick up the boys after he leaves on Saturday to give you a little quality time?" Then she added, "It could be dangerous though."

"Right now I'd do almost anything," Elaine said. She thought about going to Derrick's place but then the thought of having Derrick in her own bed while John was home sent a tremor of excitement through her. It was a very vindictive and vengeful thought. She had never been like that, but suddenly it had great appeal to her. Her mood brightened considerably. "You sure it won't be an imposition?"

"Absolutely not. You know I'd do anything for you. Besides I'm happy to participate in a conspiracy against John."

"Mother, how did you get so devious?" Elaine asked with a laugh.

Sandra turned serious. "I don't know. I was never like that when I was married to your father. I guess it has to do with the situation. If you have a good and honest relationship with a man, there is no need to be devious."

"God Mom, I was just thinking the same thing. If we get anymore alike, Derrick and Jerome won't be able to tell us apart.

"Hmmm, that might not be so bad," she answered with a snide smile.

"Down mother, you have your own guy."

"Yeah, but the grass is always greener... or longer."

They laughed.

Elaine's other telephone line rang and she saw that it was Derrick. "That's Derrick. I'll see if he's available Saturday. Thanks Mom, I love you."

"Love you too sweetie."

When John finally got home on Friday night, he was even more distant than he had been when he left. He mumbled something about structural problems with the bridge and that he needed to go back to California soon. He said he was tired and went right to bed without even playing with the boys.

Elaine didn't really care that he was going away again or that he ignored her. But it did bother her that he ignored his sons. However, she bit her tongue and tried to be as pleasant as possible.

The following day Elaine was very nervous as she waited for John to give some indication that he was going out. Finally, she saw him getting out of the old sweat suit that he wore around the house and putting on a shirt and slacks. "Are you going out tonight?" she asked as casually as possible.

"You know I have a poker game the third Saturday of the month," he said.

"Oh that's right. Then you'll be late coming home?"

"Yes, like always. In fact, it's at Jim Ludwig's place and he lives over in Bolton Hill. I hate that long ride."

Elaine wanted to scream in excitement. Instead she said, "That's too bad. Be careful with that drive. I hear it's supposed to rain."

As soon as John was out the door, Elaine called her mother and then Derrick. Sandra said she would be right over. Derrick, on the other hand, was a little harder to convince. He was concerned about having sex at her house with her husband home. He suggested that she could come to his place. However, Elaine wanted to be in her own bed. After a lot of sweet talk Derrick reluctantly agreed.

Chapter 12

Elaine was waiting in the living room when Derrick arrived. She was wearing an old housedress that covered her from neck to ankles. She saw the surprise in Derrick eyes as he looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Wait until we get upstairs," she said and stepped into his arms for a long kiss. Then she took his hand and led him upstairs.

"Uh... did you get to the doctor?" Derrick asked as he followed her.

"I have an appointment next week."

"Oh," he said.

She turned and looked at him. "Sorry. It was the earliest appointment I could get. Can you pull out of me before you cum this time," she said shyly, her face turning red.

"If that's what you want," he answered, unable to disguise his disappointment.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise," she said and went up on her toes to kiss him.

A smile came to his face. "I'll hold you to it."

Elaine smiled back and then turned to lead him to her bedroom. This time the lights were on in the room instead of candles; Elaine wanted to see Derrick and for him to see her.

She walked him over to the bed and had him sit down. Then she proceeded to take his clothes off until he was totally naked. With a naughty smile, she stepped back and slowly unbuttoned her housedress. When all the buttons were undone, she held it together for a moment to tease him. With a smile she opened the dress and let it fall to the floor.

"Wow," was all that Derrick could say.

Elaine was wearing a white lace corset that cinched in her waist and lifted her breasts. Her breasts were bare and sitting up proudly, the nipples already hard. Below, she had on a matching garter belt holding up white nylons and white four-inch high heels. Her panties were also lace and were so tight that the indentation of her sex lips could be seen.

"Do you like?" she asked as she turned around to let him see the back view.

Derrick sucked in his breath and his penis hardened.

The back view was as sexy as the front. He had always loved her ass. It was firm but soft without a blemish anywhere. The tiny panties rode high on her cheeks, exposing the lower globes and the sweet divide between them. He could plainly see the cute little dimple that she had on her left cheek.

With a naughty look back at Derrick, Elaine bent over, placing her hands on her knees and thrust her ass back at him. A tremor of excitement went through her when she saw him begin to stroke his penis. She reached between her legs and ran a finger sensuously from back to front and across the groove created by the tight material of her panties. The gusset grew wet under her finger. She bent lower, touching the floor with her hands and stretching her thigh muscles until they were taut. Then she reached back and grabbed her cheeks, squeezing them sensuously. When she stood back up, she turned around and posed again for him. This time she wet her fingers and then rubbed them on her nipples, making them sparkle.

Derrick moaned in excitement as he continued to stroke himself.

Elaine walked over to him, bending over with her exposed breast inches from his face. She ran her fingernails down his strong chest until she reached his stomach, but stopped short of touching his now throbbing penis. Looking up at him, she touched the dripping tip of his penis with a nipple. She circled her nipple across the slit, smearing his slick juice on the hard tip. Without using her hands, she moved the other breast to his penis, rubbing the soft skin up and down the hot shaft. She bent further over until her lips were close to his penis and pursed her lips before blowing warm air on the stretched head.

Another moan escaped Derrick's lips. He grabbed her head as if to force it down on his penis. However, Elaine resisted, pulling her head back with a naughty smile.

"Please," he whined.

Taking pity on him she bent again and opened her lips, taking the swollen head into her warm mouth.

"Oh Jesus," Derrick gasped when he felt her sweet mouth on him.

Elaine could feel her panties getting soaked as she slowly sucked the swollen head. Her mouth began to fill with his juice until both her saliva and his juice ran down the shaft. With her fist wrapped around the shaft, she stroked him, pumping more pre-cum juice into her mouth.

When Derrick couldn't take anymore, he reached for her, pulling her to him and falling back on the bed.

Elaine giggled as she landed on his chest. When she looked into his eyes she saw incredible lust. However, there was something more. She felt herself falling into the soft brown pools of his eyes. With a moan, she brought her lips to his.

Their tongues fought for possession of the other's mouth. When Derrick's won, he thrust it deep and moaned when he felt her sucking it. Wrenching his mouth from her, he hissed, "Oh God, I've got to have you." Then he turned her over on the bed until she was on her back and he was hovering above her. He kissed her again before moving his lips down her neck and across the now heaving swells of her breast. With a moan he took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard.

Elaine grabbed his head and pulled it tightly to her breast.

Derrick pulled away with a loud suck and found the other orb. He worked on both until Elaine was squirming under him. Then he moved down until his mouth was over her panty-covered crotch. With quick flicks of his tongue, he worked down the grove of her slit, pushing the material deeper. A moan escaped his lips when he tasted the juice that had seeped through the material.

"Oh God Derrick," Elaine moaned.

Derrick pulled back and reached for her panties, pulling them down her legs and dropping them to the floor. When he looked down, he gasped. Then a smile came to his face. Elaine had shaved her pubic hair until the lips were smooth. The only hair left was a small heart shaped patch just above the top of her slit.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"God yes."

"I was going to make a 'D' but it was too hard."

Derrick laughed. "Your husband might have wondered why it wasn't a 'J'.

"He wouldn't have noticed," she said with a tinge of anger.

Derrick quickly ended that conversation by dropping his head and kissing the tuft of hair. Then he kissed lower.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Elaine moaned as she felt his tongue separating the swollen lips of her vagina. Then she gasped again as he lifted her legs and pushed his tongue deep into her wet hole. Her hands found his head and held him tight as her hips began to lift from the bed. "Yes, yes, yes, eat me," she gasped.

Derrick sucked and licked the pulsing lips until his own need could not be denied. He pulled away, wiping his wet mouth with the back of his hand. Then he centered Elaine on the bed, placing a pillow under her hips before crawling between her wide-open legs. His raging erection hovered over her stomach.

Elaine stared at his long shaft in amazement. She wondered how she had ever taken it all into her. It appeared that the length of it went from her vagina all the way to her belly button. She reached out for the long rod, taking it into her hand. Her white hand and fingers looked tiny compared to the long and fat black shaft.

"Put it in," Derrick whispered excitedly Elaine's hand was trembling as she brought his penis down until the head was at the entrance of her vagina. She pulled on it and Derrick moved closer, allowing the swollen head to touch her opening. She moved the shaft in a circle, mixing his juice with hers. When the head was shinny, she placed it on her hole and pulled the shaft toward her.

Derrick inched forward with his knees, forcing the head to slip into her stretched hole.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Elaine gasped as the large crown broke through the outer lips and slipped inside. She began to shake all over and her hips started to move in jerking motions as her eyes closed from a wave of pleasure.

Derrick slowly increased the pressure of his hips, forcing his shaft slowly into her. He watched as his wide, black shaft stretched the smooth white lips of her vagina as far as they would go. The inner lips disappeared and the skin of the outer lips stretched impossibly wide.

Elaine's squeezed her eyes tighter as she concentrated. She held her breath as she felt the large head slip deeper and deeper. Although it was still a slow process, the long shaft moved easier this time. Within a few seconds, she felt the swollen head hit bottom. She knew that she had it all when Derrick's balls touched her ass cheeks. She opened her eyes and looked down. A gasp escaped her lips when she saw nothing but her sex lips and his pubic hair. When she looked up she saw Derrick smiling down at her and she opened her arms in invitation.

With a groan of pleasure Derrick moved forward and onto her, his chest flattening her large breasts under him. His lips found hers.

They lay like that for a while; kissing passionately and allowing time for Elaine's pulsing hole to get used to the invasion. Soon, however, they had to move.

Derrick pulled his hips back, freeing several inches of his shaft. Then he pushed back in, bringing a moan from both of them. Slowly, he pulled out a little further before pushing back inside again. His hips began to move a little faster when he felt Elaine's hips lift up to him.

Elaine wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. "Fuck me," she gasped.

Derrick almost swooned as he felt her slick hole caressing the length of his shaft. His in and out movement sent a chill of pleasure up and down his spine. He kissed her lips as his hips began a steady rhythm. "Oh God Elaine," he gasped.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of their lovemaking. Grunts of pleasure were accentuated by the slapping sounds of their overheated sex organs. Derrick's strong hips became a blur as he pounded into her with abandon. She took all he had and screamed for more.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she screamed as she spiraled rapidly toward a climax. Suddenly, her hips lifted from the bed and she froze with Derrick's penis buried all the way inside her throbbing hole. "Ahhhhhhhhheeeeeee!!!" she screamed as waves of pleasure ripped through her.

Derrick was fast approaching his climax as well. He had promised to pull out but he realized that it was going to be very difficult. He gritted his teeth and waited for her climax to slow, fighting to hold his climax off.

When Elaine could think again, she opened her eyes and saw Derrick looking down at her. It was a strange look.

"I love you," he whispered.

It took a moment for her to realize what he had said. When she did, all of her pent up emotions overflowed. Tears began to stream from her eyes. "Oh God, I love you too," she gasped and pulled his lips to hers.

Derrick felt his penis throb and threaten to overflow. He pulled his lips from hers, gasped for breath, and said, "I've got to pull out."

Without hesitation, Elaine tightened the grip of her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

"Sweetheart, I'm getting close. I've got to pull out or I'm going to cum in you," he warned.

"Cum in me," Elaine whispered as she stared into his loving eyes.

"Oh God, are you sure?"

"Please cum in me; I want it... I want your sweet juice in me," she answered as she felt her own excitement building rapidly again. She lifted her hips and worked them up and down to encourage him, her warm cavern squeezing him tightly.

The pulsing of her vagina quickly sent Derrick over the top. He pushed into her as deeply as he could. His balls pulled tight to his body, squeezing the juice out of them and thrusting it down the long canal of his shaft. With a bellow from his lips, the head of his penis pulsed and a torrent of juice exploded from the slit, sending his potent seed splattering against the walls of her welcoming womb.

When Elaine felt his seed filling her, she went into convulsions again. Every nerve of her body was tingling... every ounce of her being was focused on the incredible pleasure of having her lover pour his seed into her. She was almost doubled over with Derrick pushing down as hard as he could, the spitting head of his penis filling her with sperm until it squeezed from the tight lips around his shaft.

Elaine and Derrick made love again and he came in her again before he left around midnight. She was still awake, lying quietly in bed with the lights off when John came home. He took a shower and crawled into bed beside her and immediately turned over and went to sleep.

As Elaine lay on her back, staring into the warm darkness surrounding her, she could think of nothing but Derrick. His words, "I love you," and her response echoed in her head. She couldn't believe the effect that that one moment was having on her. It had been so long since John had told her that he loved her. However, even then, it was different from the love that she felt right now. It touched her in a different place; a place that nothing or no one else had touched.

When her mind continued to race and sleep wouldn't come, she debated getting up. However, she was reluctant to move from where she was. It was the spot that they had made love and where Derrick had said he loved her. She could still feel his warmth and strength, not to mention his sperm swimming insider her. As those feelings surrounded her, she slipped her hand down her stomach to touch her still swollen and very wet vagina. She suppressed a little gasp and pushed a finger between the lips and into her saturated hole. She moved it around; stirring the juice as a new wave of excitement rushed through her. Slowly she pulled her now wet finger out and brought it to her clit. "Oh God," she whispered and spread her legs. Her hips began to twitch as she teased herself. Slowly the excitement built until she was near another climax. Derrick's words, "I love you," rushed through her head, immediately bringing her to her peak. Suddenly a tiny twinge of pain shot through her stomach. She recognized it. It came every month at this time when she ovulated. With a gasp she pushed two fingers into her sopping hole, forcing Derrick's sperm deep into her. A strong climax shook her and the waves of pleasure went on for a long, long time. By the time the last rush went through her she was exhausted. Finally sleep overtook her and she slipped into a sweet, dream filled sleep.

John stayed home for a week before saying he had to get back to California. Elaine tried to act angry but deep inside she was elated. She wished him good luck and proceeded to call Derrick.

For the next several weeks, Derrick was a constant visitor to Elaine's house. In fact, he was there so often that the kids began to call him Uncle Derrick. She no longer cared that the children might say something when John came home. She had come to the conclusion that their marriage was over, so it didn't matter. However, she still wasn't sure how to handle the situation; a divorce could be very messy and if John knew about Derrick, he could try to get custody of the kids. She couldn't let that happen.

In the mean time, she and Derrick went on a sexual marathon. There was no hesitancy on her part now. In fact, on several occasions, she went into his office, locked the door and they had sex. She rarely wore panties and would simply lift her skirt and sit on his lap. They also went to the rock in the park where they first explored their sexual relationship. It was chilly but Derrick had brought a couple of blankets. They laid them on the rock and made love under the covers, with the blue sky above them.

On one occasion, she and Derrick were in the back seat of Jerome's car as they came back from Jacksonville where they had danced the night away. She had slipped onto his lap and took his penis into her very wet hole while her mother and Jerome sat in the front seat a few feet away. From their moans, she knew that her mother and Jerome knew very well what was going on.

Elaine was also happy to see that Jerome and her mother's relationship had grown. They were constantly together and he had in fact moved in with her. Sandra shared that she and Jerome were in love. Elaine confessed that she and Derrick had also admitted that they were in love. Mother and daughter were like two schoolgirls who were in love for the first time.

It was a wonderful but a somewhat sad time for Elaine. Her new love made her very happy but the end of her relationship with John was sad. After all, he was the father of her children and had been her first love. Her mother told her that life was full of changes and one could learn to accept or resist them. Resistance brought pain but acceptance brought peace.


Elaine was sitting on her sofa on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine, waiting for her mother to come over. She had told Elaine that she had some exciting news. Elaine had some news as well, but it wasn't necessarily happy news. On the coffee table in front of her was an EPT pregnancy test with a tiny red + symbol in the window. When she missed her period earlier in the week she decided to take the test. It confirmed what she already knew; she was pregnant with Derrick's baby. At first she was elated, but the reality of the situation and the resulting remorse quickly set in. She knew that she had been taking a big risk when she had let Derrick cum in her the first couple of times that they made love. However, as soon as she could, she had gone to the doctor and he gave her the new birth control patch, which she currently wore on her hip. Unfortunately, it was too late.

The door to her house flew open and slammed shut as her mother hurried in.

"Shhhhh, the boys are asleep upstairs," Elaine said.

Sandra looked guilty but still had a broad smile on her face. "Guess what?" she gushed. Then she held up her hand.

Elaine quickly saw a sparkling diamond on her finger.

"Jerome asked me to marry him last night. And, I said yes," she said with the excitement of a teenager.

Elaine jumped up and hugged her mother. "God, I'm so happy for you Mom," she said sincerely. She continued to hug her as tears began to fall.

Sandra heard her daughter sobbing and pushed her back. "There's no reason to cry. It's good news," she said looking at her daughter with concern.

"It's wonderful news. That's not the problem," Elaine said and picked up the EPT device.

Sandra saw the EPT letters on the device and then the red + symbol. "Oh my," she said. "It's Derrick's I suppose."

"Of course," Elaine said and sobbed.

"I told you this could get messy," Sandra said before she thought.

Her words only made Elaine cry harder. She sat down on the sofa with her head in her hands. Sandra sat beside her and put her arm around her daughter.

She let her cry for a few minutes before she said, "You're going to keep it aren't you?"

"Yes," Elaine said and looked at her mother with shock. "I could never have an abortion."

"I understand. If you had said anything else, I would have tried to talk you out of it. I don't want you to make the same mistake that I made."

Elaine looked at her mother without understanding. "What mistake?"

"I told you there were things that you didn't know about your mom. When your father and I separated and I moved in with Jason, I got pregnant."

"Mother!" Elaine said in shock.

"However, unlike you, I was alone with no parents and few friends. I was also very young. Jason had already left for Korea and I didn't know what to do. I had a low paying job and couldn't even afford the apartment. Unfortunately, I didn't think I had a choice."

"Oh my God!" Elaine exclaimed.

"As a 'liberated' woman, I supported a woman's right to an abortion and still do today. However, there are alternatives and I think every woman should know what they are. At that time in my life, it was the only choice I could make." Tears began to fall from Sandra's eyes.

Elaine hugged her mother and they sobbed together.

When they pulled apart, both of them had to dry their eyes. "I have regretted my decision all my life. I don't know what your father would have said or done but I never gave him a chance. Looking back now, I think he would have accepted the baby and raised it as his own. I know that he was very sad when I told him that I couldn't have any more children; a result of complications of the abortion that he never knew about. He wanted five or six. We even considered adopting." Sandra paused before adding, "But that's history and now we have your problem to deal with."

Elaine dried her eyes again and said, "What am I going to do mother? When John finds out he will surely want a divorce and probably try to take the children." Elaine started to cry again.

"Alright, let's look at this logically. First of all, John doesn't want the kids. If he did, he wouldn't have ignored them for most of their lives. However, if he does, we have a lot of legal power at our disposal. Remember that Jerome and Derrick are attorney's and they have access to all the legal advice you could possibly need."

Elaine blew her nose and said, "That's true."

"Additionally, what we may want to do is beat him to the punch."

"What do you mean?"

"First of all, we can hire a detective to check up on him. I'm pretty sure we will find something incriminating about him. If he has a girlfriend out on the coast, and we can get pictures, the game is over and you win."

Elaine's face brightened considerably.

"You are incredible mother. You should have been a divorce attorney," Elaine laughed.

"I probably would have been pretty good," she said in agreement. "What about Derrick, how do you think he is going to react?"

"He will be ecstatic. He absolutely loves Jimmy and Todd. Sometimes I have to scold him for spending too much time with them. He came from a family of twelve and wants a large family."

"Good, that's one problem we don't have to deal with."

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted their discussion. Elaine answered it to find a Fedex man standing at the door. He had two packages. One was an eight and a half by eleven sealed envelope. The other was a single envelope. Elaine signed for both and came back into the house.

"What's that?" her mother asked.

"I don't know," Elaine answered as she tore of the sealing strip from the larger package. She pulled out a thick stack of documents and began to read. A second later, she gasped. "John has filed for divorce!"

"No," Sandra said and snatched the papers from her hand. She read quickly down the first page and looked back at her daughter with shock.

"How could he know? I just found out that I'm pregnant," Elaine cried.

"Let's not jump to conclusions," her mother said calmly. "What's in the other envelope?"

Elaine's hands were trembling as she opened the second envelope. It was a folded letter. She opened it and began to read. Her eyes grew wider and wider as she read. "Oh my God!" she gasped and dropped the letter to the floor.

"What?" her mother said and quickly picked it up. She read the letter out loud.

"Dear Elaine,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. By now you have seen the divorce papers. I truly hate to break this news to you through a letter, but I guess I'm a coward. I know that you and I have not had a loving relationship for a long time. I take total responsibility for that. You have been nothing but kind and loving to me. Over the past several years, I have been, to say the least, a poor husband and I apologize to you for that. The truth is that I have been living a double life."

"I knew it!" Sandra exclaimed and then continued to read.

"Several years ago, I met a woman out here in California. I was lonely and so was she. Well, one thing led to another and before you know it, we were in love. However, like you, I did her a great disservice. I never told her about you. We are not married but we have two children. I have decided that I want to marry her."

"That son-of-a-bitch!" Sandra snarled.

"I'm sure that sooner or later you were going to ask me for a divorce, so I thought that I would get it over with. I am asking for a divorce, but I don't want anything from you. You can keep the house and car and I will pay you a fair alimony. Have your attorney look over the legal papers and they can contact my attorney.

I'm sure this has come as a great shock to you and believe me I regret that. I am truly sorry.

Sincerely, John"

The room grew deathly quiet as mother and daughters stared at each other. Suddenly, Elaine let out a scream of joy and jumped into her mother's arms almost knocking her to the floor.

"Things have a way of working out for the best," Sandra said as they both cried.

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